Friday, September 30, 2011


This little princess is on her way here.

She called me crying yesterday.

I called Chris crying.

I sent Mia texts.

Mia saved the day.

My heart broke for her.

I just wanted to jump in the car and drive straight to her.

We have so much planned this weekend/week.

Pizza and cup cakes.


Play Doh (NEW, she gets to pick out..fancy!)

Making yarn Tangled hair.

I can't handle her nappy hair that came with it.


Rides in the wheel chair.

Yes, they make me ride in a wheel chair.

ha, I'm not that pregnant.

HG and the husband are spending the night with Grandmommy on Saturday.

I have pink roses waiting on HG in my room thanks to Grandmommy.

Pink and purple flowers and girl is in Heaven.

Goodness, we love this little sweet thing with lots of attitude.

She is really upset that the husband hasn't gotten his flu shot to keep him healthy.

Her words.

To keep him healthy.

Goodness, she is learning so young.

I bet he had one by Sunday. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

State Fair starts today.

Texas A&M/Arkansas tomorrow.


Wizard of Oz at Bass Hall.

I've tried, all are a no go for me.

Ha, is that surprising.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, we have made day 18.
Eighteen days longer than they thought we would.
I had hopes of going home today for a night or two.
My doctor seems to think we will deliver this week.
The nurse today highly disagrees.
Glad she went out over night and got her Medical Degree.
This is the third one (of of like 20) that disagrees with something 100% and let it be known.
First, it was my Lovenox.
Two nurses.
Two different days.
They wanted me on Heparin twice daily.
Not Lovenox.
Why change something that is working?
I mean really?
They know best?
Not buying it.
Definitely not buying it when the nurses are the first to shove medicine down me.
Any ache or pain, they want me to take something.
Any cramp or contraction.
Goodness, you need some pain medicine.
No thank you!

So it has been an aggravating day.
My night nurses are the best.
So sweet.
Some of the day ones too.
Some think they know more than the doctor.
I have been biting my tongue for 18 days.
I think I will mention it to my doctor in the morning.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monthly stickers

I never got around to ordering monthly stickers with HG.
This was something I really wanted to do with Harper.
I know we will take a million pictures through out the first year.
This will help me remember which ones showed her exact monthly birthday.
Of course HG helped me pick them out.
It was between these and some hot pink/green ones.
I guessed the softer ones would be better.
I guess she could come out loving everything pink though.
I love Etsy.
babycakesnbeyond is great!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


We had a fantastic day around here.

Chris headed to meet HG and mom yesterday and brought my baby HOME.

Such a wonderful feeling the first time I laid eyes on her.

I m seriously and sick over her leaving again.

Heading back to East Texas for the work week.

We just don't have the support we need here with Chris working and me up here.

Many friends have offered to help but it is hard juggling his schedule.

And we feel bad having to rely on them.

But....after this week, I am most likely get a sitter to help out if I am not out.

I just can't be without her.

A few pictures from our exciting family time. The hubby too her to Target.

Her favorite store.
He probably understands why we spend so much money in there now.

I know she got a lunchable pizza, she is eating it here.

And lofthouse cookies.

Nothing like snow angels after a nice scrubbing and getting your hair done.

On the dirty hospital floor.

Wore her Tangled outfit up here Friday evening.

Harper got her a Fresh Beat Band Tshirt.

And a Jessie brush.

Her adorable dress isn't in yet.

My super sweet friend Kristen surprised me with this yesterday.

I have been talking about wanting a Scentsy forever.

I mean forever.

It was all HG and I could do but jump up and down.

She might have been just as excited as I was.

Thank you thank you thank you!

My hospital room smells like Fall.

I love it!

Tangled in her dance outfit in my bed.

Cutting those eyes at Momma.

Stole Daddy's chair.

A cup of ice.


We might have been just a little loud today.

I have seen it on tv.

Let me tell you, it is GOOD.

Made with whole milk and rich.

I just had a sip but HG finished it in a matter of seconds.

Who says we all can't bathe at the hospital?

Attitude Friday before heading to meet Daddy.



Fresh Beat Band t shirt.


Perfect evening with the parents.

Lets not forget Poppy, Kristen and Mrs. Debbie stopping by.

Or Chick Fil A.

Or brownies.

Or LOTS of football.

Or movies.

Or stalking on FB (HG was!).

Like I said, a wonderful day.

It flew by.

I as smiling from the moment I woke up.

I'm a little sad right now because I am laying in this bed alone.

I know HG and the hubby are snuggling.

Wish I was there.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Harper and I are making it another day.
Fluid was remaining stable.
I am excited to get another day of growth for her.

I miss my mini me.
Sister sent me this text earlier.
Too cute.
Too grown up in her rolled jeans and TOMS.
Goodness, I can't wait to hug her neck.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Update

Harper and I are still holding strong.

We've gained an extra 13 days so far.

So pretty much two extra weeks of growth for baby.

It is simply amazing.

Words can't express how grateful I am of this extra growth.

There is a HUGE difference from a 31 weeker and a 33 weeker (Sunday).

BIG difference.

Less NICU time.

Not only that, she has gained over a full pound since being here.

I've gained 4 pounds alone since last Wednesday.

One week, four pounds.

Grow baby grow.

The fluid is down down from Monday.

First measurement was exactly a 5.

Second look around was a 6.5.

The last pocket may or may not have been a "pocket of fluid".

I'll take it.

Anything below a 5 is bad.

No more IV fluids or at least that is the plan for now.

So here we are sitting at our last few days before her arrival.

I was told no breakfast tomorrow morning.

Just in case.

Chris and I both feel it will be Friday afternoon.

Not sure why, just a feeling.

I've had a dream from the get go that I delivered on October 24.

What IF that was really September 24 and I just assumed it as October?

I have no idea if my dr is on call this weekend, it should be about his rotation time.

I also had a dream that we adopted a little boy before Harper was one.

Those strange pregnancy dreams let me tell ya.

Or are they?

Regardless of my wild and crazy dreams, she will be soon.

Are we ready?

Are you ever truly ready for a baby?

Or a NICU baby?

We are scared, nervous, excited.....

If you have an extra prayer, please say it for her strength.


I picked up a few things for HG from Harper...okay, us.

I had hoped she would love a pumpkin one or kitty one.

Nope, I want the spider one momma.
The dress, it isn't white but light pink.

Imagine that, pink clothing.

Along with the adorable dress that won't be in for about 2 weeks, I have been putting paypal to use.

I found a Jessie from Toy Story hair brush.

She will love it.

HG is really into Fresh Beat Band right now and it is SO HARD to find their stuff.

I luckily found a t shirt on Ebay.

It isn't the cutest thing ever.

I'm sure she will think different.

But will work great for around the house and bedtime.

I ordered it pretty big.

She will just about pass out over that.

Harper's beanies.

Aren't they cute?

They are preemie and to 5 pounds.

They fit in the palm of your hand, so tiny.

I just ordered simple and plain ones until we really know her size.

Well, the husband is taking a break from the hospital.

I'm snuggled in bed.

I'm addicted to the Kardashians.

Goodness, I have been missing out.

That show is too funny.

I thought I was going to wet my pants twice today.

They say the funniest things on there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Pizza

Not sure about your kids but my kid loves pizza.

Pizza, grilled chicken and Babe's.

She is in la la land with those choices.

We make them out of grand biscuits.

We make them out of pizza shells.

We make them out of tortilla.

But how cute are these pumpkin pizzas?

She would be thrilled to make pumpkin faces.

Click on over to Red Couches Recipes on details how to make these super yummy pumpkins.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mixed Bag Designs

I recently won a blog giveaway from here.

To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

The bags arrived on Friday and the husband toted all up to me.

Mixed Bag Designs teamed up with Sweet Jeanette to give away to a few readers.

They also had a giveaway on their FB page.

I was lucky enough to be randomly chosen the Sweet Jeanette blog.

With my IV finally being out and getting up just a little, I was able to finally check them out.

I transferred my stuff into one of the larger bags.

The material is almost like duct tape.

Strange huh?

That is honestly what I think of when I feel it.

BUT, that means it wipes super clean.

With kids and such dirtiness in day to day life, this is probably a good thing.

The smaller bags would be fantastic for grocery shopping since they clean easily.

I haven't toted the bags anywhere but I'm hoping they are strudy and last a while.

The cuteness speaks for itself.

I plan on ordering the smaller bags to match. 2 little cosmetic pouches that can be used for make up, change, pens, etc.

I'm sure HG will end up with one for her purse to match mommy.

Th next is an IPad cover.

This seems really nice and thick.

The husband even checked it out.

This is the large tote and let me tell you, great size.

The weekender is even larger than the large tote.
I filled it full of clothes for myself, Harper and random hospital items.

Everyone that walks into my hospital room has complimented on the bags.
They seem to be a hit.
Now, I am sporting a cool hospital bag since I never got around to finding one.

Hospital update

Miss Harper and I are still kicking along.

We're surprising everyone that we come in contact with.

The doctors are very happy.

I'm thrilled.

Tonight is night 11.


Goodness, I miss Hailey Grace so bad.

Almost like eating a hole in my heart I miss her so much.

I know one day she will understand.

I will be getting another steroid shot this week.

Possibly tomorrow.

Possibly Wednesday.

Fluid is still maintaining above a 5.

She looks good on ultrasound.

Doesn't pass her NST (non stress test) easily.

Like tons of juice, stimulation, bouncing on the belly.

Usually takes 90+ minutes.

Should be a quick 20 or so minute test as often as I do them.

I have been lucky with my visitors.

Each one brightens my spirit so much.

Days are long.

Nights are even longer when you can't sleep.

Tears usually consume my night if no sleep.

So thank you to each of you who call, text or come visit.

Even a little hi can perk a person up.

My little brother was in town from LA last week.

He picked out a super cute necklace for me.

All on his own.


Well... Molly helped him pick the exact one but it was all his idea.

I love it!!

If you haven't been to Gypsy Wagon in Dallas, be sure to stop by.

Such a cute place.

What I looked like most of the day.

There are two monitors on the straps.

I have blisters from the monitors.

32 weeks.

4 pounds 5 ounces

BEAUTIFUL flowers from family and friends.

My brother in law and sister in law.

My other brother in law and his girl friend.

My mom's best friend and her daughter.

Thank you, they smell amazing and are stunning.

My baby girl IS having fun but I miss her so much.

My friend Nicolle, brought me this amazing cupcake.

Red Velvet.

I took small bites.

Made it last longer.

Enjoying tons of pizza and season shows with the husband.

Burger and fries.

Then pizza.


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Will blog more tomorrow.

Had a sweet friend surprise me with magazines and cupcakes.

Talk about a a big rise in my spirits.

My baby girl is at the Razorback game in Fayetteville.

She looks too cute so I just had to share.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Holding Strong

Oh how I miss my Angel girl.
Oh goodness it hurts my heart I miss her so much.
I know she is in very good hands.
I know she is being spoiled like you wouldn't believe.
Here, trying to get Aunt Collins to let her scoot around Mia's house.
Ehhhh, maybe down the hall way.
Check out her new shiny silver TOMS.
I doubt they will ever come off her feet.
They are like ballet shoes.

By the Grace of God and all the prayers, Harper Elizabeth didn't come today.

My scan came much earlier than expected.

Like I was DONE by 6:30 in the morning.

Talk about early.

My fluid up up.

Praise the Lord.

Still not out of the woods but higher.

Looks like Mr IV is doing his job once again.

While I'm thrilled to death that my fluid is up, I am worried about when.

When I say when, I mean when will it drop.

Maybe next Thursday.

Maybe by Monday.

Maybe as soon as they take out IV.

These are all things we have to wait for.

Risks we have to take.

Being rushed into surgery.

Being hooked to the monitors 24 hours a day.

Blisters on the belly from the monitors.

But each day, each hour in my belly she is growing.

TWO meals at eat meal.

Tons of sweets and treats in between.

I'm eating well over 100-150 grams of fat a day.

No telling how many calories.

Oh goodness no telling.

Some things are better just left unknown.

Anything to make this baby girl gain some weight though.

I will admit that I am looking forward to a normal meal.

One meal per meal and snacks.

A good example is breakfast.

Cereal, yogurt, a cup of fruit a bagel w/cream cheese provided by the hospital.

The husband brought me chicken minis and hash browns.

Yep, inhaled it all.

I also had 7 cookies and apple cobbler today.

This baby HAS to be gaining weight right?

I wonder why my belly constantly hurts.

Miss Piper is just too cute!

I have to pull out some pictures of my brother and compare them.

Why do little girls look like their daddy?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harper Update

As I write this, I am filled of mixed emotions.
I'm excited, sad, scared, angry, worried......
The list could go on and on.
Everyone tries to give you advice.
And the advice is really appreciated.
But until you've been in this position, you really have no idea.
I had no idea.
No idea about everything that goes with a preemie.
Just wow.
SOOOOO many rules and guidelines.
It is more than emotionally draining.
And it is just starting.
Parents comparing children is one of my biggest pet peeves.
We'll be on an adjusted growth schedule.
Like two months behind.
People don't realize that.
At 2 months of age, she will JUST now be accomplishing newborn things.
I hope she can suck in 2 weeks.
Simple things.
Who on earth would have thought that not all babies come out screaming.
Who would have thought that a reflex so natural as sucking doesn't really start until 34ish weeks.
I thought all babies could suck.
I mean their tongue and lips go even when they aren't eating right?
We have to train Harper to suck.
Did you know they can use sugar water to do that?
I know that should be the least of my worries.
Breast milk is medicine.
Breast milk will help her more than many other things.
She won't even be able to nurse.

Then, lets get to the part of what she will look like.
Yes, she will be beautiful to us.
Just like a perfect little baby.
She will be beautiful to many.
To others, she will look funny.
She will look like a preemie.
She is going to be covered in tubes.
Probably in a warmer until she can maintain her own temps.
Her head might be shaped funny.
Her skin might be see through.
I won't see her for 12-24 hours.
Our families will be lucky to see her in a couple of weeks.
Can you imagine having a baby and not holding the baby for that long?
Can you imagine having a baby and not immediately putting her on the breast?
That is just human and animal nature.
I pray that I get to kangaroo with her on Saturday.

I think I cried every time someone spoke to me yesterday.
Even if they just looked, I bawled.
Today as well.

I went into my scan this morning expecting my fluid to be at an 8.6 or higher.
That is where is was Monday.
I have done nothing but eat, lay in bed and drink fluids.
I had no reason to believe it would be any lower.
It is amazing how hungry you are when you do nothing but lay around.
Boy was my bubble busted.
Do you know how low that is?
That is litterly nothing.
And the ultrasounds tend to magnify things.
I have to do kick counts around the clock, NST, etc because we still can loose her.
I know we won't but there is still a chance.
Imagine sitting here stressing that your baby might not make it to your delivery.
Talk about a stroke waiting to happen. make this long ramble short, we are delivering.
We are having a C Section tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.
Prayers please.
For Chris and I to be strong.
For Harper to be breathing on her own.
For her strength because she needs to be a strong fighter.
For people to understand that we aren't being mean but following NICU rules when we say no.

The Doctor projected her to be around 8 1/2 pounds at 38 weeks so as long as she hasn't lost any more weight, she should be right around 3 1/2 pounds.

The husband and I will keep you updated. If you aren't friends with us on Facebook, add us as we will update there more often I'm sure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We had a pretty good day around here yesterday.
Debbie and JoAnne came to visit and brought some goodies.
Lynn brought HG by with some goodies after school.
The husband and HG came after dinner for a visit.

We've been doing a lot of this while sitting around.
Funny how when I do absolutely nothing, all I can think about is food.
Where I want to go eat, what I want to eat.
It is a never ending battle.
The little one had a bubble bath in my hospital room last night.
Poor thing DID NOT want to leave.
I promise I will close my eyes and sleep mommy.
I so wish you could baby.
I miss you more than you will ever know.
Being here is SO hard.
Much harder than anyone could ever imagine unless you have been here.
She is my baby.
She needs me.
I can't go.
Talk about a kick in the gut.

Cristin, Joey and Tyler sent me these yesterday.
Wow, what an amazing experience.
I can't get over how amazing each piece tasted.
HG had never seen anything like this.
She just kept staring and saying oh my goodness, oh my goodness.
Thank you Boatrights, we miss you dearly!

Why do hospitals always server turkey?
I know it is almost fall but I bet they served this in May.

Trying to snap a picture of my lovely arm.

Each nurse has commented on how bad it looked.

Ghee thanks.

Hopefully no more blood draws.

Or at least from people who can't see around their belly into your arm.


Sill no change on our end.

Harper had a difficult time passing her NST last night.

What normally takes 30 minutes or so took MUCH longer.

Oh much longer.

She just wasn't cooperating.

She HAS to cooperate to get off the monitor.

We needed a few rises in her hear rate rather than all dips.

Wake up and dance baby.

Doesn't she know this by now?

I am on the list to be re scanned early in the morning.

I'm excited, nervous, scared and anxious.

I want my fluids at a level where I can get out.

But yet I want them high enough for baby Harper.

The waiting game is the pits I tell ya.

My family is coming to the rescue today like always.

Thank you!!

Poppy and Uncle Ryan will be there this afternoon.

Poppy is taking HG back to Mia's house for a few days until we know what will happen.

She needs a motherly touch.

She needs someone who doesn't flip at typical 3 year old behavior.

She is such an easy kid, so dang funny.

She needs love and hugs.

Oh and Bella she'll tell you.



Dr. G's partner just came in to see me.

Dr G is out in Keller the rest of the week.

Dr. K was here all weekend and is super nice.

Doesn't sound like I will get out tomorrow unless my fluid is much higher.

Talk about explosion with tears.

He said we will talk about going home on Monday for a trial run.

Or they will keep me here for a couple more weeks and then deliver.

I can't explain my emotions right now.

What just kills me the most is that I can do the exact same thing at home that I can do here.

Laying in bed, eating, watching tv.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday ramblings continued.....

You tube with my mini me.

Sugarland, Taylor Swift and Strawberry Shortcake.

Along with cuddling makes a happy mommy.

She is obsessed with Sugarland and Taylor Swift.

I think the husband almost hit the floor with her singing this afternoon.

He really had no idea she know it word for word.

My super sweet brother in law and his even sweeter girl friend stopped by today.

HG is constantly asking about Miss Amanda so it was a very nice surprise for her.

She always talks about her plans and what they are going to do when Miss Amanda is in town.

So sweet!

Looks like Dr. Hailey Grace right?

Wrong, she is Dr. Porter.

Oh how she loves that woman.

We have been eating our weight in sweets.

Yesterday, 2 lemon ice box pies, 2 creme brulee and a brownie.

Today, lemon poppy seed cupcake and krispie creme donuts.

Yes, I love that Chris is seeing how HG is on a daily basis today.

Mia, Aunt Tonia and Auntie Collins wrangled her until they left this morning.

I bet they both sleep very well today.

Hopefully, they are both napping now.

HG has had a big and fun weekend.

The monitors are off as well.

I still get them put on once in the morning and once at night.

As long as baby H is cooperating, they only stay on 30 minutes.

If you notice the picture on the left, the top line has a few missing lines.

She wasn't letting us register her heart rate and there were quite a few dips.

The lower the fluid, the more dips expected.

31 weeks even.

Finally got IV off, still have it in for just incase.

Got to put on my lounge clothes.

I feel like a new person.

Or would if that toddler in th next room visiting hadn't been crying since arriving.

I'm talking 90+ minutes.