Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Afternoons at the park

We have a neighborhood park across from our house. It isn't one of those crazy busy, over run parks. Our neighborhood is rather small so it works out perfectly. Plus, 85 degrees is steamy for Indiana peeps. We skip across the street a time or two a day and play until we need water. Not bringing drinks helps me escape the sun. 
We swing and swing.

Hailey has been wearing pajamas for a week now, she still isn't 100%.
He is SO big. 😢

I push them and they laugh.

Hijacked Harper's minion hat. They are exactly the same size, she is just a bit taller.


We came back for water and Popsicles. 

Harper sat down and sat this is the life mom.  Don't we all wish we could be 3 again?

Monday, July 13, 2015

New house

Well, we're in our new house y'all. The move was quite a challenge with 3 kids and a working husband but thankfully it is over. Most of the boxes are undone and items put away. Of course we still have tons of work to do but we're not in a mad rush to do it.

The house had a thick layer of dust on just about everything so the first part of the week was spent deep cleaning blinds, windows, etc. Friday, I had someone coming to go back over the bathrooms as they were needing a scrub and I was out of time. 

We are LOVING the house. We are all  mostly feeling better and allergies getting back to normal. Sweet Hudson managed to pick up HFMD at his pneumonia recheck even though we didn't know what virus he picked up until earlier last  week.  I took him in for an ear check earlier last week because of fever over weekend and back to feeling crummy. We decided on just a random virus he picked up at doctor. Poor guy woke up at 5 Thursday morning covered in blisters. Hands, mouth and feet. His bottom had spots for a few days but looked like a rash from antibiotics (pneumonia). Such a horrible and painful experience for those who haven't been through it. He lived on Popsicles and liquids as his mouth and throat were covered.  Friday,  as the blisters were popping up in his mouth, he would cry out in pain with his hands in his mouth.  Poor baby, I wish I could make it all disappear.   BUT.....he wasn't contagious anymore and Harper, the one everyone stresses out about catching stuff, has already had a mild case when younger.  

Back to the house......slowly but surely, we will settle nicely in our new house. It already feels like a home. We're looking for a few prints or canvases for various rooms, a quilt, etc.  Things that we might still be looking for in the months to come. Here is a quick look for now of what it currently 
Everything needs a lock.  Hudson is in the phase of getting into everything. 

Harper wanted a mirror for her PINK room so we threw this together pretty quickly. The white mirror was $5 at Walmart, the flowers from the Dollar Tree.

I love this print my Aunt bought years ago and was thrilled to still have a place for it.

Our backyard is one of the highlights of the house.  We spend hours out there.

Slowly working on the Master bedroom.  We're in the market for a new bed and mattress.  I'll work with the dressers and night stands.

Kids bath.
We had the painter frame out the mirror and it was the best decision.
HG's mirrors still are not up and her bed still isn't on the rails yet.
See, we do have some work to do.
Now pictures on the walls in either rooms.  Harper is still missing one of her curtains. We are going to put a quilt on her bed to tone down the room pink.

I love a long hallway.

Downstairs, you can see everything except the office.  This is awesome when all the kids are doing different things.
We would like to take out the carpet downstairs and replace with wood.

Love a good mud room.

Basement bathroom
Basement bed
Curtains are going up.
Stairs down to basement.
We love how the dining room turned out.

Frozen ice cream party

We celebrated an early birthday party for Hailey Grace with a few of her close friends this afternoon. This was a last minute decision but turned out to be an awesome party. 
20 kids, 2 of them being the only boys, all had a great time. We built Olaf out of marshmallows, had an ice cream bar, cupcakes, Olaf cheese sticks and popcorn. We colored Elsa pictures where everyone got their own makers. The kids played in the basement, did the birthday celebration events and played at the park across the street. All the kids were fantastic.
Princess HG got a Pedicure set so naturally we did nails tonight.

Hudson would swing his life away.
Such fun at the park.

My girls love these boys.

Part of the group. 
Cake time.  We went with white cake, white butter cream icing with pearls on top.
Our cupcake stand isn't really ideal, they always crash so we trashed it and made due with cake stands.

Olaf cheese sticks.

Picture perfect Hudson. He wasn't sure what was going on but loved all the kids. He would climb right in the middle of the group.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends Hailey Grace has up here.