Sunday, October 27, 2013

Texarkana baby shower

Friday, we headed to East Texas for Hudson's baby shower.  The husband came along because he knew it would be a super quick trip and that just possibly I might need some help. We left right after the girls were recorded again, this time for their underwater swimming, and arrived just in time for Copper's vet appointment.  Copper, will be 13 1/2 on November 20th and got a great report.  He has issues with his hip and leg after being hit but health wise, there is no reason to think the end of his life is near.

I did not take a single picture of the baby shower in Texarkana. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until an hour after the shower was over. I am blaming the unexpected weather, two little girls running around and hugging necks of the guests. Once I track down a few pictures, I will be sure to share. Shame shame on me!

My friend Brooke headed up a beautiful shower with a handful of other hosts Saturday afternoon. It was held at Pam's house and her house is most definitely on our dream house list. Every little detail is so unique and has views of the pastures in the bottoms for miles. Brooke matched the invitations to Hudson's bedding which I thought was just perfect. While the weather (crazy rain and low 50's), multiple fall festival and Halloween parties kept the shower small, it was a beautiful event. Hudson was given so many amazing things and the girls just loved ripping through the packages. The boy is already spoiled for sure. :)  Sweet Sheila even surprised the girls with new dolls sporting Holiday colors. The dolls, they are amazing!

Hostess favors were a large really nice candle, a set of Fall hand towels for the kitchen and a reusable Halloween bag.

The hosts had a super sweet person paint this to put on the table at the shower and Hudson's nursery.
We are totally 
in love.

A neat gift from my dad and Danielle. Amish furniture is amazing.
ing comes apart, folds or collapses.With an easy flip, it goes from high chair to horse rocker to desk.

The weekend wore her out.

Baptism outfit for Hudson

Harper kept saying hello, how are you today to the skeleton.

Such a hoot.

Some of the items for Hudson from sweet friends.
Aunt Tonia's surprised us with a new double stroller as well, so excited!

Too cute for words.
These melted my heart at first sight.

Friends and family were so thoughtful and loving this weekend, we are incredibly lucky.
Hudson is so incredibly lucky so be loved so much already.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Past two weeks

A week of healthiness at our house is always a celebrated week. My cough from bronchitis is finally gone, Harper's ears aren't leaking out of her ear canals at the moment, and neither girl has any trace of their bronchitis. It is a great thing! Allergies and sneezing aren't included in our week of healthiness of course but both girls are doubled up helping stay clear. We also switched HG to lactaid rather than buying regular milk and it going bad without her drinking all of it. With that switch, we also switched her from miralax to fiber chewables. The switch has been amazing, she hasn't experienced anything like it since 18 months old. A capful to two capfuls a day beginning at 18 months, suppositories and still at 5, things aren't always happy in that category. Our GI doctor was great with advice when younger but kids are much easier to treat when older. The girl, she eats her recommended fiber, fruit and guzzles water. At an appointment for Harper, our pedi said to just try the two changes since she is older. Whoa. Wow. While she hasn't ever been tested for a dairy allergy or intolerance and I have no plan to pull dairy from her, this switch has been amazing. Her belly isn't bloated and doesn't hurt. I've actually been calling her 'skinny mini' because she doesn't look like she swallowed a watermelon constantly. Sweetness as we would say in our house.

We've played, made messes, cleaned up, gone to the dentist, weekly ultrasounds washed baby clothes, took daddy to the park, attended birthday parties, lots of swim stuff, soccer and even more messes. My upstairs may or may not look like a toy bomb went off.

We are gearing up for a fun and quick weekend.

A scary thing happened today, I used my credit card at the dry cleaners, one card I barely use except at certain places that do not accept Amex. Within 10 minutes, another card had been made, with same numbers and was trying to go through on a transaction in New Jersey at a Walgreens. The total amount was over $400 and was just used in Texas 10 minutes before. Luckily, we tend to use our cards at the same places so it was clearly a red flag. That and the fact that it was at a Walgreens, somewhere we don't frequent and thousands of miles away. While we aren't sure where the information was passed around, I will be using a new cleaners from now on and talking with the owners. It is fairly easy to create cards with others information on it unfortunately. A good friend recently had her discover card, a brand new one she had never used, also used in New Jersey. It is a scary world out there! I am so thankful that is the only thing so far we are aware of and the cards were canceled within a few hours.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prayers for a family

My heart aches for Coleman's family.  We've all been praying so hard for this little boy. So hard that he pulled through. So many prayed. He was a good Christian boy with such a bright future.  The CDC believes it was Triple E that took his life after testing, testing and more testing. As you rest your head tonight, be thankful for your children and family, pray for peace and comfort for this family.  No one should have to say good bye to their child.

Faces of Harper

Monday while cleaning out the fridge, Harper got a hold of the Hershey's syrup. I would say she enjoyed it tremendously.

Swim is always a fun adventure with her. Always.

The choking picture makes us laugh SO hard. She was super Harper two seconds before and took of at the speed of light one I snapped the picture. Oh this girl has a personality on her. Whew.

We planned on a low key week around here but nothing has been low key yet. There is always tomorrow, the girls are planning on fishing the morning away.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend of Soccer

The majority of our weekend was spent around soccer having it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Good thing though because Hailey Grace loves it and we enjoy hanging out with the other families.
Friday evening was practice followed by an early game Saturday in 40 degrees. Harper even wore her fleece snow suit and still said she was cold. :/ trophies were given out after this game so most kids were eager to get their hands on them. Sunday after Mass and nap time, we had the soccer party at ASI gymnastics in Keller. This place is SO much fun! Harper is a natural for sure and HG was testing the ropes. She is still trying to decide if sports, swimming or cheer leading/gymnastics is her calling. We tell her that she has plenty of time to decide.

Speaking of swim, both girls were recorded on Friday for training of the staff. I can't wait to see the videos, both are such a natural at this sport. We are actually getting our suits on for our Monday lesson. :)