Thursday, January 31, 2013


I think the pictures say it all. The playroom is a mess. The playroom is going to stay a mess, I shut the door tonight.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday week

Shouldn't all birthdays be celebrated? Birthdays definitely change as you grow older and have kids. Some years, I'm excited just to get a cake. This year, I am beyond blessed to be healthy. 2013 started out as a scary year.

The husband, he is a very last minute guy so he is always searching for something fast and easy. HG is opposite, she will work for a week on a card, wrap various toys and things to give and wants to open them for you. She also had $10 to pick out something for me, zebra flats. She is too cute! I was also treated to a Mexican dinner and we all survived dinner without any tears. Maybe because we showed up around 5 and the place wasn't full.

The actual day of my birthday began at 5:50 in the morning Harper wanted to go outside. Yes, she was asking to outside over the monitor. 45 minutes later, she moved on to oatmeal. I knew she was up for the day. She was cranky, drool to her ankles even with the teething necklace on. She would just pull on her jaw and cry. Poor gal. We dropped HG off, Harper screaming the whole 30 minute ride, and headed to Chick Fil A. Luckily, she fell asleep mid bite of a hash brown. Even in her sleep, she would hold her jaw. A short nap, I cleaned a bit and off to Costco we went. Holy cow! I walked out with various things (nothing for myself) which included 30 double rolls of toilet paper, 210 diapers, Mac n cheese, pinesol, laundry stuff, salsa and a $6 book for Harper. Wow, I hit that $100 mark in a flash. I had to wipe my eyes and look again. Yep, I was actually over $100. Ugh, I felt like I should have gone to Target but then I reminded myself that it will last a bit longer.

After school, we stopped for gellato in Southlake. This is one of our favorite spots but don't visit often. $10 for ice cream can add up quickly. The girls LOVED running around outside until the weather arrived. We could spend hours out by the fountains but our weather is constantly changing around DFW and our time was cut short. I can only imagine how Indy will be after seeing the news today. Scary!

We spent today in downtown grapevine. HG has dance with a few of her school friends and us mommas love to chat. The husband was not to far so we met for lunch at Jake's. Super yummy and we only dropped one basket of fries on the floor. :)
I could spend hours walking the cute little stores of Main Street but the wind was a little chilly and I had two dozen cupcakes to bake, a floor to mop and laundry to be done. Oh and my day, it started at 2:50 this morning. Harper was in major pain and it was causing her to get sick. I'm praying it is just her tooth and not ears, HG had such a hard time with these as well. I wiped some blood away today and cried with her. Not sure if it was because I was exhausted or because I felt so bad for her. Probably both.

Here's to a busy Thursday and then the weekend is here! HG is hoping to swim her weekend away.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh Harper

Mass was going somewhat okay on Sunday night until Harper decided to pop some random guy on the back of the head. If that wasn't bad enough, she laughed. The two of us high tailed it outside. As in outside of the Church.

With flu season, we avoid the nursery unless we are in Grapevine. They check to make sure kids are well but it is held in a weekly MDO class, full of winter germs. We're hoping to avoid the nursery another two months or so....Harper puts every single thing in her month or tries to kiss everyone. She is asking for germs!

The husband and HG enjoyed Mass. Next week, we switch off!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The husband made it home Thursday night and was greeted to a lovely dinner by HG.
The baby was of course already asleep
She made us all pizzas, waited on us and even cleaned our table.
It is a fun game for her and helps me out.
We enjoyed a 2010 J Lohr wine to accompany our pizza.
He had a nice time in Indy, much colder and snow but still managed to tour some nearby towns.

Friday was greeted with an unexpected play date with Mrs Nicolle and Boyd.
It turned out that play date was just what we needed.
Both girls, whiny and cranky from being cooped up.
HG asked if they could come play every day.
She thinks she is a baby doll.
She enjoyed her lasagna but her belly didn't later on. One day, she will over come the tomato issue.
Friday afternoon was a quick trip to the dr.
Luckily, we were one of two families in there at our scheduled time.
They were there for the flu mist.
HG has had this rash on her ankle since before Christmas.
I've tried everything and it does itch.
Hoping a steroid cream will clear it up in a week or off to the Dermatologist. 
The Pedi wasn't sure exactly what it was but said it was really deep in her pores.
She loves this.
I love that she loves it.
It was mine.
We spent many hours in the play room.
It is a scary disaster right now.
HG is looking for a bunny.
Harper found the lotion and washed her hair with it.
Why she loves it, no idea!

She opened the dishwasher, climbed on it and put some of her breakfast on the counter.
I swear, she is a monkey.
This is one of the last things not updated in our house but it is spotless now.
I followed these easy steps.
Here is the mess I was talking about from HG.
She climbs from one thing to another. Luckily, this is super close to the ground.
fudge, I just couldn't stop.

Our Saturday was one spent indoors.
Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so we can go out and play.
The husband had a RE class all day.
The girls and I had fudge, two broccoli/rice/chicken casseroles made, green bean casserole and pork chops marinating all by 10 this morning.
It is amazing what all you can accomplish when up with the sun.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Girls are down, sound asleep and Im sipping my night time tea. Harper went in Hailey Grace's closet pulling out her Dora blankets around 5:45. She laid down and said night night. How on earth could I not rock that precious sleepy baby. The little baby did not want to be rocked but rather wanted to be put in her crib. Took maybe 30 seconds and she was out. I have no idea if she is down for the night or what, it is her earliest bed time ever. Poor girl is still spitting up, having diapers and pulling on her ears tonight. I'm praying it isn't the new milk and just her teeth or a bug. I remember the teething diapers from HG and that was one of the few things that ever caused diapers rashes. I keep my girls lubed daily with vaseline or cream. HG followed Harper in a deep sleep around 7:45. We all shall be up early. :) thank goodness I bought coffee today.

Today at school, they made octopus stew while having backwards day. The kids think it is so funny and the teachers play it so well. When we arrived, we were greeted with goodbye. I thought HG was going to wet her pants she laughed so hard. Her adorable outfit was worn bckwards. When we arrived to pick her up, HG was so excited to tell us about octopus stew. Cute.

The weather lately is just crazy. Stirring up allergies again but so enjoyable to be outside. We have been spending time in the yard eating fudge pops and Popsicles. HG was dancing that saying it was summer today. Harper was climbing, imagine that. It is snowing today and tomorrow in Indy, guess I need to get ready for much cooler temps being 15+ hours north of here.

We've started on our list to get things rolling on our to do list. Believe it or not, it isn't nearly as long as I thought. I tackled the shower's seal today and it looks amazing. I scrub the shower SO often and have been struggling with a little mildew I haven't been able to clean. Right on the stark white seal, there is black stains. I found the most amazing cure all for stubborn stains. A few months ago, I pinned a remedy and put it to work. Finally. I picked up cotton coil from a beauty supply store and soaked in bleach for a second. The cotton will stick to where to put it. Another way was to slightly wet the cotton enough to stick to the areas and then pour bleach and push again to stick. It is amazing. I am so impressed! The thought of showing our house with stains the the shower just about made me loose it. Now, one of my biggest obstacles in selling (besides keeping it clean daily) is checked off. It was much easier moving when I didn't have two helpers packing and unpacking boxes. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Harper slept from 6:40-6:03 and woke to saying mamma oatmeal. I guess baby girl was hungry. I greeted her with some milk and my bed. She sipped away for a good 30 minutes then we headed for oatmeal. I don't think I have ever heard someone smack like she did this morning. Harper seems to be going down earlier now and playing harder during the day (still with a nap). We have graduated to one nap a day, typically two hours give or take a bit. I had wanted to start an evening nap but that did not go over well. If she isn't up by 3:30, she is until until 10. No thank you, I can't get anything done before bed.

We were getting ready for dance and Harper threw up all over the place twice. Yuk! Then he had three dirty diapers, one in the tub. I opted HG out of attending dance today to be on the safe side.  I honestly don't think Harper has anything and praying she isn't going to be a puker like HG. We started that fiasco around 18 months and finally ended it around 4. Some days we are still haunted by it but we have learned how to control it. But back to puking, it stresses me out to think my kids might get someone sick. If I think they are sick in the slightest, I keep them in. Funny I know, most people send their snotty nose kids to school and such. I just can't do that. It is making me sick thinking about it.
Who doesn't love sunshine.
Ice cream probably wasn't the best idea for Harper but she went to town on it and I know it felt great on that one evil tooth.
See her hair, it is SO thick and stands up.
She loves to rub lotion on it.
If you don't see her, she is in her room with the lotion going to town on her hair.
She will laugh and say wash hair.
I think it is her excuse for a bath.
Working on our pottery thanks to Aunt Collins.
I must admit that I suck at this and need a lesson.
My piece ended up looking like a male body part.
HG called it a hot dog.
You get what I'm saying...............

I let her eat dinner upstairs because HG was in the tub.
She ate every single bite tonight.
I was highly impressed.
She loves the jets.
I have honestly used them once in a year.
I don't take a lot of baths, I try my hardest to stay clear of anything related to UTI's.
My good friend Toni told me about this a time or two.
Finally, after two sleepless nights recently when Harper slept all night, I bought some.
It did calm me.
Took a while but it seriously did.
I didn't go to bed, might have been the cookies, but I crashed easily.
Who wouldn't love to wake up to this?
Even if it is before 7 in the morning sometimes.
It only took 14 1/2 months to get her well enough to sleep through the night.
I can't even hear her snoring or wheezing over the monitor any more.
I love you Singulair and Reflux Medicine (Nexium and Prevacid)!!!

My friend's daughter is still in Children's and still throwing up.
They are closer to answers and have an idea or two what it might be.
Please keep them in your prayers.
HG is sending her something soft and pink tomorrow, she is calling and ordering it all by herself.