Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Party

Many of you know how difficult our public school is here on rules and what is allowed.  While you get private education for public price, you pay for it in other ways.  No Holidays of any are allowed in the schools.  Not even mention of it.  The teachers can't have conversation with the children about Holidays unless studying about the different holidays.  Don't even get me started on religion and God in schools.

With that, we were not allowed to do a Christmas party but they decided on a winter party with strict guidelines.  You could not do anything that dealt with Christmas (no tree, wreath, elf, etc), mention the Holiday or bring food.  It was hard coming up with ideas that did not involve Christmas at all that all the children would enjoy. Lets add that only 2 moms besides myself were on the list to get into the school.  So if you were to show up during party time to see your child, you would be denied entrance to the school. Crazy.  Since it snows here often, Hailey Grace and I thought a snowman party would be fun.  After the teacher agreed, the girls and I went into party mode preparing early for the little party.  I am so happy we did since sickness came beating down the doors this week.  Hailey Grace normally has 22 kids in her class but very few are making it to school this week with all the sickness around.

Finished up a little after 11 last night putting it all together for the parents able to help.

I might be a little too organized sometimes.

We began painting the snowman but opted to hot glue ones on there.

Snow Doh has been a big hit around here.  2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of cheap conditioner.  We added silver glitter for the party.  Makes perfect snowmen.
Do you want to build a snowman?
This age loves hands on.

Snowman ball toss

Snowman coloring books for each child

Snowman bowling as well as another snowman toss game.
  Think tossing the ball into the goldfish at the fair,
that is the second toss game minus the fish.
Each month we do teacher appreciation stuff for the teachers and staff.  Previously, we have always had a great turn out.  This month however was different.  I am guessing because of illnesses and Christmas but it makes it extremely hard on those who have to pick up the slack who are dealing with the same issues.  While the kids were napping and the kitchen was decontaminated, I made 6 more of these for a total of 10.  So thankful that I could dump the ingredients in the kitchen mixer yesterday and it took care of mixing.  Yesterday, each one was home made. All six.  The 4 previous were half and half.  I went with chocolate chip for each one trying to be safe and nut free.  On Sunday, there was still a need for 37.  I pray that others stepped up and helped out.  It is easy, simple and we have a list of everything when signing up for room mom.  I am happy that 10 teachers will get to enjoy some yummy chocolate chip cookies from me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter time germs

Hailey's school has had a horrible upper respiratory virus circling around it since early October. We've caught it once and was doing well until this past weekend. 
Saturday afternoon, she was running 103 and going down quickly. Sunday greeted us with 102, Harper unable to swallow and Hudson had his cough for a week.   I decided to load them up for a kid express clinic on Sunday mornings. While they were very nice, they were extremely over whelmed and basically just testing kids for flu.  Harper checked with no strep, Hudson needed antibiotics to prevent pneumonia and HG was deemed with the horrible respiratory virus again.  Next stop was the store for $90 worth of medicine for 3 kids.
This morning, we woke to this. I took it twice to be sure.  Frantic, I phoned the doctor while giving her loads of medicine and a cool bath. After an hour, it was lowering and down to 103. We were told to watch each hour.
Yesterday, she was practically carried to the bath to bathe before yet another doctor appointment for 104.4 and 105.1 temps. After a little noise in her chest, an X-Ray showed pneumonia in her left lung. No wonder why she crashed so fast. 
This afternoon, we are circling between 101 and 103 so doing much better. Prayers please that it stays below 105 so she doesn't get admitted today. Also that Hudson's chest remains clear and this doesn't develop pneumonia for him.

Poor girl couldn't lift her head.

So thankful for all the calls to check on sweet Hailey. My family has been on stand by for flights since yesterday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

I had planed on being in Texas this past weekend up until the very last moment.  Like very last moment. Like a day before I was to leave, I was still trying to decide what to do.  Chris' ended up not being able to keep the girls so there was no way possible I could make that trip in a weekend.   I was extremely sad to be missing some incredibly sweet friends marry.  Hailey Grace begged and begged to go, she LOVES this precious family.

Since the husband is working the around the clock right now, I was thrilled when he could join us for a last minute breakfast with Santa at Conner Prairie.  By chance, they could fit us in and the kids were delighted with the surprise.  HG froze up and only said she wanted a REAL kitten.  No can do but I did give into this silly thing and only paid $24 with Amazon Prime.    Harper of course said a Doc Mobile and anything pink.  Hudson didn't cry so we considered it a success.  Plus, the pictures turned out too cute.
Breakfast was good, a lot of egg dishes.
One kid is allergic to eggs, the other doesn't eat eggs, one kid eats eggs.
Two kids ate lots of biscuits and fruit.
We might have indulged in lots of sausage links.
And bananas.
Hudson had a squeeze pouch and tons of fruit. He can't have anything with egg or milk/dairy so most of his stuff is monitored closely.
He loved watermelon ad pineapple, both were first time tries.

Harper love.
The girls got a cookie to decorate after breakfast.

Icing everywhere.
Harper had no problem making hers disappear fast.
HG's is still downstairs only 1/4 gone.  She is pretty picky about her sweets. Maybe the whole first child thing where she didn't really eat many sweets.
Harper was so proud.
Hudson was on the go.
On the go suctioned into an 18 month outfit.
Pretty little girls.

Be still my heart.

Since we are members, the kids were able to play and do crafts for a short while afterwards.
Hudson loves this tunnel

Oh my, he is such a doll.
Harper is all about playing.

The only girls in smocked Christmas dresses.
I had people wanting to buy them from me for their children.

I'm the boss man.

Exhausted.  It was nearly noon when we left and Hudson had missed his morning nap.
We were all up, showered, hair dried and out the door by 8:40.
Exhausted I tell you.
These were incredible.
Each one was so unique.
Lots of patients and people of all ages.

Breakfast with Santa was such a fun experience and hopefully will become a yearly family event.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

ER visit for Harper

Friday after school, we made a quick to the store for fruit. That is all we were buying except asparagus. We fly through fruit so it was just another day being at the store.
Hudson was asleep in his Bjorne, HG was walking and Harper was sitting in the front of the cart. It was raining and had been snowing or raining for two days straight so the cart was still a little wet after I dried it.  Harper, being Harper, wanted to get her own apples and tried to get out. I spanked her hand, told her to keep her legs in the holes and sit down that I would wheel her to the apples. As I turned around to grab basil, I hear this enormous thud. Then I see people running out of the corner of my eye. Thirty seconds or less people. I quickly turned and Harper was screaming by then. She leaned too far over and fell head first into the concrete. Three ladies assured me that her legs were in the when she began to fall, they were that close to us.  As you can imagine, it was a pretty scary experience for us and those around us. Head trauma is nothing new for Harper or us and we stay pretty calm. This was different. She couldn't stay away. They called an ambulance. I had all the kids and Harper wasn't getting in that ambulance alone so I loaded her in my car in record time. HG kept her awake and we drove behind an officer to the closest hospital. I thought Hailey was going to cry at one point because she couldn't keep Harper awake so I told her to lightly shake her car seat. 
It is hard to see but she has a large bump, 2 inch by 1.5 inch on the top of her head and another small one on the front along the hairline.

They rushed us in, Chris met us there shortly after arriving.
An hour after her fall, she broke out into hives. They are still here today.  
Waiting on CT results.

Here is how bad they are today.  We have a follow up tomorrow for her head and will hopefully get some answers. I don't think hive rashes will really get like this after a head injury.

Saturday around lunch, she once again hit the top of her head smack dab here her shiner was. This time, she under estimated the height of something. Today, she fell and hit the back of her head. Poor girl has quiet the head ache going on.