Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day 2015

We had a slow paced Father's Day around here as it was basically a free day for us.  Chris has been working long hours, we needed to begin packing and the kids longed for time with him.

We took him to lunch at a place noted as Redneck.  While the ones in Texas are good, it was down right terrible  I can honestly say we will not be back.  I hated that being Father's Day.  We snacked on queso then had chicken pot pie for dinner, a favorite of his.

I managed to traumatize my eye.  the blood is now along the brown of my eye ball.
HG knows the way to her daddy's heart.
Harper was thrilled it was Father's Day, she began waking us up at 730.

Pickles, pools and patience

We've been spending evenings at the pool until we are too cold to go any longer.
Plugged with ear plugs as two have had ear infections, Harper a severe one.  Neither are related to the pool or swimmers ear. Harper hadn't been in the pool for a week when her ear caused all the trouble again then we kept her out for another 4 days.  Figured it wasn't getting better, added an antibiotic so we just plug it and let her be.

Harper at Therapy today after shooting a commercial.

Lots of play time.  It is warm out but most in our neighborhood think it is too hot to be outside during the day.  Today was around 80.

Hudson loves pickles.

Chalk festival

Saturday, the kids and I headed to a local Chalk festival and had lots of fun.  We can't wait until Daddy can participate in events like this with us.

The girls had their faces painted.  Hailey Grace was a simple kitty cat and Harper, well she was a pink lion.  Oh the fun everyone had with her.  She was roaring at anything and everything causing outbursts of laughter.

Sweet Hudson gave up and snoozed in the oh so small umbrella stroller.

The chalk artists were incredible.

All three kids had hair cuts.
The girls jumped on bounce houses.
Harper is such a lover of people.

Lunch at Jagger's before heading out there.

Trying to pose fo a picture isn't exactly perfect.
I have learned to take what I can get.

CEC and water hoses

The kids and I braved CEC here in Indiana recently.  Much to my surprise, it was clean and calm even allowing us to run into new neighbors.  We had loads of fun, lunch and left just as Hudson could no longer hold on without a nap.  

Therapy is going great!  Harper is currently working on speech and food therapy with an OT eval next week.  I can already tell a big difference.  She threw up twice in her mouth today but managed to swallow it.  GO HARPER LOVE!

Lowe's has been on our list a few times a week.

Lots of backyard  time. Our yard guys missed a week due to a funeral and bad weather. Oh my jungle out there.  Hard to believe we only have one week left in this house.

Hudson is starting to drink milk out of cups. We are little behind on this since we did not switch to milk until well after his 1st birthday.  He would still drink formula if we would let him.
Tooth fairy left $10........she might have forgotten and had to make it up!
These kids keep us on our toes, love them!