Friday, July 29, 2011


So excited the weekend is here.
Not much planned is the nice part.
The husband is off tomorrow.
Showing a house at 11.
Storage run.
It is amazing what all we manage to cram into that massive space.
I'm clearing spaces here.
Loading up and moving 'em for now.
Must make room for Harper.
I have to be prepared.
She will be here soon.
Looking for a few items.
Wish us luck.

Yesterday, we joined Jenna and Jax for lunch.
Yummy cheese fries called for a slow moving afternoon.
We ran to Toni's to buy an awesome double stroller.
It is soooooooo cool.
We are also borrowing a car seat.
So sweet.
Stopped at McDonald's for play time and a cone.
Next was Target and Babies R Us.
Finally found sheets for the sleeper.
Didn't buy any though.
Traffic was terrible.
A nightmare.
12 miles (or less) too over 90 minutes.
Like I said, nightmare.

Today a carpet guy knocked before 9.
10 minutes until 9 to be exact.
I thought he was coming after lunch.
We were making a mad dash to move all the last minute items off the carpet.
They look wonderful now.
Only one or two stains wouldn't come out- mustard of course.

While they dried, we headed to play with Mrs. Tracey and Anna.
What a fun time!
Tracey treated us to pizza and the girls had a lot of fun.
I just love HG having wonderful friends from school.

This afternoon has been lazy.
I've been back on my Ebay addiction.
I have been debating on cloth diapers again.
I did them with HG for about 6 months (started at 6 months) and loved them.
I would really love to start in the beginning this go around.
Maybe not 100% percent of the time but the majority of the time.
It is amazing how much money you save.
Today, I scored pretty big.
19 newborn unbleached prefolds.
8 one size all in ones ( can use from around 8 lbs until 30-35lbs)
I spent $65.24.
It sounds like a lot but it really isn't.
A typical all in one, one size will run $15-$30 on average per diaper.
So even on the cheapest end, 8 would be $120.
Yesterday, I picked up a package of Gdiapers inserts.
I think the Gidapers might be easier when out and about or with family.
Plus, we can make inserts to fit the Gdiapers.

Well I will leave you with terrible pictures.
We've been so busy that I haven't even taken any really.

McDonald's North Irving

Playing lots of Candyland

Our new totally awesome stroller.

Now it we only knew how to close it.

Should have made a storage run before picking up the stoller.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Incase you haven't seen the latest weather for us.
Oh my word, please rain.

Anything please.
On Tuesday night, we started a big project.
A big MESSY project.

I would not stop until everything was put up where it went.

I think around 11:45, I finally climbed in the bath.

I was worn out.

But felt accomplished.

HG enjoyed me pulling out toys she had no idea she even had.

Many are headed to storage.

All the stuff animals except for ones going to Harper and a Winnie the Pooh.

I tried to send the Winnie the Pooh but someone was shedding big tears at bed time.

Even today, she is carrying that silly bear around.

HG's room looked like a toy store in our opinion.

Toys and stuff animals were everywhere.

How on earth would be fit anything for Harper in there?

We won't be here long after little Harper is born but still needed a few things.

Swing. Vibrating seat. You know, those life savers.

While she still has a ton of toys in her room, Harper has room for her stuff too.

It was quite the mess see.

HG was taking it from her room to the living room, kitchen and our bedroom.

I was making up for the missing items by pulling more out.

My little pilot is full of storage items right now.

We will be loading the truck next to make a run.

There are a few tubs and other items scattered through out the house right now going as well.

Oh and there is a piece of furniture on our front porch.

ha, we are those people today.

Chris is a MID.

Someone would have stolen it in a heart beat.

The store is kind of in the ghetto.

Some of the final result.

The husband was showing houses yesterday in Keller.

One owner sent him home with 4 pieces of furniture.

Either to donate or take to goodwill.

He knew I was planning on buying some plastic drawers for the closet while we were here.

He thought these would work just as good and they were FREE.

We will either give them to someone here before we leave or once we move.

The drawers are not very big but worked wonders for blankets, HG's panties/socks/pj's.

Goodness, girl could wear a different pajama each night.

She always wears the same ones over and over, her favorites.

Either way, I was thrilled to have the extra drawers.

They are solid wood but not very catchy on the eye.

Thank goodness for it going in the closet.

I love our make do book shelf.

We have so many books.

This isn't all.

Some went to storage.

We read often.

Each night before our prayers.

But they were taking up lots of room.

This is perfect because we can close the door and they don't have to be perfect.

The furniture is so heavy that HG can't move it.

We might change things around or put different clothes in there.

But for now, it give us the perfect amount of room.

We had a special treat at lunch today.
Kristen, her mom and the girls came to play.
It is always o good to see them.
I know what we will get Miss Kensley for her birthday.

HG has been kind a zone today.

She stayed up much past her bedtime last night.

After a good nap, lets hope she is back to normal this evening.

Afternoon snack of watermelon.

Oh how I just love summer time fresh fruits.

Turkey Spaghetti is in the slow cooker simmering.

I love the way it smells up the house.

Of course it makes me want to eat the whole time.

And well honestly, I do.

I wrote this recipe down but have no idea where I picked it up from.

So easy.

Still not a huge fan of ground turkey but working on it.

I have to admit, it is sooo yummy once done.

What all you will need:

olive oil and balsamic vinegar
1 onion, chopped
1 green bell pepper, optional
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 pound of mushrooms, sliced

1 pound ground turkey
Italian seasonings

ground black pepper to taste
fresh tomatoes

2 (15 ounce) cans tomato sauce
1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste


I browned the meat over medium heat. While that was cooking, I put all the other ingredients in the slow cooker except the fresh tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. Once the meat was finished, add to slow cooker. Next, I sauteed the toms, onions and mushrooms in olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar. It makes everything better. After combing everything in slow cooker, I added a dash of milk. I was out of cream but the milk works wonders. It has been simmering for an hour and I hope to let it sit another two. If I can handle the smell.

Tomorrow we are off for a fun filled afternoon and to pick up our first double stroller.

So fun!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Vito's pizza.

The picture doesn't do it justice.

One piece is equal to 2 pieces of take out pizza.

And for half the price.

Oh my goodness gracious.

So last night at 9pm, I had 3 pieces or 6 regular take out pieces.

Yes, I had serious heart burn.

HG went with Chris and Jim (FIL) to the Ranger game last night.

It was a great game to be at for sure.

The entire Holcombe family was there this week.

HG enjoyed Kalli so much.

I hear she might have flirted with Riler a little too.

I hate that I missed it and that I am not supposed to partake in these activities.
I'm also grounded to DFW until Miss Harper arrives.

I have to get HG's shots.

And to see my grandfather.

Might be my last time.

As if the game and seeing Kalli wasn't enough, Brooke surprised HG.

She and Todd were over for the game and I hate that I missed them.

They headed to the Dallas Aquarium then back to Txk.Can't remember if I posted this or not.

We've been having lots of snow cones.


Even bought a snow cone machine.

Lots of snow cones.

Cutest little Minnie Mouse around.

She loves her ears from Kelli and Mike.

My weekly doctor appointment went great.

Just a quick ultrasound to check cervix and see heart beat.

Harper's little bottom looked like a heart on my cervix.

HG's little bottom looks like a heart as well.

I heard her heart beat for the first time today with out the ultrasound machine.

Some people think that is strange.

With so my ultrasounds, we can see and heart the heart beat through there.

It was nice to finally hear it on the doppler and for it to be so loud.


No pictures this week.

A cervical check is with the dildo camera as I call it.

I like to get it over fast.

Our goal is to make it another 11-12 weeks.

I hope to go 13-14 more.

Either way, we are almost a family of 4.

Not only a family of 4 but a family of 4 taking on a new adventure.

A new way of life.

A huge move.

Most likely cross Country.

Either West or East.

A heart felt story that many can relate to.

Weekend highlights

We had a nice and low key weekend around here.

Since I'm supposed to spend most of my time inside, I enjoy getting out super early or super late.

The husband was off on Saturday and was able to spend a few hours with us.

He is staying busy with work and RE on the side.

Friday we had dinner with Kristen and her parents at Aspen Creek.

I think it was close to a month since we had been there last.

HG loves going up there and loves Miss Kristen.

Our 10 minute drive home turned into nearly 60 minutes.

Every road was closed.


Saturday we headed out for errands and lunch at In N Out Burger.

The line still amazes me.

They don't offer more than a couple of items.

But still, you wait in a line to even get in the door.

In Vegas, there is never a line.

At least it is down from 45 minute line to 15 or so.

HG enjoyed her burger.

We had planned on heading to Edgewood for Miss Emily's 4th birthday celebration.

Unfortunately, we decided against it due to no air conditioning and being 101.

HG had really been looking forward to it.

Since we were in town, we ran by Jax's 2nd Birthday party.

It too was outside but luckily in the shade.

Still, hot but we didn't stay as long as would have liked.

The kids had a blast.

HG enjoyed her hot dog, I enjoyed cheetos and a cupcake.

imagine that.

Sunday we didn't leave the house until evening Mass.

It was just too hot.

I think I have said that a million times.

But being pregnant with a high chance of low fluid, you have to follow the rules.

And drink at leave 8 water bottles a day.

I typically have enough equal to 10.

Dinner at yummy Vito's for pizza had us all in bed by 9.

This morning we woke to swim lessons and errands.

I scored big time at Target, which I love.

HG is napping for a big evening.

She is heading to the Ranger game with the husband and father in law.

I don't think they are too thrilled to take her.

She loves going and has been so excited.

It will just break her heart if her daddy tells her no, she can't go. :)

Monday morning swim lessons with Mr. Collin

In N Out burgersJax turns 2.

Monday Target Deals

We have a love for Target in our house.
On a trip for household items, I scored big time.

Miss Harper got $138 +tax worth of stuff for $30.35.
I do believe that was quite the deal.
Everything was on my need list.
Marking things off especially when on sale makes me smile.

$138 + tax worth of items for $30.35.

Tubby towel for $1.98 down from $7.99

Play purse $2.24 down from $9

Hooded bath towel $1.98 down from $8

Car seat cover (goes over the car seat to protect from environment not fitted to car seat) $5 down from $19.99

Swaddle $2.75 down from $11

3 pack bibs $1.98 down from $8

0-9 m duck robe $2.48 down from $9.99

12 m swim suit $1.74 down from $6.99

2 sleep blankets that zip on baby $3.74 each down from $14.99 each

2 pack ruffle newborn pants (hot pink and purple) $1.98 down from $7.99

For HG: this stuff was included in the $30.35 amount.

7 pack 4t Disney panties $2.74 down from $11

3 pack Toy Story under ware (ha! Ok for at home but not school) $1.74 down from $8.

Lots of baby stuff on sale. I think I will visit another Target for more towels and such for Harper.

I have cute pictures coming of HG so check back soon.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hailey Grace's 3rd Birthday pool party

On the 16th of July, we had a small family and friends pool party to celebrate HG's 3rd birthday.

She loves to swim.

We let her choose all the food served.

So fun!

Thank you to everyone who came.

Friday, July 22, 2011


We started off our morning with King Fu Panda and Dora cupcakes.

Even before we had breakfast.

Some days should be like that.

I have a friend who does Cupcake Friday.

I just love it.

Everyone deserves a reward.

We spent about 45 minutes at the pool after lunch.

As you can see in the pictures, it is in desperate need of a good scrubbin'.

I wanted HG to have a later nap today so this was a perfect escape.

Until they closed the pool.

The filter broke.

The water was growing cloudy.

It needed something strong.

A sad little one, we headed home for a snack and the Fresh Beat Band.

This is her birthday evening swim.

She requested mac n cheese, french fries and pickles for dinner.

The husband and I had left over yummy tacos.

The tacos are actually now being turned into a yummy chicken soup.

The husband isn't into soups.

You would think he ate a lot of soup growing up, his mom makes good batches of soup.

He would rather have McDonald's drive thru.

Lucky for me, the little one enjoys soup with me.

Happy Weekend!

Stay cool, looks like it will be 102 here all weekend.


We are supposed to be heading to Edgewood for a birthday party tomorrow.

We have one of HG's best friends birthdays starting at the same time.

Two hours apart.

Both are outdoors.

Tons of errands to be ran tomorrow.

The husband is off.

This pregnant momma is supposed to be indoors the majority of the day.

Hopefully, we can figure something out.