Wednesday, August 31, 2011


HG napped twice today.



It was soooo nice.

She was a little sauna laying on my shoulder.

We did miss Lizzy's birthday party this afternoon.

The gift was at the door, we were due to leave in 15 minutes.

The tears started flowing.

Poor baby was just too exhausted to do anything else but nap.

It must have been all that peeing and pooping in the little potty today.

The little potty that the bottom was not attached.

I kept hearing the potty flush.

I assumed she was going in the real potty.

She does the majority of the time.

I had no idea she was going in the little pink potty in her bathroom.

No idea.

I went in there to wipe things down.

That is when I saw it.

Oh my goodness gracious alive.

The floor was flooded.

There was poop sitting on the floor.

I mean the cushion wasn't even in the potty so it had to hurt.

Oh goodness.

I just cried after my last two days.

I assure you that you can eat off my floor now.

Paper towels, wipes, spic n span wipes, regular towel, mopped 3 times.

That sucker is clean. Girl is hoopty hoop crazy.

She loves to hula hoop.

Loves it.

Tonight, we had a picnic on the kitchen floor.

We were packing her lunch for school and she started eating it.

I joined in.

She was so in love, it was one of the coolest things for her.

There might have been jelly all over my super clean floors.

Then mac n cheese might have dumped out on the carpet.

Oh well, we had a blast.

Sometimes it i just a pbj wrap kind of night.

Or 4 pbj wrap kind of night.

Found her tap shoes finally

And soccer

Okay so they aren't really soccer.

They will work for this year.

If she plays spring soccer, we'll get real ones.

I might have to do some searching on pink shiny ones though.

On our way to Meet the Teacher

HG picked out her outfit

Flip flops are of course a big no no at our school due to Movement and Music

(PE and music/dance)

Gwendolyn had to join us

She has 12 in her class

Two teachers

I think she will really like it

There are 5-6 of them that were in the same class last year

Monday, August 29, 2011

What we have been up to......

We've had lots of cookies around here.
Lots is an understatement.

We have been having lots of fun around here.

HG's preschool starts tomorrow.

We only go 2 1/2 hours but it will be nice for her to get used to it again.

Cleaned out closets.

Goodness the room you can make getting rid of junk and taking the rest to storage.

I should have cleaned the house before starting any projects.

A few play times at Vista Ridge.

I'd rather shoot myself in the right foot than play on a Sunday again.

Cookies with icing always brighten a day.

Forgot I had ordered this bag before we knew Harper was on the way.

We had decided to go with the H letter either way since we still loved our little boy name.

Had my first taco salad from fuzzy's on Sunday after Mass.

Wow, that sucker is huge.

HG's idea of a great lunch.

Salsa, queso and rice.

Played with Poppy at the Galleria.

Dinner with him at Cheesecake.

Movies on the Ipad rock.

The ground temp is still VERY hot here in Texas.

Lunch and play times at Chicken Chicken. Ranger games.

A suite one evening so I actually got to go.

Everyone enjoyed the free beer/wine, I enjoyed the food.

Ice cream anyone?

HG's new taggie cat.


HG ate all the icing off and put the cookies back in the pantry.

When the little one was waking up Monday morning, she made me promise her something.

Something that made me laugh out loud.

Something that didn't shock the husband.

Mommy, you know when we move into my new big house with a play room?

Can I have a pink princess room.

Yes, I really need a beautiful pink princess room.

Sure baby, whatever you want as long as it isn't pepto bismol pink.

What is pepto bismol mom?

Last Monday night the little one mastered meatloaf.

Really you might ask?

She did.

I had the directions out where I could read them to her.

Then she would have to find the ingredients.

Examples are 1/3 measuring cup.

one egg.

She had fun and it was more like a scavenger hunt for her.

I helped out on chopping and sauteing the onions.

Oh and the raw meat.

I do believe I have a little chef on my hands. A too small ballerina tutu.

Of course some fried chicken.

When leaving Grandpa Whit's house recently, we thought there was one of many squirrels in a bush by the front door.

I had just mentioned to HG that she should count how many squirrels were in the yard.

Their yard is amazing.

HG was standing in front of us with Aunt Susie.

My dad and I in the middle and Grandpa Whit behind us.

Well this little squirrel jumped from the front bush (I'm talking directly next to us, inches away) to the one behind it.

Then it kept going.


That is a funny squirrel.

Then we saw it.

It was a 4 foot black snake.

Oh my goodness.

My heart skipped a beat.

My baby girls were so close to this evil thing.

So thankful it went the other way.

Someone was watching over us.

I'm sure it was a water moccasin due to their pond behind the house.

Then the Country Club has many ponds as well.

Grandpa Whit said that they come up there and wait for the door to open and then dart in.

Oh my goodness, I would be in total panic mood.

And my house wold constantly smell like moth balls aka snake away.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harper Elizabeth

Harper's little foot.
Or actually BIG FOOT I should say.
Those long feet measured 32 weeks.
Wonder what they will measure if I get to go all the way like I hope.
HG has big fat feet along with her daddy.
I have long skinny feet.
Poor girl had no chance.

I haven't posted any weekly pictures of Harper lately.

We've been so busy that I will have to catch up soon.

She got an 8 out of 8 on her BBP yesterday.

That is a perfect score.

Our little ballerina

We're gearing up for school and all of our fall activities.
HG is most excited about dance classes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Car wash

Ever wonder what other people listen to in the car?

In Daddy's truck, we have the groovy song or Car wash.

Wedding bells

We are so thrilled for my brother and sister in law (John Davis & Kendall) who tied the knot last weekend.
Best wishes and lots of love are heading their way during this exciting time.

We are so excited for Kendall to officially join the family.
Such a super sweet sister in law, we are very lucky.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


We are still trying to recover around our house.

The husband and I are fighting off what HG has had.

She and I didn't make Mass yesterday morning due to her having a fever.

She is still hoarse.

We did venture out for lunch at Aspen Creek.

Then to Kid to Kid for some brand new play shoes and tutus.

Maybe a couple of sweaters and pants too.

Our living room might have remained like this for 3 days.

I finally cleaned it spotless and it has been that way for two days.

Preparing dinner while still in her pj's.

She loves to cook.


We've been making a lot of whole chickens around here.

$2.47 for the entire chicken.

We usually get 2 meals of out it.

Plus so easy for me to throw it in crockpot once the baby arrives.

HG made her own lunch the other day.

Or almost.

I handled the microwave.

Turkey dog, cheese, broccoli and tomatoes.

Sounds good to me.

We have plans to go to Legoland in the morning with friends.

I'm still debating it.

How much fun would that place be?

I hate that HG has a summer cold/allergies.

I don't want her to pass something on if she is still contagious.

But we are going stir crazy.

These summer colds are the pits.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Alleriges & belly bugs

Seems as if HG passed her bug onto me.
Mainly just headache, throat, drainage, etc.
My belly is all better today.
Thank goodness.
I'm sure the Babe's we ate yesterday didn't help. Hopefully we will be back to blogging fun tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

East Texas

We've been out in East Texas since Sunday evening.
Visiting with family and seeing a few friends.
HG had her 3 year check up yesterday.
39 3/4 inches tall- 94% percentile.
35 lbs- 83% percentile.
Poor thing actually caught a little bug.
I thought it was just motion sickness at the dr.
Our sweet pedi got to see how she gets sick and feels much better.
So they tested her blood sugar (96!).
Baby girl was so brave.
Even after getting sick on daddy in the lab.
So brave.
Hopefully she is back to normal today.
Yesterday was probably the saddest we've ever seen her.
I'm talkin' all day long.
Finally ate a tiny amount at 7:30 last night.
She is however napping right now.
Up a bunch during the night.Miss Brooke gave her an H purse full of jewelry.
HG was over the moon for it.She got to play a bit at the mall.Movies on the ipad.
I'm not sure why she insists on taking the cover off her car seat while traveling.
Can we say static?Chasing the peacocks.Dinner with Family on Sunday.
Nothing like a munch of Mexican food while in town.
We eat, eat and eat more.Before we left town, we had a busy Saturday.
Lunch with Uncle Mark who HG just adores.
I just wish my cell phone was as fast as HG.

Then dinner at Shady Oaks out in N Fort Worth for Jim's birthday (the husband's dad).

It was a nice time and amazing bread.

I spent most of the evening keeping HG entertained.

I only left where we were sitting to go potty.

With 20+ people and her bedtime, it could have gotten ugly.

She did very well though.

She just had to wear her frog boots.

While out here in East Texas, we have had a nice time.

We always do.

My brother was in from Houston.

We eat a lot.

We play a lot.

Cristin, Joey and Tyler happened to be in town as well.

Cristi did a cook out for all of us.

Steaks, sausage, tons of veggies, Boudin, dozen of cookie, banana pudding and biscuits.

It was fantastic.

My Aunt is also in from San Diego.

It is always wonderful to see her.

Whit and Bobbie joined us for dinner on Sunday night.

We had planned on visiting with them again yesterday.

Then the bug hit hg.

Didn't think that was the wisest decision.

I love my grandfather more than he'll ever know.

We're heading back home today.

Had planned on leaving really early this morning.

But with a little one up 4 times, that of course didn't happen.

The husband has a conference call at 1.

I don't think it would be ideal with HG in the back seat.

I'm sure we'll stick around here until it is over.

Then get stuff in hours of DFW 5 o'clock traffic.

Then hopefully HWY 114 won't be shut down.


It is tricky trying to get home these days.

It is almost the weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our past week

You are looking at UCLA's newest TA.

Uncle Ryan will be teaching a Chemistry class two days a week.

We are so proud of him.

Notice, he is living the hard life. :)

The beach.

He lives just off Santa Monica Beach.


I know I am.

Did I mention the high will be 77 tomorrow??

HG is prepping for the little one's arrival.

Not sure if knowing how to swaddle is a good or bad thing.HG is also really into cloth diapers lately.

These are two of the ones she picked out today that we ordered.

These will fit from about 8.8 pounds to 33 pounds.

And for $14.01 with shipping.

Great deal on great cloth diapers.We've had lots of laughs.Learning to kayak.Headed to Cabela's today and lunch at Babe's.We went to the bounce houses with Mrs. Toni, Claire and Olivia.We did a little finger painting.

And maybe some floor painting.Dinner with friends at Aspen Creek.

Bought a travel potty for $1.99 at IKEA.

I can't tell you how handy this thing will be.

Thursday morning was spent at The Ark in Coppell with Toni and the girls.

It was pretty warm.

Once leaving and heading to Wendy's, I couldn't believe my eyes.

89 degrees.

Yes, after lunch it was 89 degrees.

Don't worry, it didn't last long.

I've never been able to get HG to eat apple sauce.

She doesn't even really like apples.

Then I saw this.

Dora can get the girl to do anything.

While we haven't enjoyed a whole one yet, she is starting to like it.

She will tell me is tastes good but slimy

And that it will be perfect for her lunch box.

Making progress.

Baking cookies.

Lunch at IKEA.

Olivia wanted a fry.

HG doesn't share her fries.

Wonder where she gets that. HG playing with all the newborn prefolds.

Winnie the Pooh and Pork Chop are becoming great friends.

And car seat buddies.

HG and Kalli swam one day.

It was still hot even when in the pool.

We didn't last very long.

HG's cookies turned into a pizza pie as she was calling it.

Her dinner plate look so yucky next to it.

I think she mixed her ketchup and mustard together.

Or it looks that way.

Last Saturday, we spent some time at Bass Bro.

The little one would like a boat.

We've had a great seven days.

We've had a very busy seven days.

I have really enjoyed Toni living out this way.

Harper is just about 2 1/2 pounds.

She has fat cheeks.

Head down.

Measuring a head.

We know when she will be here.

If she makes it that long.

I'll share when it gets closer.

No, it won't be Halloween.

I made sure of that today.

I just couldn't take that away from HG, she loves that day.

Our weekend is full of family and friends.

A birthday party.


One not very thrilled doctor about me traveling.

Hugging a loved one's neck so tight that I will never forget what it feels like.