Monday, August 1, 2016

Off to 2nd Grade

Hailey Grace is off to 2nd grade this morning! 
She loves to wash her hair in the mornings and I dry while she eats breakfast. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Listing house

There hasn't been much blogging time around here but really wanted us to remember this moment. 

The husband has been traveling the last six weeks and if you know kids, it only gets busier the older they get. Our two first weeks of summer was pack full of activities from sun up to sun down. Seriously. One round of swimmers ear so I consider us very lucky! All three have summer colds right now we caught from a friend but again, we are very lucky. Last June, we were dealing with pneumonia.

Hudson is officially potty trained for one month! Amazing that re baby stages are gone. Over night diapers and/or pull ups are still being used at night but he has woken up dry all week. I think we did good getting him done before he hit the 2.5 mark, the norm up here is 3. I'll have 3 year olds next year that are not fully potty trained. 

Back to the house and traveling.  So between work and working on the house, the husband has been gone for most of the last six weeks.  I'm not going to lie, it got old. But he has been home this week before heading out on another work trip. 
Our house is officially listed in N Fort Worh. This is the house we bought just before delivering HG. I actually ended up on a mag drip over this move. We've had so many houses over the years but this is he one we brought our first baby home to so it is bitter sweet. Sad to see it go for those reasons but happy to see it go as well. It looks great and would be a perfect family home.  It has been listed for about twelve hours and we have two showings. Fingers crossed it sells quickly!

Hopefully we can catch up soon with pictures from end of school, swim lessons, a going away party, surprise birthday party, tornados, tons of s'mores, sport camps, VBS and so forth. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

5 beauty products

These are five beauty products I am really crushing on right now. They aren't the only five I use of course but really enjoying them.
This Bye Bye under the eye cream has been a life changer. I also use it as a concealer for blemishes. I only recently found out about this a couple months ago and so upset I haven't tried it before.  I can not stress how amazing this is. A little dab is all you need so it can last a good while.

The center powder is bye bye pore powder. It finishes your face like magic. I worried because it was WHITE but again, it works like magic.

I love using a CC cream with SPF 50 in it.  The last 18 months, I have really been trying to improve my skin and this has been a big part of it. It is packed full of awesomeness and a little goes a long way on this as well. You can use as much coverage or as little as you need.

I love a good light, neutral color that many can wear. I tend to use this, color in my lips a little then coat with a neutral gloss. Even when going a little heavier on the makeup for a special event, I tend to stick to this. 

Favorite face wash.  I use it always at night and will sometimes follow with a gentle Cetaphil or Murad vitamin C in the morning. 

I've always been very boring and neutral on my eye shadow.  I was on the NAKED eye shadow kit for years and I still love it. This one made me jump outside the box a little. It brought back memories of my first make up set from Gayle's in Texarkana. I tell you, I'm really loving it. 

A new product I am trying and have been enjoying it is the Younique Foundation. I know there are a ton of Younique fans out there so I decided to see what the fuss is all about. I am really enjoying it. There is natural sunscreen in it verses the above everyone SPF 50. I'm a gal with a ton of freckles and that is super important to me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Harper's 1st tooth and fracture

In two weeks, Harper manages to fracture her cheekbone and knock out her tooth. Both incidents were from falls. With these, her Neurologist did a repeat MRI to make sure her brain cyst hadn't grown, changed or had grown thicker. Happy to report that it was exactly the same as the previous MRI. 

Harper was such a trooper through it all. At exactly one month out, her little face still has bruising but should disappear in a couple more weeks.

She knocked it sideways and then it came out. The other one damaged is working on coming out soon as well.

Harper keeps life exciting! 

Spring Dances- Girl Scout

Along comes Spring and the dances begin. First up was a Girl Scout Father and Daughter dance. A girl must have a new dress for the ball! Amber, Kelly and I set up lunch and a fun shopping trip for our three then planned out the dinner and dance. The couples met at TXRH and then attended the dance at Fishers High School. Lots of fun, laughs and chocolate pudding according to HG. 

Another fun dance was when HG was invited by Gabby and Amber to her first Sock Hop. It was at her old school so she loved seeing all her old friends. 

Hailey Grace is preparing for another ball this weekend! 

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is such a big part of our lives right now. We are in an awesome troop with amazing troop leaders. It has been fun getting to know the moms and watching our girls grow within this organization.  Typically, we meet twice monthly with a few fun extra activities each month.  A perfect example was the Easter egg hunt last weekend, our monthly meeting was held at Jagger's last night (more to come on that!) and we have hip hop dance lessons coming up. How fun! 

Basketball and Cheerleading

Basketball is still in full swing, we have another month and a half to go. Can't imagine what a free Saturday will be like this summer. 😉 HG is loving the game and loves that Chris is coaching with a friend of ours. 

We wrapped up cheerleading this past weekend after four months of cheerleading. Over all, it was a great experience and Harper has decided that might be her calling. Imagine that. Hailey Grace and her friends enjoyed the season and learned so much. Thanks to all the parents, volunteers and coaches who made Upward such a pleasant experience.