Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Indiana

Thanksgiving was low key around here.  We debated on driving to Arkansas for a visit and a little hunting but no one was going to be around so we opted to stay home.  Texas wasn't even an option in our minds due to having to drive shortly after Christmas.  That drive is brutal without kids and weather.  Is it bad that we are dreading the drive down south?
The husband previously told me he wanted a Mexican feast for Thanksgiving Day but the day before changed his mind.  He indeed wanted a traditional Thanksgiving meal so I braved the grocery store to get the preparations needed.  

Thanksgiving morning snow.
Watching the flakes.
As I was putting Hudson down for his nap, Harper busted in the room in this.
No wonder what it is never quiet around here. :)

I am sure she wasn't getting her way at the moment. :)

Three sweet children sitting at the Thanksgiving table next to the 9 foot gold Christmas tree.

Lots of food for us.
HG ate most of the items.
Harper wouldn't touch anything.
Hudson couldn't have anything with milk products or eggs in them.
This left a ton of food for Chris and I.

Ham, green beans, corn, baked beans with a fruit squeeze pouch.
Then another vegetable squeeze pouch.
Harper had tons of fruit, ritz crackers, bacon and dinosaur chicken nuggets for her Thanksgiving.
We are still in the it isn't what she eats that matters, only that she does indeed eat. She could still go days without eating.

Popcorn and movies for Thanksgiving evening followed by early bedtime.

 Love our precious little family.

Croup, RSV and Bronchitis

This pretty much sums up our week before Thanksgiving here. I even kept HG home twice in 10 days.  Croup, RSV, and bronchitis.  Happy to report that the pertussis swab did not grow enough bacteria (or whatever it is they grow for that) to be considered positive and everyone needing treatment.   In one week, Hailey was at the doctor twice, Hudson four times and Harper three.  Only once did two of the appointments happen at the same time.
Don't you love smile when you see him?  He is seriously one of those kids that you just have to smile back at.
Yep, I am in for it.  He is walking from thing to thing.
Poor baby was down.
Back at the doctor after a week on Omnicef for bronchitis/sinus infection and adding steroids this day.

Who doesn't love a big box?

If you look closely, the geese are standing on ice on the pond.
Always needs a bath after eating.
Doesn't get any sweeter.
We disinfected the entire house, even the blinds and baseboards.
Already yelling at the tv remote.

Hoping the sickness stays away after a deep clean of Hailey's school this past week.  Her school sounded horrible.  Kids in her class were having coughing fits.  Like bad coughing fits where you know they needed medicine.  Poor kids and poor teachers!

Now, we're working on 3 teeth coming in.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy 10 months

Happy 10 months to sweet Hudson.
You are 31 inches, 24.5 pounds and over all such a happy little camper. That is not to say the temper tantrums haven't started a little.  You do not like us to take something away from you.  Most days, you still take two naps depending on schedule and how loud the girls are.  I think your body is slowly moving to one long nap.  Every once in a while you will nap for 3 hours around lunch and not go back down until bed time.  We typically put you in bed between 7 -7:30 and you stay in your room until 7-8.  Even if you are up 8 times, we try to keep you in your room, in the dark.  The last two nights, your schedule was:
bed at 7:30, bottle at 1:30, bottle at 6:30 wake at  8:15.
bed at 8:30, bottle at 1:30, bottle at 6:50, up for the day at 7:10.
This is was much better than you being up all night and I totally thank you for it.  I hit the 5 hours of sleep this week and felt like a new person.

You are quickly following into Harper's footsteps about the sleep.  It doesn't matter if you stay up late because you don't sleep in.  You bounce up a happy camper and expect everyone else to wear your same smile. Our days typically begin around 7-7:15 with school for Hailey so your schedule works nicely if it sticks.  Might not be so hot on our trip home to Texas after Christmas.  I am sure people will love you waking up at 5:50.
With your allergic reaction to the flu shot and weaning you from nursing, we found out that you currently have a milk allergy.  The first step was to switch you to soy formula.  You loved this smelly formula after a day or two.  Even knew where the can was in the cabinet.  Then a bit after each bottle, the hives would come back.  You were up all night (think 6 times) just like you were with the milk based formula.  Plus, you were sick. We decided to switch you to a milk allergy formula, Nutramigen, and so far you are doing well. The hives have completely gone away with taking out all milk products, eggs and now soy.  Plus, you are finally sleeping for once since your newborn stage.  I actually gave you 2 soy bottles during the night to see if you could tolerate now that everything else has left your body.  You woke with hives on your torso and a had belly ache.  I think that was a pretty good indication that your body isn't ready yet.
Harper gave you a drink one day that she had been working so hard to get the straw in.  You two were both so proud.  The honest juice boxes are fairly hard to punch a straw in.
You love being held, rocking tightly in my arms before bed or a nap.  Yes, you are still rocked daily, more than once, before you go to sleep.  Must soak up every single thing baby.
Squeeze pouches and hair.  Love it. You love just about everything but green peas, green beans, and spinach.  I keep trying to give them to you in various forms.
You still love your sisters.  The three of you can have so much fun.  You have started getting into their stuff and that drives them crazy.  Stair climbing will send you into full laughter.  While you are standing and have taken a couple of steps, walking is still mainly around things and to other things.  We would love for you to wait until Spring until you take off running.  
Time is flying by and we often forget to soak up all the baby moments. These will be gone before we know it and you will be a running toddler.  The girls mailed out your birthday invitations this week since we are celebrating 3 weeks early in Texas.  First Birthday, how on earth are you already here?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November part 1

Incredibly hard to believe that November is almost over.  I think I have said that with every month this year. With a baby and the last baby, we want time to stand still.  We want to soak up every single moment of babyhood while enjoying the big sisters at the same time.  

Last week we were lucky enough to dine with some friends at Jagger's.
The husband is incredibly busy with Jagger's opening. The dates of actual opening have been tossed around some but no worries, it is almost here.  It is normal for dates to be moved during openings, especially the original Jagger's opening.  The girls love going up there and seeing Daddy's work.  He hasn't been around much lately so he surprised the girls with chocolate donuts this morning. 
Hudson wasn't exactly a fan of green peas, he sort of used them as baseballs. You know, throwing them at the walls, floor and family members. Glad he thought that was hilarious and not smelly.
Do you ever wonder what in the hell goes on during the night when people sleep?
This is all snot.  Impressive huh?

Yeah, no he isn't going to the potty in the Elmo Potty.  He was sitting and plotting on how he could reach the paper since he can't climb on top of the potty yet. Takes all of 2 seconds and he is laughing his rear off unrolling it as fast as he can.

Yes, you read that correct.  As if an allergy to eggs wasn't enough, milk too.  Lets just say the formula was rough so we're now on soy and doing okay.  No eggs or dairy for this kid.

No words. Sometimes I think he and Harper might be more a like than we all think. :)
More allergy testing this week for dairy.
See, I was in the bathroom with him but cleaning the sink and cabinets.
These kids, they are quick.....Or I am getting older and slower.

Camo loves the snow.  But snow hides his poop. So when he is galloping through the snow, he doesn't know where he pooped and runs through it. Then tracks is all over the downstairs because he doesn't want to go to his kennel. Not sure how to give a dog a bath in 10 degrees tonight and can't take him anywhere because I am not putting him in my car with poop on his foot. Can't you imagine what he my mud room and his kennel smells like at the moment?  That almost caused me to begin drinking at noon today.

We began decorating for Christmas, Hudson thinks all these people are for play and chewing.
Oh and baby Jesus is MIA.
If that isn't bad karma, I don't know what is.

Harper couldn't eat her friend turkey waffle. That is okay, it isn't really like she eats much any way.

Cheers!  Drinking hot chocolate, two sips each and then they poured it out.
Making a casserole.
I love our neighborhood.
The girls hadn't been to Bubba's yet so we decided to let them act like we never let them out of the house monkeys for lunch.  We arrived and found Bubba's on a wait which was awesome for them but not so hot for crying, starving kids.  We all survived, the kids loved it. Harper of course only had french fries and shared a dessert with HG.

Baby boy FINALLY has shoes for his little toes.  5W and they may or may not have cookie monster on them.  I wasn't a fan but at $7, they were too cheap to pass up.
Man problems huh? Pizza and the bottle.
Be still my heart, he is so big.
Whoa wait....they look like they are talking and getting along.
Those lips and cheeks are so kissable.
Harper equals a love of panties and shoes.
Hailey Grace loves to push drive the stroller like a dang race car everywhere we go.
I spy Harper sleeping. Those boots in the buggy, we did not buy because she threw them at me but they are $11 at Walmart and ADORABLE.  With fast growing feet and the icky snow, rain, mud, etc, they are perfect for little ones.
Oh yes, you know she loved this outfit with her fur boots.
Lunch with Daddy earlier this month at one of our local Mexican food places that is about half as good as Texas places.

Learning to hold the bottle.
Gymnastics, twice a week is a beautiful thing for her.
He doesn't like the cold and rides to the bus stop in Harper's seat.
No worries, it is just two houses away when he faces forward.
Yes, she is actually asleep.
Sweetness dressed herself for gymnastics.
Watching snow flurries.
Oh big guy!
She loves seflies.
Still sleeping in her toddler  bed even though is sits right next to her big bed. Her big bed that collapsed.
Early bedtimes lately since skipping swim some.
Big boy.
Harper enjoyed cleaning up messes today.
Remember the poop from above? Well this is what happened right before. Hudson poured out a can of soy formula. Formula smells bad but soy, it is horrible! Lets not even talk about the fact  will have to buy more tomorrow.
And an unnamed kid spilled a glass of iced tea during all of this.

Buddy Boy had to go to doctor again today for his cough.  

Harper is star of the week this week at school. Similar to line leader.

She made these with me yesterday for her classmates, took oreos and brought in a brand spanking new book, The Little Princess.
He hates the cold but loves the inside of a cold fridge.

We have had bronchitis,  three sinus infections, one slight positive for RSV but lots of fun and focusing on turkey markers right now.  Turkey markers, such a fun kinder project.