Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2 months

Sweet Hudson is 2 months old.
Slow down my love.
Being the last baby, I want time to stand still much longer. 
I never want to forget the baby smell.
The first smiles and roll overs.
I tear up just thinking about it.
He is such a pleasant and happy baby except during those rough colic nights.

He felt super crummy yesterday but was still sporting some smiles.

While we headed in this morning for his 2 month well check up, we knew it was actually going to be a sick visit once our doctor saw us. She was pretty concerned at him just feeling down right miserable. Hudson is always pleasant  during the day and he pretty much cried the entire hour we were there.  He has a right ear infection, snuffy nose (sinus infection from ear fluid and big sister Harper but more on her later), a cough from drainage and his first true fever. It has been 100.3 taken in the bottom before but we don't count that as a fever when taken in there.  Little guy was given his first dose of Tylenol and antibiotic. He felt down right miserable. No shots were given today at his check up due to his fever and not feeling well. Our kids and their ears! My sister and I still get ear aches so they might just out if luck. Lucky for him, he should be feeling much better in a day or two when the ear pain lessens. After his dose of Tylenol, he has pretty much slept all afternoon and hasn't wanted to nurse. Catching up from sleepless nights. 

After the doctor, he got in super comfy clothing and lounged. I might have had a hard time zipping it up due to his length.  Since not feeling well he only gained 1 ounce in 10 days. He has had no interest in eating, runny diapers thanks to drainage and has been spitting up more than usual due to the drainage. So what has been going in has been coming back out. The husband and I know he will be back to his bubbly, chubby self in no time though. 
Hudson, you are just below 14 pounds naked without a diaper.  Blowing bubbles, smiles and being held are your favorites. Hailey and Harper worship you and don't like being more than a foot or two away from you. While you can still fit into a couple of your 3 month sleepers, the majority of items in your closet are 6 month. You will have big feet as we are flying through socks. Your eyes are still various shades of blue with gray shining through. Colic isn't very fun for you (or us) but we're managing it well now. You love your Aden & Anas blankets and swaddle. You hated the others, busting holes in more than one. Your legs move like your crawling and kick my belly when nursing in bed.  My incision was super sore for a week before we realized it was your kicking causing it. Bath time is one of your favorites and you pee as soon as your body hits the warm water. This causes the girls to scream and giggle. I can shake my cup of ice and you instantly begin talking. You love tiny bites of ice . We can not imagine our lives without you, forever Blessed and thankful for you. 

Sweet sisters

Harper and Hailey Grace can be really sweet to each other, when they want.

Still confused that they can show people their bellies.
Might be our lake and yard suits.

They are so silly 

Their bunk beds as they call this piece of furniture when the baskets are out. HG is behind the pink pillow and all the baskets have been boxed.
We're working a bit each day preparing our house to sale and move. It helps doing it bit by bit since we don't have a free weekend until May 24th and tons of stuff going on. Whew and no idea if the husband will actually have much time to help with the move. He has hit the ground running, lots of exciting things happening there. Good, exciting things. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Month 1 to 2

Lots of fun and excting things have happened during Hudson's past month admist all of Harper's recovery, not to mention mine.
We are outdoors now any time we get the chance.
Thank you to the bipolar weather for creating many sniffles in our household.

Lots of love going around.
The girls can not get enough of baby hudson.
Hudson grew at a rapid pace, slow down there baby.

Harper is typical Harper and loves finding pacifiers.
She only has hers at nap time and bed time.
Hudson slept many of the days.
Played with big sister Harper since she was home for nearly 2 weeks without stepping foot outside.

The big girls took baby Hudson for breakfast and his first trip to Cabela's.
You know that is a big deal for boys.
Aunt Collins and Mia came to visit again.
Aunt Collins hadn't seen Hudson since he was born.
The girls were thrilled to see her, both worship her.

Harper had her two week post op.
Hudson learned to blow bubbles and is crazy about it.
Got a stuffy nose thanks to the girls and the bipolar weather.
Played until we crashed.
Poppy came and spent the night.
He took the girls for ice cream and to play.
They loved it.

HG had on the most adorable sweater over this top but of course when I picked her up from school, it was off.
Why does it bother me so?
These boxes are crammed packed with clothes. Stuffed to be exact.
We sent them home with my dad to pass along to my brother and sister in law who are expecting a little boy in a few months.  I might have shed a tear that we out grew so fast but it made my heart happy that someone else will be putting them to good use.  My brother said it was like we all belonged to a baby clothing exchange. :)

Harper has given and taken lots of baths.
We all began to get a little sleep.
Hudson started probiotics.
This is also helping with his gas and colic in the evenings.
We went through a bad round of colic for a few weeks but thankfull, it is much better.
The only time he cried last night was when daddy made him mad. :)

Fat cheeks are the best.
Love kid clothes.
Harper was so very excited when she got an Ariel swinsuit so she could be like HG.
It is a 3T, I guess that means I will be boxing up her 18-24 m ones now.

We have this car seat in the house for Hudson to chill in.
The seat is so light and easily carried.

We might have consumed hershey's right out of the bottle.
Harper said she was getting her gatorade and I turned to this.
At least the girl was putting something in her body besides fresh fruit.
Ran fevers on a random Saturday that ended up being double ear aches for HG.
She has had them since before March 10.

And of course Hudson has to have a soccer outfit for each Saturday.

We danced some.
Made faces in shirts too small and pants too big.
Had tummy time at 10 pm.
Went to a friend's birthday party.
Started smiling all the time.

Made pancakes for dinner to accompany her raspberries.
Loved on baby.
Started sleeping together.
Our hearts are so happy this month.  We have accomplished a lot, over come a lot and have so much to look forward to in April.