Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our weekend with Ollie

Ollie’s weekend with Hailey Grace’s family

I was so excited that it was my turn to take Ollie home and be line leader.
Our first stop was to visit my Aunt Collins at work in Plano.  She is my very favorite person besides my mom and dad. Collins is part of a new concept opening in Dallas called Chilada’s and I just had to show Ollie. We snacked on chips and dips while she cooked us carnitas and shrimp tacos. 

Friday, we began preparing our house to list it.
Ollie helped my mom and I clean out cabinets for easy packing and showing of the house.
That wasn’t exactly fun according to us but the messes Harper kept making made us laugh. 
My grandparents came out on Friday night for dinner so lucky for us, we got a break in working. I forgot to take a picture of them with Ollie but they both played with him.  My Grandma washed him last time too.
Ollie helped me make pancakes on Friday morning before we started to work.
I’m quite the little chef in the kitchen and always eager to bake.

My baby sister wanted to love on Ollie as well.
She got drool all over his head.

It is a special day when we get to ride in the car cart at Kroger.
Mom always says there are too many germs but since Ollie said he wanted to, she let us.
We picked up fish, shrimp, crab dip, you know all the things I don’t eat.
She got Ollie, I mean me, some pancakes and chicken.
I also got a new stuffed purple turtle.
Purple is my favorite color and Ollie loved playing with her.

See, I told you Harper likes Ollie’s ear.

Saturday, we headed to Bottle Cap Alley in Keller for burgers.
Mom and dad couldn't decide where to get lunch so I decided for them.
Ollie really enjoyed his fries and watching everyone play the games.
Then we headed to pick up my good friend Kalli.
Her mom just had a baby on the 18th so she came to spend the night with us.
Boy did we have some fun together with Ollie.

We colored on my Castle and all drew pictures of Ollie. Dinner was whatever we wanted and Ollie chose chicken nuggets, mac n cheese and strawberries followed by Boy Scout popcorn. I was thrilled by Ollie's choices.

 We also built some really neat forts. 

Sunday was spent playing outside on the swings, coloring with chalk and blowing bubbles with my bubble gun.  I think Ollie enjoyed the hot day.

Sunday was spent playing outside on the swings, coloring with chalk and blowing bubbles with my bubble gun.  I think Ollie enjoyed the hot day. Monday, Ollie came to swim lessons but we forgot to take a picture. Our day was finished with Poppy and Danielle coming to spend the night and celebrating Danielle’s belated Birthday.


I wish Ollie could spend every weekend with me.


Hailey Grace

4 years

This post is from the book HG had to prepare and tell her class about her weekend with Ollie. She did it in her words while I typed.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


It was beautiful outside so lots of chalk, bubbles and bikes.
Everyone needs a little pick me up sometimes. No worries, the cup was empty.

I'm sure our neighbors are loving us right now.
We have lived in quite a few places, sold two houses and bounced around with the husband's work.
The last two we sold, we were already living in another house when we sold them.
So the whole staging, keeping clean, while trying to keep up with two  girls on the go was never an issue.
Those of you who have sold houses while living in it know the task.
It takes a lot of effort to prepare.
Our play room for an example.....
It was over flowing with toys.
Lots of toys.
I'm talking three rows of happy meal toys in the closet in baskets.
The husband and I both roll our eyes at items like that.
Off to Goodwill they went.
The books, except for a few, all boxed.
Work bench, other large toys, easel, everything is already boxed.
It now looks like a sad little play room  an organized room with toys in baskets.
I think I had 7 large boxes full of toys.
12 loads up and down the stairs just from the playroom.

I'm doing room by room and if you follow on IG, you already know what room we are on.
The kitchen will be my last project.
Not to mention that I'm already out of boxes.
But with the kitchen, I seriously have to box up the majority of the items.
I can leave my Coffee machine and a few other daily items out.
The key is to make it clean, crisp, big and inviting.
Oh joy.

Kalli spent the night with us last night and the girls were perfect.
They played, swam in the tub, ate their hearts out, had IPad time, movie night, and even played with Harper.
When picking her up, I got to love on sweet Keller.
Oh a newborn will melt your heart in a second.
He has a head full of black spiky hair that I couldn't get over.

The husband and I had showers and bachelor parties.
Due to previous scheduling and baby sitters, I was unable to go. :(
The husband had a lot of fun and it looks like the girls did as well.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday date with the grandparents

Friday evening, we were lucky enough to have the grandparents (husband's parents) come for a visit. Between our schedule and Grandmommy being in town, we only get to see them once a month for a few hours. When it worked out they could join us for dinner and do a late celebration for the husband, we were excited. HG loves visiting and playing with them.

Since it fell on a Friday, we served salmon, shrimp, cajun crab dip, cheese and crackers, broccoli, salad, wine and margaritas. It was national margarita after all. They came with birthday gifts, potatoes, wine and get famous chocolate chip cookie cake. Everything was delicious, we even built the first fire in our house. Both girls loved it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Harper and I spent the morning at the school preparing things for Teacher Appreciation week.
I must tell you, they are the cutest items.
I totally forgot to take a picture but will next week.
Afterwards, a lot of miles were put on the Tahoe.
I was all over the place.
Harper napped nicely in her seat so is made all the miles peaceful.
After school, we headed to see Auntie Collins at work.
I was very impressed, the place was nice.
Cute, clean, crisp, modern with a Mexican twist.
I had pork carnitas, HG had chips with queso and salsa.
The husband arrived after we finished but his shrimp tacos were fabulous.
I did not eat a whole one.
The girls were shoveling it in like they hadn't eaten in days.
It was spicy.
It was soft.
It was chocolate.
It was amazing.
HG and Auntie Collins with Ollie.
HG loves her to the moon.
Ollie is spending the weekend with us as HG was the line leader this week.
That is a big deal.

Her laugh has always been contagious, even as a baby.
We spent an hour outside this evening and both girls were all over the place.
Hopefully an hour outside won't do major harm to Harper.

Telling ghost stories around the fire.
Ghost stories?
Princess ghost stories.
Those who know her can almost hear her laughing in this picture.
She is such a free spirit.
This was the scene tonight trying to get Harper to sleep.
She wasn't pitching a fit and I cheerish every moment rocking her.
She kept saying night night while I was rocking her and finally realized she wanted in her bed.
This is was Momma night night.
I realized where she was going with that.
I on earth could I tell her no?
Into the crib I went.
She sang to me.
She twirled my hair.
She kissed my face.
She laughed in the darkness.
She talked to me like I could understand everything she was saying.
She meowed, she oinked, she mooed.
She barked, tweeted, she meowed some more.
She never let go of my hand.
From laying there, it made me realized that those were the moments for her.
Those little things that she enjoys doing, even in the darkness, those were her small meaningful moments right now.
Those were her magic moments.
I also realized she is still spitting up or throwing up during the night.
I change our sheets more than the average person but it smelled like spit up.
Bad mom, I put her favorite Dora quilt down and she went right to sleep.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CEC Play date

Three hour play date with HG's BFF and her family.
Breaks my heart that these two girls only have three more months at CDC.
You can see the sadness in their eyes when we talk about it.
Luckily, Tracey is from Ohio which is only a few short hours from Indy.
HG has been asking to go to CEC for months so it worked out perfectly.
The key is going early.
I think it was Harper's first time at CEC where she actually knew what was going on.
Chuck E scared her at first but then she would clap and dance.
A day in the life of Harper.
Busted lip.
You can't tell here but it is deep and also on the inside.
Poor gal.
Just walking and fell sideways.

husband earned himself a lobster tail last night. 
I think I could eat it every single night.