Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week day round up

So nice of HG.

We've been staying off the computer lately.

HG is OBSESSED with my IPad.

At 2 1/2 year old, we need an intervention.

drawing pictures of daddy.

Monday was spent playing catchup.

Big travel for a week.

And everyone being on allergy medicine.

Laundry was falling from the sky.

There was so much.

So dang much.

Chris treated me to wings on Monday night.

I hadn't eaten much all day.

And was beyond starving.

So we ran across the street to BW3.

HG wasn't in the mood to be there.

We did learn that on Wednesday, the kid meals are 99cents and there is a face painter.

I know what night I plan on using my free 6 wings now.

Tuesday HG went back to school.

Oh how she missed it.

Emma is gone.

She asked about her a few times.

The family moved to Texarkana for work.

I felt pretty bad still but broke down and took something stronger.

Made a world of a difference.

Chris went for a late lunch with Justin.

Then for a beer with Jason.

The girls went to Vito's for pizza and pasta.

Then the the Wallis' to play with Beaux.

HG woke on Wednesday asking to go play with Miss Kristen and Beaux.

She loved it.

HG was up quite a bit for some reason.

Wednesday I HAD to go grocery shopping.

Like it wasn't an option.

We were in need of everything.

I drove through McDonalds for milk on Tuesday night.

Pathetic I know but I wasn't taking HG into the store at bed time.

We braved Walmart.

I hate Walmart.

Why did we brave it?

Happy meals!

HG got her burger, apples, water and a snack size mcflurry, We were in business.

I was not impressed with Walmart.

Not one bit.

Their prices were actually high on a few items.

Then HG poked her fingers in the ground beef.

I might have said a dirty word.

Not only did she have raw meat on her hand.....

She was saying 'I'm so sorry mommy, I'll fix it'.

So everyone was looking and wondering what on earth someone so sweet with a big Hello Kitty clip in her hair could possibly do.

I had two older men tell me that there was no way she could do anything wrong.

Apparently they don't remember what toddlers were like.

I nodded, laughed and said 'now don't give her any ideas'.

We managed to clean the bath tubs and bath rooms.

I had been neglecting them for far too long.

I never go more than 7 days with out scrubbing my tub and potty.


I was going on 3 weeks.

Gross huh?


Once again HG did not sleep.

She crashed early but when daddy moved her, she got back up.

And was up until 12:30 in her bed.

Up again at 2:35.

At 4:40, I was yelling at Chris for some help.

Our apt is like 1000 feet or smaller.

How on earth could you not hear her for 2 1/2 hours.

I was getting to the angry stage.

She wouldn't take motrin or Tylenol.

She wouldn't let me give her ear drops.

After she said her ears hurt a million times.

I have no idea if she still has tubes.

So we will use those ear drops just to be safe.

I emailed her Pedi.

Hopefully we can kick this in the butt.

She finally settled around 5:30, up at 7 tossing and turning.

Back down from 7:30-10.

At least she got a little rest.

And she was thrilled to skip school.

One day she is so excited to go.

The next, she doesn't want to leave mommy's side.

I had a million things to accomplish Thursday.

How many do you think I will actually accomplish?

I mean with the little one AND the hubby home, it wasn't a lot.

Grand mommy (the hubby's mom) came over to play this afternoon.

We've been here 8 months and it was her first visit.

HG couldn't wait to show her all her toys.

HG was very excited! She loves playing in her room.

Or riding her bikes and cars outside with grandparents.

Hopefully she will top by more.

HG was waiting outside on her Dora bike for her.

After playing, we were treated to dinner at Abuelo's.

2 bowls of chips, 2 deals of salsa and 3 pork carnitas.

I seriously rolled out of there.I got this picture last night of my brother.

It said pregnant at 19 weeks.

Don't you all wish we looked like this normally?

They are expecting their first little girl in about 5 months.



So far today as been a great day.

Except that I woke up with an ear ache.

And HG is still complaining about hers.

The hubby when Estate shopping.

HG and I have had lots of fun.

Jax came and played around noon.

Had a picnic lunch.

Lots of toys, bubbles, juice and milk

We picked up Derc at 2:30.

Frosty's from Wendy's.

Grilled cheese and soup for another snack.

More bubbles.

More toys.

Lots of noises.

Derc's ball game at 6.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The wonderful Hill country

It wouldn't be dancing if HG wasn't shaking her booty. We were lucky enough to spend last week touring around San Antonio. And catching up with dear friends. The husband and I left part of our heart in New Braunfels when we moved to Colorado. We'll always love that place. So at a chance to open a store in San Antonio, of course we jumped on it. Out of so many pad sites and existing buildings, we found one. UNO. What a shame. The one we found is pretty perfect. And would do wonderful. But pretty pricey. In a new area. There are so many things to consider when opening a new place. A million things to consider would be about a million things too short. It will make your head spin for sure. At the same time, it is amazing what you learn. Things you never even think about when running a Restaurant. While touring SAT, we stayed with our friends, the Boatrights. Cristin and I met back in 1999. We were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Our kids are 6 months apart. Chris kept telling her that it wasn't a belly bug at our house. Oh my goodness, the excitement when she called to tell me. The husband, well he laughed. He just knew it. They have a wonderful house in New Braunfels. And they just let us take it over. Cristin, Joey, Chris and I all worked for the same company for many years. We always enjoy spending time with them. Between touring SAT, playing in the warm temps, we spent the remaining time eating. From pizza to everything under the sun at Logan's to Carino's to Rudy's, I'm sure we each gained our fair share of weight. A trip down South wouldn't be complete without seeing the husband's best friend. They live in Liberty Hill. Oh my goodness, I just love that area. They are also HG's God parents. We couldn't have asked for better God parents. They also have two of the most precious little boys. HG loved playing with all the trains and trucks. And in their 1 acre yard. See don't you miss living in the Country? I know I sure do. They took us to Dahila's for from chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fried okra. Some of the best food I have ever eaten. The bread pudding and Blondie brownie weren't to shabby either. We were terrible at taking pictures. The camera didn't come out once. We are officially horrible. I mean who goes on a wonderful trip and doesn't take pictures?? Luckily, I snapped a few with my cell phone..
Being silly in the car.

Daddy had no idea he was covered in stickers.
Don't you just love how she crashed 5 minutes before arrival.
Playing at the Eastlicks.

Love some Rudy's BBQ.
It was a hit with HG too.
Mastering the game.

(which was really hard)
Yummy Carino's.
HG and Chica.
Warm afternoon in the yard.


Enjoying some ribs at logan's.

Great Wolf

We had a great weekend at the Great Wold Lodge here in Grapevine.

I guess you could call it a staycation.

If you haven't been, you must go.

HG is in love.

Doesn't want a Birthday party now.

She wants to go to the water park.

We were lucky enough for some of our favorite cousins to join us.

Kaden and HG on the Bear.
The wolf and the Magical Princess. Matt aka the wolf.
Teaching Daddy how to be a Magical Princess Fairy (in HG's terms).
Waiting on a glitter tattoo.

Or glitter sticker as we call them.

Magical Princess.
Looking more like a sweet kitty.
Rather than a scary wolf.
Each of the kids got magic wands

These wands activated things through out the resort.

And allowed for a Magic Quest.

One of many pool areas.

HG spent most of the time in the wave pool.

In the deep end.

Our cabin room

Saturday, March 26, 2011

We are home.

Of course it had to have a tutu.

Lots to blog about.

We've been in San Antonio, New Braunfels and Liberty Hill.

We actually skipped Austin all together.

Thanks to the new tollway.

and 281.

We had a great time.
Makes us really miss the hill country.
Maybe we'll move there.

We are home.

We are worn out

But we don't have time to be worn out.

I sent this picture to a lot of family and friends.
It was just too good to pass up.

After a day at the water park, passed out takes on a whole new meaning.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Santa phone calls

A few park pictures from Friday.
You can tell how warm it got.

Our weekend started off with a nice surprise visit from Miss Kalli.

The girls played so well together.
And stayed way past their bedtime.
I think they destroyed every room in the apartment.
Well worth it from all the giggles.
Plus cleaning up is easy when we all three do it!

Saturday, we scrubbed the house.
And my poor car.
It was pitiful.
Everything was squeaky clean for Poppy's arrival.
I was just talking here about how often he comes over.
We love it.
HG loves nothing more than playing in her room with him.
Or cruising around on her Dora bike next to her Poppy.
A little Mi Cocina or maybe a lot of it.
Southlake is always such fun to walk and dine around.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT was a cute movie.
It kind of drug on in spots.
A great movie for first time parents who have no experience with children.
Or for those who envision parenting is a walk in the park.
Or those parents who just want to laugh as they remember some of those steps.
Parenting is AMAZING.
But definitely not a walk in the park.

Then we watched The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones.
A little strange for me but the hubby enjoyed it.
After staying up entirely too late, we slept until 11.
Yes, all of us slept until 11 this morning.
Including HG.


Late lunch at Babe's where the little one just as much as her parents.
She wasn't a fan of the oh so yummy salad.
She dug into the chicken, gravy, biscuits and taters.
Oh she loved that gravy.
Too funny!
We were driving down the road when we heard......
I think I ate too much fried chicken.
We just laughed.
She is so our child.
With a late lunch equals a late nap.
It is after 6 and she is still snoozing away.
I am getting used to these 3 hours naps.
I just wish they would start earlier in the day.


HG has been really into calling Santa Claus lately.
She phones daily and talks about her being good.
And what all she wants for Christmas.
A bounce house is #1.

We have a busy week planned.

San Antonio.

Great Wolf Lodge.

Chris travels to Lousiville soon.

We are going to visit Texarkana (HG has been crying to go).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Park, picnic, ice cream & baby showers

Tissue flowers that will hang from the ceiling during the baby shower for little Miss Piper.

This is a banner in the works.

It is for my soon-to-be niece.

I am in search of thick scrapbook paper.

I'll then hang it either on the shutters above the serving table.

Or the mantle.

We are doing the P is for theme.




Pimento cheese


pretzels covered in chocolate

petite fours

pita chips with dip

I'm soooooo excited!

This baby girl is going to already be spoiled!

Ice cream on a warm, sunny day.Cooling down from the park.

Great park by the apartment.

Only down fall is that the bathrooms are right next to play area.


So the picnic was kind of nauseating.
Rotten sewer smell if you know what I mean.

The only down fall was the wasps.

They were everywhere.

I carry benedryl in the car for me.

I will have to start with HG.

And some raid.