Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Our meet the teacher is always in the mornings following by a parent evening later on in the month, without kids. This way, the parents stay with the kids during meet the teacher and actually attend a meeting.....or stay with your screaming kid! Later on during the month, the school hosts a parents night where only parents come to visit and talk with the teachers. It also allows for parents to meet other parents they might not already know. In Harper's class, I only know one out of 13 kids so I AM eager to meet those other parents sharing a classroom this year.

Things went fairly smooth today. Harper let everyone know she has a set of lungs for 30-45 minutes but was nicely coloring on a table top when I came to pick her up. She didn't even see me when I came in so naturally I enjoyed watching her. This was the first time I have ever been able to observe her with other adults when she thinks I am not there. Each mark she would do, I could see her say pretty to the teacher she was sitting with. She does this at home, oh so pretty momma, after each color or scribble on the floor. Today assured me she will survive, might be a rocky start and Elmo along with a pacifier will have to accompany her to school the first few weeks. Two of the teachers also taught Hailey Grace so HG was trying to pump Harper up after we left today. HG of course did awesome. She is one of three girls in her class so this is a big change but other two are lovely. Both of their Moms are great too! HG has the same teachers as she did last year and they remained in the same room. I can not express how happy I am they moved up to the Pre k 5 class. Adorable little kids, I pray this is an amazing school year for everyone. This is the first year i am not room mom for HG's class, heart breaking to me.

Tonight was our first soccer meeting.  We ended up going through the YMCA of NFW but would be thrilled if Southlake-Grapevine called tomorrow with a spot.  This soccer season will be fun but even after tonight, some of the parents that will be involved already make me nervous while others we met we already enjoyed. The guy that put the meeting on was great.   A learning step for us all. We are already looking into sports and swim team in Indiana.

Pancakes and bacon
What do you think she ate?

Hudson giving a thumbs up or a gig em already as Daphne pointed out. :)

Big girls before school.

Typical Harper

HG at her desk

Soccer shoe shopping this afternoon.
Luckily, we ended up with fairly inexpensive and black.

Then stopped at TCBY for froyo.
Reminded me of my grandfather, Whit

Her ears are doing better but she still is pulling some.  No more leaking, just white stuff in them. 

She loves makeup

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Snow cones & Pre K

Today consisted of very little sleep, Harper was up every 90 minutes over night.
Blamed molars but ears are backing up and leaking.
Dang you ears and weather changing.
Luckily, otherwise she is super clear and should be a quick fix with her script drops.
Knock on wood.

Still comical.

End of summer hair cut or trim.
We also purchased some swim shampoo for the girls since indoor swimming can be so rough on your hair.
She looked beautiful.

Loves her Hello Kitty rain boots we found while dropping stuff off at Goodwill today.

Then it was time for snow cones.
We love a place on Rufe Snow just past MidCities.
HG gets shaved ice.
Harper gets half of a small of Barbie. White coconut and cotton candy.
White coconut for me.

Our big girl starts Pre K on Thursday.

Love her so much.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Banana oatmeal cookies

I guess technically they are not cookies but around here that is what we call them if we add any extras. They are a hit with Harper and I snack on them as well.

2 soft large bananas
1 cup quick oats

Mix well together until smooth. Bake at 350 F for 15 minutes.

We add chocolate chips, cranberries, raisins, cinnamon, etc to turn into cookies. These will be great for mornings when Harper refuses breakfast to pack to school.

Thank you Pinterest for another good idea!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

End of summer Fish Fry

The husband finally made it home on Friday morning instead of Tuesday night late.
One day was work related and the rest was US Airways.
Have we mentioned they are the pits when flying in and out of a small town in North Carolina?
Thankfully, he is home and we greeted him at the airport.
Sweet Harper love ran out of the bathroom and searched the airport baggage claim area screaming Daddy.
She stole the hearts of on lookers.

Her last two year molars have been giving her a rough time still.
We have holes in the area so they are bound to be in soon.

Play doh messes.
They can buy hours of entertainment. 

Little boy clothing, newborn and 0-3 months from Stephanie for Hudson.
We've already washed it and have it ready to go.
I'm sure the girls will have their way with some of the stuff and we will have to wash again.
They love it as do we.

Seriously, squeezes my heart.

Harper has been having far too much fun with the bottles from Stephanie.
I might have to give her the ones we used with her, they are mostly girly.
She loves to feed her babies.

Camera wild with HG

Apparently we did not give her enough goldfish. She helped herself to the entire bag.
I bet you all can guess how much she really ate.
Two goldfish.
HG had a hang nail and an ingrown toe nail that was infected this week while in Little Rock.
Scott clipped it and looked at it really good.
This is what it looked like on Friday when we woke.
Slight panic so we headed to the Dr that afternoon.
The infection is healing and the healing of the skin is the infection leaving.
Okay? A little odd but it makes sense.  Once the swelling went down and the blisters exploded, the peeling began. The more peeling, the less tender.  We soak, work on the toe nail and put ointment on for a week.

Harper crashed but if you touched Elmo or the sticker on her head, she woke screaming.

I love fresh ingredients for pasta salad.
4 C pasta
4 C broccoli heads cut
1 C orange bell pepper (I love red and yellow too!)
1 C sliced black olives
1 C diced grape tomatoes
1 C purple onion diced
1-2 C grated parmesan cheese
1 1/2 - 2 C light Italian dressing
Toss and chill (we do over night).
I love this topped with chicken, shrimp or chicken sausage for quick lunches or snacks.

Harper dressed herself.

Yeah, not sure baby Hudson will be such a good sport as baby Keller is.

We had a end of summer fish fry tonight with some friends.
While it was warm out, we enjoyed everyone so much.
The Holcombes, Deckers and Wilkersons are always such a blast.
Nothing welcomes fall more than an end of summer fish fry.
Fall, you are welcome to come any time now.
 Meghan is so fun with the kids.
She measured me tonight and in 15 weeks, I have grown 1 1/2 cup sizes.
Guess I will be taking a trip to VS this week. :)


Plus, the kids all get along so well.