Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend wrap up

Last Saturday was 100% a free food day. We are and ate followed by more eating. Let's not begin to talk about the laziness. Rain coming down in sheets allows for lazy days. Well laundry duty and bathroom duty within the lazy day.  
Do you have an elementary school kid? Sheesh. School is soooooo hard lately. Not the work, friends or teacher but going. I'm at a loss for words. Maybe this happens in April and May? Girl didn't see her Ipadfor a week and had 7 o'clock bedtimes. Who wants that punishment?  We have 23 days left but her summer is cut short due to her new school starting August 3rd.

Harper, she is still a no eating hoot. Over the weekend, we were on a  48 hours of Pedilyte Popsicles. Her migraines have been bad all week from the high pollen and ear drainage.

Bubs relaxing. His allergies kicking, ears hurting again but no drainage and molar causing him to burst out in pain.  Did I mention the lack of sleeping at night?  Evil teeth and ears!

Snuggles with my boy.
Testing boundaries.
Don't most boys?
Oh he holds my heart.
I love that we hand out chores are here. That doesn't mean I still do not do 90% of the work but we have to start somewhere right? The girls empty the dishwasher daily. I load and empty too. How we have so many dishes is nuts.  They also clean their rooms nightly as well as the landing play area.  I sadly clean these places once a day as well.  Oh well, a messy floor is a sign of fun.
Harper's favorite chore is silverware, toliets, windows and vacuuming lately.  If we can do our chores when the baby is down, we get three times as much done.

We are well into our week and the weekend will be here before we know it.  Looks as if it will warm up a bit but rain.  Harper had an awesome genetic appointment but will have to have some blood work sometime over the next few months.  Hailey is having all sorts of play dates and friend times before we start loading up and heading down the street. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

15 months

Our sweet, cuddly, brown eyed boy with such a strong personality turn 15 months. Seriously, how on earth can he be a year let alone 15 months.

Being the last baby, we try to soak up what is left of baby related stuff. He on the other hand wants to be every bit as big as his big sisters.

Friday, he had his 15 month check up less than 24 hours after he actually turned 15 months. Amazing to me that they schedule you that close. Hudson had an awesome check up.
Weight 28.9 pounds
Height 33.5 inches

I would agree that he has had a growth spurt in height lately evening out his weight. Last appointment, he was closer to 30 but not as long. His little belly is slimming but he still has lots of junk in his trunk. Pants Hudson can't fit in, Harper easily can leaving them just a little short. 
Sweet boy has been a trooper lately. 15 month check up landed him with only one shot (chk pox) and having to wait on MMR due to his egg allergy and flu shot reaction. We hope to get it soon with the measles outbreak, he isn't covered at all. 

After his check up, he and harper joined HG at her school for CRES Fest. This was such a fun event for the kids, hudson lasted 5:30-8 with lots of chasing him.  In all honesty, I should have gotten him a babysitter and taken the girls. I worked the event for an hour so the husband was on daddy duty. I'm surprised I didn't find him in the car waiting on me.  You live and learn though.

His hair is so full of curls like both girls were. I can not bring myself to chop them yet.
Yes, he still has a bottle morning and night. Here, he got his morning bottle in the car as HG missed the bus.

Back to wanting to be big.
Stay small hudson.
He is such a good eater like big sister HG. Both would eat anything and everything but rarely baby food or mushed foods. This is something we prayed in often. 

He is such a stinker. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Arizona 2015

Arizona, you topped everything we could have imagined.  Y'all this place was fabulous, like a hidden gem of a vacation spot. Granted, it was April and not mack dab in the middle of the summer.  We loved it and seriously considering a trip sooner than later back to this awesome state.  I am not really sure what we expected but both fell in love with this gem of a state.

The flight out was almost 4 hours.

The first day, we hung out by the pool until the wind made it too cool for us.  What do you do with out kids?  Dine out, relax and shop of course.  We  headed to the Yard house after a couple of shopping stops.

We might have had entirely too much fun Saturday night, just the two of us.
Moscow mule, you were not a good idea.

Breath taking views.
Sunday was our long day at the pool, it was a blast.

We or I danced our hearts out one night.  I'm talking hours and hours of dancing.  It was such fun.  Rarely do we ever dance so it is always a fun ordeal when it happens.

Chris' amazing team he works with made it to the Elite 8 in volleyball.

Fun concerts through out the week.  I am horrible sometimes with pictures.  The husband has a ton of up close ones of Deirks Bently. He put on such a fun show.

We would recommend Arizona to all of our friends and family. 

The kids were back in Indiana with the husband's parents who flew up to visit and keep the kids while we were gone.  Thank you for keeping our babies!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


The husband's parents are back in Indiana holding down the fort while we unwind out in the desert heat. The weather has been perfect so far and we arranged for Amazon to deliver various surprises while gone. Don't you just love Amazon prime?