Monday, October 31, 2011


Had a quick moment to post some pictures.
I hope to catch up on some blogs this week.
Harper is sleeping.
HG is still going to Mrs. Carol's.
It will seriously break her heart when we stop going 3 days a week.
We're meeting friends in less than 2 hours at the in laws.
That way, I can rest while they all go trick or treating.
I'm still in my pj's with a killer headache and rushing to the bathroom.
I get the urge to get sick then I worry and freak about bursting through all my layers of stitches.
Needless to say, the freaking out has won.
Not been sick yet.
Regardless of how I feel, I must get moving.
I must gather all of the costumes HG can't decide between.
I must get dressed.
Showers are over rated for Halloween right?
Or maybe I should say fixed hair.
I am clean, squeaky clean but I can't remember when I fixed my hair last.

Here are a few pictures from last week.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This weekend flew by.
You would think it would drag on with 2 hours of sleep last night.
Not straight, adding it all up equaled 2 hours.
But these babies are worth it.

I still haven't decided if Harper will be anything tomorrow.
Kind of last minute I know.
I have an outfit for her.
A Ballerina.
But it will most likely be too cold for that.
We shall see.
I waited too long to get any cute sleepers.
HG keeps going back and forth from her Tangled outfit to Cheerleader to Taylor Swift today.

We will miss Mia not being here this week.
My Aunt and Toni are coming over so we are looking forward to that.
I'm sure my dad will end up here as well this weekend.

HG went to the in laws yesterday while the husband was at work.
Harper and I were due for pizza and a visit as well.
Unfortunately, a quick trip to Walmart did me in.
I just found the Vito's pizza in the fridge though.
How on earth did I not see that this morning?
Wonder how well it will sit with m crazy headache and Wendy's.

We had lunch with my Aunt and Cousin at OTB in Irving today.
We hadn't been to OTB in years.
Like 4 or 5 years probably.
So many better choices but in all honestly, it wasn't bad.
The little one wanted chips and salsa.
Aunt Susie and Caroline brought her so many gifts.
They are so good to little HG.
And Harper finally has a newborn sleep sack/swaddle.
It is in the dryer as I type.
HG has been helping with the laundry tonight.

Friday, October 28, 2011

catching up

I need to blog more.
I just haven't found the time.
I have lots of pictures and things to blog about.
Between the girls, the husband, family here, nursing, cracked nipples that required an antibiotic, cleaning, school, errands, cooking, doctor appointments, etc. I barely have time to think.
I over did it this past week.
I am not supposed to carry anything besides the baby the first 2 weeks.
Then nothing over 10 pounds for the next 4 weeks.
So pretty much a total of 6 weeks, carrying nothing over 10 pounds unless baby is.
I have to remind myself and those around me that I just had a major surgery.
C sections cut through so much.
People forget that.
I forget that.
It takes at least 6 weeks to recover well enough for normal daily activities.
Big set back in my recovery this weekend.
Hoping after a few days of resting, I will be better.
I had to run to Walmart tonight.
It was not one of those thing that could wait.
I had to have advil, toliet paper and pads.
See, three things I could not live with out.
I wanted to lay down on the floor and cry while there.
I was hurting just so dang bad.
This recovery isn't a breeze.
Buying pads are so out of my league.
I just stared.

Here are a few pictures to leave you with.
I hope to down load more pictures this week.
You know.......since I will be resting more and spending lots of time in bed.
My doctor and I are pretty close and I assure you he'd be pretty upset with me if I didn't.
So here is to more resting in the bed, catching up on my shows and eating lots of Halloween cookies and candies.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Someone is ready for Halloween around here.
I feel like a horrible mom with our house not being decorated this year.
We always decorate for Holidays.
All Holidays, even if just a few things.
I think it is important to the children.
My house has no reflection of fall or Halloween.
Hoping we can change that really soon.

Poppy came to see us on Thursday and Friday evening.

We just love it when Poppy comes.

Chili night on Thursday.

Friday, they went to Southlake town square for gelato and chips.

Grandmommy picked HG from school on Thursday.

They played outside in the beautiful weather.

Along with bringing HG home, she brought a cheesy casserole, cookies and goodies.

My friend Brooke surprised me with this awesome diaper bag.

It doesn't even look like a diaper bag which is nice.

I had this brand with HG and it held up while many of the other ones were flimsy.

To say I was surprised doesn't even start to show how excited I was.

The bag is awesome and looks just like another one I had been watching to go on sale.

Thanks Brooke, you haveno idea how much I LOVE this bag.

Thank you thank you thank you! I threw together a few fabric flower head bands for Harper.

I made matching ones for Miss HG as well.

One alread bit the dust.

HG enjoys seeing how far they will stretch.

Thank goodness her head bands come from the dollar store.

She called the husband and left him a message about needing a ride to the dollar store for more.

Too funny!

This was our view last night while having dinner.

HG wasn't into eating from the gelato and chips.

And is was so close to bedtime.

She just rolled on the floor.

Harper slept in her little chair on the floor next HG.

Never budged once.

The husband and I had a ceasar salad (thanks to my neighbors!) and the cheesy spaghetti casserole the MIL brought over.

It is so nice actually sitting at a table and having a meal.

I couldn't stand eating meals in my bed in the hospital.


When my MIL arrived on Thursday, she arrived with this.

It was on our list of things we needed to buy for Harper.

I was super excited when HG opened the package.

Unfortunately, I had to wait until the husband got home to get it out for me.

She seems to really like it.

Many naps have been taken in there since Thursday.

Girl wants to sleep with the lights on.

Silly thing.

As soon as it is dark, she fusses and wants you to hold or snuggle with her.

Thanks Lynn, we know we all will love this.

Another bonus is that it travels well.

MUCH easier than those pack n plays.

Thursday night after a bath.

Miss HG was out.

Poor girl turns into a pumpkin around 8 pm now days.

She didn't even get dressed, just snuggled between the husband and I on the couch.

Harper trying out the head bands.

I think they are perfect size for her size.

I caught you taking my picture.

Really, she has a lot of sleep in one of her eyes so she can't always open it.

I have to clean it often with a warm wash cloth.

Pretty common in newborns.

If not better on Monday, we will get eye ointment.

We're looking forward to a low key weekend.

The husband switched shifts and works tomorrow rather than Monday.

Probably works out better for him since HG will be at Mrs. Carol's Monday.

He can get some stuff accomplished.

Mia is also coming on Monday.

We're super excited.

HG wants her to come today and not willing to wait until Monday.

Next week is full of doctor appointments, Halloween parties and parades, making crafts and hopefully a trip to Target.

Can you believe there are only 9 days until November?

This year has seriously flown by.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week one home

We are all home and healthy.
Knock on wood.
While we arrived home on Sunday, it seems like we just got here yesterday.
The last weekend in the hospital was a great one.
Harper and I ended up staying an extra night.
It worked out wonderful as Saturday brought lots of visitors.
Mike and Amber.
Mark and Amanda.
Debbie and Kristen.
They all arrived with goodies for Miss Harper and Miss HG.
Mike and Amber arrived with cheese burgers and french fries.
Yes, keep smiling 'cause you know I was on cloud 9.
A real burger.
It was a great visit with everyone and Miss Harper enjoyed all the rockin'.

Shortly after arriving home on Sunday, Miss HG showed up.
Oh goodness, my heart melted.
My baby girl was home.
Home for good.
I wanted to jump up and down and cry.
Goodness, I love her to pieces.
Along with HG came Auntie Collins, Mia, Aunt Tonia, Cousin Carly and Carly's friend.
We had a fun little time.
They were all shocked as to how petite Harper really is.
We loved all the visiting.

The rest of the week so far has been adjusting back to life outside of the hospital.
HG has been back in school and goes to a sitter the other days with her friend Austin.
This allows me time to rest and let my incision heal.
I am getting stronger each day.
Right now, I can spend an average of 2 hours a day on my feet.
No cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.
It is hard.
I want to scrub a few things and finish the laundry.
Call me crazy but I can't stand it not shiny.

I had the girls alone the last two nights and we survived.
Chris had a dinner meeting and then went out to watch the Ranger game.
He must have a really nice wife.
My friends tell me they couldn't imagine being left at home alone with 2 kids after a C Section.
We survived.
HG is so ready for me to be able to do simple things.
Carry her, snuggle with her in my bed, bend down to pick things up.....
The list goes on.
So tears were shed.
It hurts my incision so bad to cry and get upset.
OUCH, so bad.
But we wake up to a new day and new smiles.
We can get through it with God's help.

Harper is adjusting just perfectly in our little family.
I seriously can't imagine life with out that tiny precious little thing.
She is the perfect addition for us.
I will never understand the losses we went through.
I will never understand the procedures we went through last year.
(taught me so much about my body though)
I will never understand why it is so easy for some people to get pregnant and for others it is a struggle.
I will never understand why some people don't ovulate.
I will never understand why a mom on food stamps can have 6 kids but many good people can't have 1.
The list can go on and on.
But I do know that God knew Harper was joining our family before we were even pregnant with her.
He knew during all those heart broken moments that our amazing gift from him was coming.
I am thankful I never lost faith in him and he never lost faith in us.