Thursday, August 27, 2015

Little Gym Birthday Party

We had a small birthday party for HG at Little Gym while we were in Texas.  We love this place. 

The first 45 minutes of the parties there are the best. They run, dance, do gymnastics, parachute, bubbles, etc.  

Hudson was loving every minute of of.  

Keller and Hudson will be great buddies. 

Little Khloe was loving it as much as Hudson. 

Big Birthday gal!

Blessed with so many friends and family.

Kensley was one of HG's very first friends, I love that they can pick up where they left off.  Friends like that are so special! Who knows, they might be college roommates one day.

These two are such a mess, it sure is a good thing they are adorable.

HG had her very first birthday party at Little Gym in Southlake. Crazy that she also had her 7th Birthday there while we are living in Indiana.  Thank you to all those who could make it, you made is so incredibly special to her.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DFW summer vacation

We spent a hot summer vacation visiting friends and family in Texas just two weeks after moving into our new house. We drove straight to Dallas this time so that meant two days in the car prior to arriving just in time for a baby shower.....

Love this sweet girl and her family. Stephanie has a heart of gold and blesses everyone she is around. Meghan always throws the best parties too.

Harper wants a little sister.
I told her I'd buy her a talking baby doll.
So many little girls at the shower.

Uncle John, Aunt Kendall, Crew, Piper and Poppy drove in to see us. Crew was just shy of a year and we had yet to meet that precious little boy. We love any chance we get to spend wth Piper, she is such fun.

It was awesome to have all the grandkids together with Poppy.
Lots of meals were had at Aspen Creek since we spent 9 nights in a hotel next door.

Poppy and his 5 grandkids.
We wish we lived much closer!

Hailey Grace asked to attend VBS at our old Church and School for her birthday this year. How could we say no to such a request. 

Lake Grapevine was still very flooded while in Texas.

We got to try out Grapevine's new Brewery, such fun.
A few date nights at the kids bedtimes.

Play dates with dear friends we miss. Seeing them made our hearts happy.

No trip to Texas could be complete without a trip to Babe's. The husband and HG had one request and this was it.  
Hudson loved the messy mashed potatoes.
Lots of VBS dancing. Oh how we miss this Church family.
Such a precious picture of our nephew who we got to play with a few times while in town. 
One evening, the husbands mom threw a fun retirement party for his dad. Huge turn out, lots of fun and tons of BBQ.  We decided last minute to bring HG and she enjoyed it some, the time changes and going all day catches up with our group fast.
We loved seeing Uncle Mark.
A rare treat for HG to join us out to dinner at night.

Saturday our sister in law cooked up a delicious lunch and let us come play. It was awesome having all the kids together playing. With us living so far away, trips home are few so we do get to see everyone except once or twice a year.  
Hudson loves Harrison's tool set.
HG is always so good with younger kids that aren't necessarily her siblings. 
Harper was out before we hit the highways. She was able to ride in HG's seat back home.
Grandmommy planned a water gun fight back at her house. We love water guns and play with them daily in the summer time whether in the bath or outside. Hudson grabbed one and began chanting water water. He knew exactly hat to do.

Then the big gun came out.
Sunday before heading East, we met friends one last time at Apsen Creek. HG could not get enough of this place. My heart hurts as I look at his picture. The girls would do anything to have a play date with this group.

Of course as we were leaving town, bumper to bumper traffic for a long time. Traffic is one thing we don't miss. We don't go into the city much so we rarely sit in a lot of traffic.

Texas, friends and family will always hold a special spot in our hearts being so many miles away.  Can't wait to visit again next summer if not before over Spring Break.