Friday, January 23, 2015

6 1/2 years old HG

Hailey Grace loves celebrating anything she can.
At her previous school, they celebrated her 1/2 birthday since she was a summer baby.
This is something she likes to continue celebrating and it makes her feel special. 
I see no harm in it other than the husband is not a fan of 1/2 birthdays.
We tried to take a picture.
Yeah right on that.

Enough pictures Mom!
Sweet sisters.

Happy 1/2 Birthday beautiful Hailey.

Of course Harper gets a surprise or two as well.
Harper set up a surprise table for Hailey Grace before she arrived home from school.  Both girls squealed with excitement as HG saw her table. 

Happy 1/2 Birthday to our beautiful 6 1/2 year old girl. 

Harper's asthma check up

Harper had her monthly asthma/allergy check up Wednesday and we are thrilled to graduate to every 4 month appointments.  Everything looked good, she went an entire month without an illness, catching a small virus at the end of the month.  She went to school last Friday and began running fever over the weekend.  A doctor appointment for what looked just like strep turned out to be a virus going around small kids.  During all of this, her lungs remained clear so no breathing treatments or steroids needed.  Proud to say that she has since bounced back and feeling good.
Girls loves selfies.

She was in selfie over drive while waiting on her doctor.

Can't take selfies without Tiny bear.

Then she pulled Mommy into them.

Harper is still on her singular for now with hopes of possibly stopping in May. Her doctor added a daily inhaler (Qvar 40mg) mid December and she was done well with it.  We have to remember to wash out her mouth each use to rinse out the extra steroid. Her dosage is fairly high right now but he is trying to heal and strengthen her lungs with plans to reduce it at her next appointment.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things at home

Things are slowly falling back into our normal routine around the house. The husband is back at work and traveling some. HG is back in school but managed to get a long weekend off for MLK day, half day Friday and off Monday. Harper is not supposed to be in school but doing so well, we let her go last week. Her sweat test came back good and she has a few follow ups the last part of this month. Hudson still isn't sleeping perfectly yet but we did get one all night sleep from him. Last night, he was up from 1-3. Boo!!  We are less than a week away from him turning one, the year has flown by.  My shingles are finally gone (I think) and wish those suckers would stay gone. My side hurt this time like never before. I couldn't move some days from it.

Hailey Grace and I have been cooking a lot of asparagus.
Harper could not wait to open the cotton candy machine when we arrived home. Cousin Laura always gifts them the best gifts.
Within 48 hours of being home, both Christmas trees were down.
Love Trader Joe's snack.  Sadly, we are an egg free house due to Hudson's allergy.  Having direct contact to eggs could be deadly. It is incredibly scary and not worth the risk. 
Harper was worn out the first few nights and asleep anywhere between 6:30-7:30.  She followed it by sleeping 12-14 hours each night.
He is getting so big. We are having to keep his diet bland right now and on Nutramigen it sounds like until May. He had a bad reaction to a milk (hemp milk) which has no known allergies. Many Nutramigen babies switch to it. Sadly, we had to visit the doctor. 
He loves this massive doll house.
Sweet Harper has been a hot mess this week. She is really pushing her boundaries and whining at the drop of a hat.  Come to think of it, both girls have been his way. HG managed to get two spankings and lots of room time. Kids are so impressionable at this age that we try and punish correctly but firm.
Harper was beat, crying to be held and I still had dinner to do. Hailey did not want to pat her back.
He is always into stuff.
Gluten free chicken (most are dairy and egg free, sweet potatoes and blueberries.
Someone needed a bath.

fussy baby.
She got a snow day from some ice and subzero temps after Christmas break.
Cooking asparagus. She does it all!
I finally got out thank you cards out. It took a while this year with traveling home, snow and ice then being a single parent the mAjority of the time.
The husband was in Louisville last week and Hailey missed him terribly.  At least when in town, she can see him before school or we can swing by Jagger's.
Harper had a sweat test to check her lungs. Everything turned out normal, thank goodness!  She is on a daily steroid inhaler and a daily allergy/asthma medicine that has a steroid in it as well. I don't love all of the steroid but it has helped so much.
He grew into a little boy.
No sleeping, tongue always out Hudson.
Harper couldn't sleep so she climbed in bed with Hailey who was in Harper's bed already.
The doctor offices are smarter than babies. Sliding plugs.
Harper tells us how much she does not like car seats. Every time she is in the car, she complains. Imagine 9 hours of whining about it. So we tried to compromise. 
Hudson was so proud.

HG learned to clean fans and make them sparkle. It had been a long while and I am embarrassed to say that they were terrible. We only have two fans in or house which is just crazy to us.

Pete and repeat all day long.
He will go for your coffee cup the second you out it down. Thankfully, I usually drink it quickly and it is empty when I sit it down.
I found a Target that was closing and scored a $30 bike for Harper when she is allowed to ride a bike. It has been off limits by her Neurologist due to her balance and head injuries this past year.
Trying to hide it from Harper.

Sweet boy sat like this for the longest time on Friday.  We both loved every minute of it.
Exciting day when you find this for 30% off!!!
House shopping ALL day Saturday will wear a girl out.  She was such a trooper.
Hudson does not take a pacifier and would not let this fairy wand go. He is crazy over the wands!

House shopping is in full force right now. We still have 4 months before we have to make an offer but so much planned between now and then. If we don't begin looking now, we are afraid it will be early May and haven't found the area we want to be in. While we love our neighborhood we are currently in, I think we will end up buying in another area. The areas are similar to Keller/Southlake/Grapevine/FlowerMound/Colleyville how they all run together but are a little larger. The area we would love to get into only has one high school with about 5,000 kids currently attending with no plans of building another.  Other areas have zero lot lines. Hello kids and a dog?? 

Best $13.48 I've spent in a long time. All three are fighting over it.