Saturday, October 30, 2010

Main Street Grapevine Pictures

Main Street Halloween Festival

Sorry for the glare, my camera on my cell isn't the best. Our beans soaking.She kept wanting to see the beans grow and I kept telling her "HG they take a long time".
Checking the beans out.
Her thank you letter to Mrs. Debbie
Ever wonder what we do late into the night??
Hide all make up, she loves it!

We braved the streets of Main Street last night with friends and family. Poppy drove over from Texarkana, Kristen & Debbie joined us, Justin, Jenna, Jax and Derc, Uncle Ryan, Jamie & Austin and then we surprised HG by Grand mommy & Grandaddy arriving. Mrs. Debbie brought HG a little gift that she is in love with. Strawberry Shortcake smells the same as it did when we were little girls. Too cute! Thanks Mrs. Debbie, you are always SO THOUGHTFUL!! I think once arriving we were a little shocked at the crowd. We knew it would be busy. It's a given. Grapevine is an awesome little community that really comes together on community events. But wow. We didn't even attempt the candy lines. They were from Dallas Street to Northwest hwy, the entire side of the shops. HG spotted the slides and corn maze and was happy as a bee. I didn't get a picture of Derc's costume but I will have Jenna email me one. The cutest little costume ever. Well, funny may be a better word. He has such a cute personality that it fit in perfectly.

We had dinner at Esparza's and was yummy as usual. The margaritas aren't too shabby either. :) It was getting late and the kids were all past their bed time so off we all went. Too bad we didn't have a big house to go to and put all the kids down so we could continue our good conversations. We'll have to do it again soon.

Poppy spent the night in HG's bed. I can't tell you how many times she would run down the hallway, open his door and run in for kisses. This was after he had fallen asleep. She was up using the potty, smelling up the entire house, went down and then up to tee tee again. While I LOVE that we are almost potty trained, I am not loving all the middle of the nights yet. We tried the Original Pancake House on William D Tate this morning and it was fantastic. If you live near the area, it is worth the drive. It has that real syrup smell when you walk in and the thick and big bacon. Poppy got a little of everything for us to try. I must say that the pecan waffles were great. The oatmeal was terrible but it wasn't later until I saw all the brown sugar and fruit toppings.

The rest of the day will fly by. I am hoping for a short nap from HG but I'm not holding my breath too much. We are running to do a few things to set up and then our Halloween Festival this afternoon. She is so excited about it. I figured she would want to wear her Tinkerbell but HG Monster is in the wash now because she was crying to it. Lovely.

Chris is off on Sunday and Monday so it will be great family time. I think he is getting sick. Yuk. He WILL have a flu shot this week even we if trick him into it. World Series is tomorrow night and I sure wish they had played better. I know a trip to storage is in store and possibly Weatherford. He is off again the following Saturday/Sunday so our weekends are much more enjoyable. Patrick's going away party is next Saturday so we might drive out to it. He would love it if his new boss was there. I'm not sure how many people know he signed on with Chris.
I'll post the pictures from last night after the festival.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where are we going?

So that is the question that C and I get on a daily basis. Do we know the answer? No. Do we know what they are pushing for? Yes, Colorado Springs.
Here is the low down.....
Originally we were going to Tulsa. We were happy. Not because of Tulsa but because of the awesome and amazing concept. Would we leave Tulsa if we had a chance in the future? In a heart beat.
Then the Springs came up. Asked us if we were at all interested. Oh my goodness, we about passed out. We were more than interested. There is no comparison between the town towns.

In Tulsa, we know the location. It isn't the best but isn't the worst. There is a lot of traffic in the area so it will pull a lot of people. It will sit near a rough Ross and a terrible Burlington Coat factory. Maybe they will rebuild the area is our hopes. MOST of the popular dining is on the other side of the mall...I think it will over well in Tulsa but it will need marketing. I know a two concepts close to there that struggle because they are at the end of the dining row.
The Springs. New, outdoor mall, beautiful and clean area. It is much like Centerra in Loveland. All the dining places drew a crowd. It was always busy and Holidays were nuts. The Restaurants just had to open and people came in. There are two sites here. We'll call site A and site B. We want site A for site B price. Nothing fancy, just real estate. Everyone wants a deal right? The cost of stuff in Colorado is much higher than Oklahoma but that is expected.

So..for now, we are in DFW and enjoying it. HG loves school and we are enjoying the area. How long will we be here? No idea. Are we in a rush to get out? No, not really. We would LOVE to be settled because moving and still living out of storage is rough but don't want to make the wrong decision. We are really holding out and hoping for God to direct us as to where we are supposed to go. We *think* he was showing us by C's boss asking about the Springs. We've always said we'd move back to Colorado in a heart beat. It is the end of the world if we don't go? Of course not, home is where our family is. We make the best of it and always have. I can't think of another person who has moved around like us. It's coming to an end and it is exciting.

Now would you choose this:
or this

*IF you had a choice..............

Turkey Meatloaf Thursday

Watching her movie before bed in "daddy's bed" as she calls it.

HG had her Halloween celebration this morning. She had a blast! I forgot about pictures until I put her jacket on. No such luck taking it off. We had spent 15 minutes searching for her Tinkerbell shoes. We looked everywhere. Guess who found them? Daddy! Tonight, they were in his desk chair. I never thought to look there. Oh the places they put things. I'll get some pictures Saturday before our MYC/Church Halloween Carnival. I went to pick her up and she was in such a good mood. the teachers said she rested quietly but no nap. I wonder how much sugar she really had.
I had a check up today, got a flu shot and had a lot of blood work. I'm hoping my Thyriod is up and still not low and my progestrone level is good. Oh the things you go through being a woman and having the monthly (or every 2 months!) visitor!
My car has pretty new front tires. They were bad. Really bad. My dad was highly upset we let them get down to a 3 on tread. If you don't know, a 3 is bad. My back tires are a 9 and hopefully they will last until we sell. hmmm....Fancy new tires to carry us until we move!
Bass Pro was on our list today. Chris told HG that the fish and other animals would get her so she kept getting scared and freaking out. It was funny. They have 3 white rattle snakes in a cage and she wouldn't get near it. I don't blame her. Yuk. The entire store was preparing for the Holidays. I love that they have free pictures. I did find out that they carry BOGS. I'm in love and saving up for a new pair. Madly in love.
Tonight we are celebrating the Rangers (hopefully we'll win right) and an early bedtime for HG. I cooked a Turkey Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and greens beans. I couldn't' decide so I went for it. I was skeptical but it turned out good. A little different consistency that regular meatloaf but good.
Well, that is about it in our little household. Poppy is heading over tomorrow and should be here by the time HG wakes from her nap. My dear friend Megan is opening a consignment store in Texarkana called 2Sprouts. If you are in there area, GO SEE HER! She is one of the neatest and nicest people I've ever known. We've been friends forever.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our little Tinkerbell

Showing Daddy our Tinkerbell costume. I have wings mommy

They make me fly (might not be a good idea??)!!

Precious HG Tinkerbell
(no, there is not a thing wrong with her head)

Stay tuned for pictures before her Halloween party at school coming tomorrow. She is so excited to "Trick or Treat at school until 2 O'clock" or so she thinks.

Park day & more pumpkin

Oh how we love this park!!!!!
Silly Daddy

Over board on Halloween items

Throw up Halloween

So many pumpkins

Barrell ride

Loves riding horses, Aunt Tonia's here we come!

So fun

Bouncy bouncy bouncy house!

Halloween 2009

Amazing how much little ones change in a year.