Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get Acquainted Day

This morning, we had Meet the Teacher or Get Aquainted Day.
HG did not want to wake up this morning.
At all.
But once she was up, she was super excited.
After trying on what seemed like a million outfits yesterday, she decided on this lovely thing all by herself.
Yes, that is Minnie Mouse on her shirt.
She was so proud so I sadly hung up her perfect smocked dress with crayons on it.
It was so perfect for back to school.
Don't worry, her outfit for Tuesday is pieced together and ready to be worn.
She is too funny.

Many of her school friends are back in her class again this year.
She has a main teacher and an assistant.
Her assistant, I love.
Mrs. Judy, she was one of her teachers in the young 2's.
Her teacher, Mrs. Laura called HG the fashion queen.
Her classroom is upstairs this year.
In the previous two years, she has been looking forward to that.

Harper was in no mood for school today.
She was into everything, fit throwing and late for her nap.
Made me a little sad to think that next year, she will be in the Young 2's.
Only a little sad with her fits today.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh Ranch

She loves the camera unlike her sister.

 But her sister still shines with beauty in the picture.

 Don't mess with my LELMO

 Sister will have to watch her plates, Harper knows what a plate with ranch is now.

Last day of Summer

Today is our official last day of Summer.
While I love the lazy days of Summer, I am equally as glad it is over.
Long days can cause for bored, sleepy, cranky, fit throwing, hyped up kids.
I actually think that HG has had all those symptoms today alone.
The husband and I were both about to pull our hair out today.
Two hour nap later, she was the sweetest most precious kid ever.

Tomorrow is our Get Acquainted Day at School.
This is where the kids meet their teachers, see their class rooms and get to spend time there before spending a whole day.
I think this is nice even though I would love to drop her off for a full five hours tomorrow  because not all kids adjust well.
HG has gone through 10 outfits today and decided on one I wasn't too supportive of.
It is Minnie Mouse.
Yes, for real.
The teachers have called her Fashion Queen more than once so I guess we will survive.
Harper love had a doctor appointment on Monday.
Girl has not gained an ounce in two months, she has actually lost a bit.
She is never still but is still the puking Queen.
Yes, both my girls like to hurl.
We might be switching up her reflux medicine.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon at Lake Grapevine with our good friends.
Thee girls are too silly
Fun ntimes at bounce house with friends today and lunch after.
We love spending time with fun friends!
Monday night, we headed out while the Bells watched the girls.
Reservations at Del Frisco's with the Deckers followed by relaxing on the patio at Flying Saucer.
I love that they are located where 8.0's used to be.
I may or may not have asked about mosquito's a million times. 

This is at their doctors office.
HG loves it so much!

Girl love Sonic and loves Sonic girls on roller skates.
No trip to Cabela's is complete without shooting.
A friend of mine went Christmas Shopping last week and picked up a few items for me.
I loved that she thought of me!
Today, I was able to sneak away for 30 minutes with the baby and picked up a few more things.
Yes, a few days before Labor Day, I am Christmas Shopping.
We have such a busy fall.
And I do like spreading it out over a few months so I am not forking over tons in December.
I actually started in Crested Butte at one of my favorite shops ever, Lavish.
They carry so much MudPie, I can't see straight.
Babies and Toddlers are just the cutest in Mud Pie.

Wish us luck that we have no tears and make school tomorrow.

Friday, August 24, 2012


I don't think my house has been this disinfected in a long time. Cleaning and disinfecting are two entirely different things in my book. Sure, I clean daily and scrub once or twice a week. I vacuum three times a week or more because we are in the phase where Harper puts everything in her mouth. Disinfecting with Lysol and wipes usually happen once a month on toys or when sickness invades......

Today, a little before 8 this morning, my sweet HG is creeping in my room.
Mommy, I threw up and it is everywhere.
Nothing like that sentence to get you moving fast.
I picked her up, ran to her room to find her bed covered in throw up. Her floor was wet and she kept saying she threw up on the carpet and she was so sorry. Poor girl!
I drew her a warm bath as I began to clean up the disaster. Poor girl got sick a total of six times. Once she was scrubbed, her linens and pillows changed, I put her back in bed with the iPad along with some Zofran.
Throwing up around our household is nothing new. If one isn't throwing up, the other is. Nothing phases me much anymore. Today, I wanted to throw up along with HG. Each room upstairs is wiped, scrubbed, sanitized, disinfected, carpet scrubbed and cleaned and the bathrooms sparkling. If it is a stomach virus, I want to do every precaution to keep from spreading it. Kind of hard when the girls flock to each other. I was successful keeping HG in her room for quite sometime. I know bugs are bad and are SO contagious no matter what or how much I clean. I have all the laundry done, all of it except the clothes on our back. Wow, that never happens!!

It always happens on a busy weekend. We were packed for Austin tomorrow and the husband bring Camo so there is some prep work in that.

Prior to waking up today, our week had been a great week. Yesterday, we had dentist appointments followed by lunch. All of us are still cavity free and HG was treated to lunch at Red Lobster. I bet that name hasn't popped in your head in a LONG time. There is one in Irving close to my in laws an every time we drive by, she comments on how she would love to go. Grand mommy treated us all to lunch and they even got the big lobster out. While I am not a Red Lobster fan, I could eat a dozen of their biscuits. Yum! The service was terrible, just plain terrible but the company was good.

HG is sleeping and Harper just woke, so we are off to call air guy. Yes, once again!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good report

Harper got a good report today from the eye doctor. While her eye isn't healed, it is doing better than it ever has. This is such good news for her! He felt so positive about it that we aren't scheduled again until end of October unless it starts acting up. This is HUGE in our books. Today was supposed the start of the plastic surgeon work it was a very welcoming surprise. I think the doctor was beside himself as well. Harper, she was just waving and blowing kisses to everyone.

Before the doctor, we had a play date down in Haltom City at a bounce house place. The Company was great, place was small and staff was rude. We will stick to the places in Keller and Southlake I believe. HG was starving, Harper was screaming and bad mom did not pack a lunch. To make it better, I told HG to pick. It is Taco Tuesday and she looks forward to it each week.
Me: Hailey Grace, where would you like to eat? We can go anywhere but remember it is Tuesday.
HG: I want the Bell place. You know what I am talking about.
Me: Gross, taco bell?
Hg: Yep, that is the place!
Me: are you smoking crack? ( it just came out faster than I could stop it!!!) why on earth do you want taco bell silly?
HG: crack, what is crack? Like my booty crack? Why would you say I was smoking my booty crack mom? That is just plain silly. Do people smoke their booty crack?
Me : I'm sorry, I said the wrong word. No on smokes their booty crack. Taco Bell it is!
HG: cheering in background.

Yep, worlds worst mother. Ever. It is hard not to laugh though.

Next up was cupcakes. I may or may not have had mine and HG's. They were simply amazing.

Both girls are down and I am pouring a glass of wine. Today would have been perfect weather minus the rain.