Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Casserole dishes, 20 week appointment & black eyes

I made some yummy casseroles for a sweet neighbor today.
She had her little boy yesterday.
All their family lives far off.
Thanks to Nicolle's help, I came up with some yummy dishes.
The one on the left is like Tuna casserole but with chicken.
I added mushrooms and roasted tomates (both fresh that I cooked).
The one on the right is a simple spaghetti casserole.
I have no idea if they are picky.
Figured I'm pretty safe with these.
A fresh salad loaded with vegetable, garlic bread and a yummy dressing also.
HG and I made brownies.
Well.....lets just say they won't make it.
They had chocolate chips in them.
Oh my goodness.

I had my 20 week appointment today.

Harper Elizabeth is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay head down on my cervix.

HG hung out there as well.

She is so far down that we couldn't get a profile or a face shot.

Little stinker.

I start weekly appointments this month.

We weren't going to begin them until the last week of the month.

But, with me seeing Dr. G every 2 weeks and having to go back to the Specialist this month, they start a week early.


Of course I love seeing the baby.

It will be much easier once school begins.

I joked with them today that I must have a tape worm.

I will put away a whole pizza.

I never steer away from food.

I am addicted to food, seriously.

My weight is holding steady.


I'm sure I'll gain 10 pounds this month for only gaining 2 pounds so far.

HG had a run in with the car door today.

This is right after it happened.

Her poor nose, between her eyes and her right eye.

I felt like the worst possible person ever because I opened the door.

She wasn't anywhere near the actual door.

Boom, she appear and the door was coming full force.

It knocked her to the ground.

I held her for 20 minutes.

She cried herself to sleep (it was nap time).

Ugh, I felt terrible.

She is now proud of her bruise.

Every single pair of her flip flops that aren't in her already packed bag were in my car.

Mommy's shoes are much more fun.

Helping mom throw the stuff in the crock pot to make this.

I'm not in love with it.

I added the onions and fresh mushrooms.

Still not in love.

Doesn't mean I didn't eat 2 bowls.
She wore this to the doctor this morning.

With her beads.

And her beach Dora hat.

Styling I assure you.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Well we're back home.
For a few days.
We're heading out late Wednesday or super early on Thursday to begin our vacation.
Probably making stops along the way and taking our time.
The husband flies in today.
Baby girl out dinner in the crockpot before her nap.
HG enjoyed her mommy time alone last night.
She told me a million times.
Our clothes are washed, ironed and starting to repack.
The little one has her bag packed and ready.
It is sitting by the door.
She keeps adding more clothes to it.
I'm afraid the seams might burst.
Little girls and their dresses.

We've had a wonderful 9 days.
HG is alrady asking when we can go back to Poppy's, Mia's and Cousin Laura's.
Like, she wants to know a date and me to write it on the calendar.
Too funny.
She also wants to ask Daddy for a kitty cat.
And Poppy.
Yeah, don't see that happening.

I will post the good pictures once I download them and get some from Laura.
We had a blast!!!!

This is the little one on the way home last night.

She was worn out.

Passed out with a french fry in her hand, dipped in the ranch.

We've had entirely too much fast food lately.

Sprinkler time!

Pool time!

Camp out in living room.

Mastered an outhouse before 3 years old.

Cutest picture of Miss Rylie (birthday girl) and her Aunt Laura.

Love riding with her Great Aunt Jan.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving on down the road.

Another super fun, super hot day here in East Texas.
Lucky Charms for breakfast.
A few pukes from the little one.
Water can make her throw up in the morning.
Me too.
Play time at Poppy's office.
Lunch with our super sweet cousin Laura at Amigo Juan.
Soooo yummy.
Picked up lots of yummy snacks and water bottles on the way to Megan's.
She and HG made an adorable headband.
HG has already asked to make more for her friends.
So thoughtful.
Yes sweetie, we will.
Or at least try.
Another high school friend brought her adorable 9 month over to Megan's while she ran errands.
Her little one is just simply precious.
HG and Eli took turns feeding her some yummy stuff that Tamara made.
I wasn't sure exactly what it was but I sure smelled bananas.
The little one love it.
She would fuss it we weren't fast enough.
I was thinking half or a third of the bowl.
No, she wanted it all.
Goodness, I hope that was okay!
We had a nice dinner at Ironwood with Mia and Auntie Collins.
They have a big sandbox for the children to play in .
Our little one was doing flips and sand Angels.
Yep, I looked over and she was going to town with the sand Angels.
I cringed.
Oh that sand is a mess to get out of hair.
I had no baby powder.

I love Friday nights when the little one is asleep by 8.
All the laundry is finished.
And ironed.
Stuff is gathered to be placed back in bags.
All are squeaky clean.
And in bed.
I'm watching TLC.

We're heading out in the morning.
We've had a blast in Texarkana visiting family and seeing old friends.
Tomorrow, we are headed to a super fun 1st Birthday party out at the farm.
HG has her Dora fishing pole and scooter ready.
It will be hot but thank goodness, the cabin has air.
There will be a little swimming before and some indoor camping afterwards.
Sunday will be followed by more swimming and lots of play time.
We are very excited to be spending the weekend with our cousins in Sulphur Springs.
There is just something special about small town girls.
Something that others will never understand.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Genghis Grill & Good friends

It is 6 o'clock and this is what she is doing.
Don't worry, I am not letting her sleep long.
1. I don't feel like getting up at 6......
2. I don't feel like being up until midnight.
Maybe just a little cat nap before dinner.
No idea what that is going to be yet.

The husband ever so thoughtfully gave me a ring at 12:30 this morning.
He and Patrick were doing laundry and wanted to see if I was awake watching tv.
My benadryl kicked in around 11 so I was out like a light.
HG was in the same room and I forgot to turn the loud ringer to silent.
Yep, she woke.
She was very uncomfortable for the next 90 minutes after getting off the phone.
Her little bottom area is red.
Not like a rash but really red.
Poor thing.
It was hurting.
I had no diaper cream, she is in panties except when Niagra Falls happens at night.
Finally, she settled and we were both in a deep sleep.
Much to my surprise, she slept until after 10 this morning.
Whoo hoo!
Some mornings, I just love her sleeping in.
Some mornings, I just love her waking up by 8.
I thought about waking her a time or two.
But we had no where to be.
I told myself that was just crazy talk to wake her with no where to be.
She woke in the absolute best mood.
She was leaving messages on voicemail.
Oh the laughter they got when listened.

I have been wanting Genghis Grill for a while.
I went in Keller when it first opened but it was one of those days where everyone else was there too.
I didn't really remembered if I liked it or not.
Well...... I did!
It was excellent today.
I really have no earthly idea if it turned out healthy or not.
I know their sauces have no msg which is a big deal in the dining business.
I chose chicken and scallops.
Tons of veggies, marinated oninons/peppers, mushrooms, etc.
My bowl was a mound.
I should have taken a picture.
I totally forgot.
People were probably thinking, dang that chick is going to eat all that.
I also had hot and spicy soup.
It was okay.
Just okay.
More of a mushroom base.
Poppy loved it.
HG enjoyed her rice, the fire and all the excitement.
Then she was a little wild.
It was time to leave.
I can't wait to go again!!!
HG's steamed rice and water.
I'm surprised she isn't skin and bones.

I had planned on the play area at the mall with Dee and the kids.
I sent Melyssa a text and she wanted us to stop by to play.
I ran into Megan's shop to say hi and return a $1.
We left 3 1/2 hours later.
So sorry to the other ladies, we honestly lost track of time.
It felt like we had just arrived.
Megan and I have been friends forever.
She is so fun and hilarious.
It is always great to hang out and twice in one week!
HG has a big crush on Eli.
HG found a pair of jeans and a super cute top that looks like it was never worn.
Perfect for this fall.
She also is head over heels for this adorable Mickey (or maybe minnie) little out fit.
We'll use it as a play out fit but it was only $5.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rough morning.
Very rough morning.
Mia came to the rescue.
She and HG had lunch at Wendy's.
Brooke and I had The Cobbler Shoppe.
Yum...a grilled ruben.
Brooke's choice was much healthier.
Looked at houses, TJMax and Old Navy.
I picked up HG a shirt bathing suit top and bottom for $4.49.
I've been looking for a long sleeve one.
That white sand in Destin just intensifies the sun's rays.

After a little play time and a nap, HG wanted catfish.
I'm not sure she really loves the catfish or just all the fun we have there.
Misters keep you cool on the patio.
I could not even imagine sitting on a patio in DFW right now.
No way.
It felt great and the nice breeze kept us cool.
Like I need fried catfish after that ruben today.

She has quite the personality today.

A chicken laying eggs.
Sorry for the naked child running the yard.
Luckily, we are far enough back that most couldn't see.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old Photos

I found these on one of my dad's computers.
My precious baby will be 3 in one month.

Consignment deals & Kung Fu Panda

I got pretty lucky today.
Okay, probably more than just pretty lucky.
It started out as as normal routine day.
10:30 check to see if tubes were still in ears.
Yep, they are.
Talked about how we can help prevent an ear ache while in Destin.
Got more drops, Tylenol and an antibiotic just in case.
Oh how we love our Pedi.
HG acts like they are BFF's.

After, we met Poppy for lunch at Julie's Deli.
Chicken salad, fruit and dessert for the adults.
Flower shaped grilled cheese and a cookie for the munchkin.
Julie's is one of the perfect lunch stops in Texarkana.

Upon leaving, HG demanded to go to Megan's shop.
I can't believe she remembered it was there.
I had looked on the way into lunch but didn't see her car.
We decided to see if maybe she parked somewhere else or something.
Good thing we did.
No, GREAT thing we did.
HG and Eli had to much fun running like wild little Indians.
I had a blast chatting it up with Megan.
And going through tubs of clothes.
So many with tags still on.
Megan owns a upscale resale shop that not only has resale but handmade clothing.
So all those items you see on Ebay and Etsy, stop in to see her before you pay high dollar.
I think I was there 90 minutes or so.
I mean we went through so much and I'm sure I could have spent so much more.
She starts taking winter clothes in August.
Anyways, Harper Elizabeth will be born in late October.
HG was born n July.
There will be quite the temperature difference.
Harper will be able to wear many of HG's winter clothes.
If we can get to them.
But for newborn, 0-3 and 3 months, I don't think tank dresses and itty bitty summer onesies will do.
Even my healthful breast milk couldn't keep her healthy.
A lady had just dropped off a ton of clothes.
Like imagine having 4 children and each of them having a different out fit for the year.
Her baby had that many clothes just for the first 6 months.
And there was only one baby.
Was I ever so thankful.
I wanted to cry I was so over the moon when I left.
Babies out grow stuff so fast.
They get poop and spit up on things.
Sometimes, it isn't unheard of for them to wear 4 outfits in a day.
Many more.
So finding new clothing for a couple of bucks was such a blessing.
And gently used clothing for $1 an item.
I'm talking, you couldn't tell these items were ever worn.
All name brand, mostly Carter's.
So all in all, I got 109 items.
Yep, 109.
Sounds like a lot huh?
Well it is.
But like 25 of the 109 were unused pairs of socks.
Will a newborn use 25 pairs of socks?
Probably not but many go up to 6 months.
Will a baby use that many socks.
Most definitely with a move and the silly dryer eating socks.
Here is the break down of what all I got.....
25 pairs of unused socks
6 perfect shoes
4 0-6 month tights
2 Christmas burp pads
1 My first Christmas bib
12 burp pads/diaper changers
1 Christmas Bloomer
1 black/hot pink tutu outfit.
1 Christmas time dress with bloomers
2 pink velour outfits
2 fleece outfits
1 sweater
1 hat w/matching bib
7 outfits
6 pants
14 onesies (all interchangeable with the 6 pants)
1 swaddle me (never opened for $2!!!)
2 newborn onesies with hand covers (perfect for hospital)
3 gowns
6 cotton rompers (or called sleepers)
5 fleece rompers (sleepers)
1 cold weather romper to go over clothing
1 pink terry cloth romper
3 headbands w/bows
1 size 4 bloomer with HG's initials on them...$12, they were higher than everything else!!!

109 items........All for $133.
I think it was a great deal.
Two of the onesies I found, I recently bought at Target on clearance for $5.58 each.
Needless to say, I took those back today and paid $2 for one and $1 for the other.
Much better than $11.

If you haven't been to 2Sprouts, you must stop in really soon!!!!

Here are just a few pictures I snapped while going through everything.

Some of the Carter's outfits

I love this one.
Simple yet adorable for winter.

An adorable Christmas time dress.
Those how know me know my girls will be in matching dresses for Christmas.
This will be great for all the other events we have.
Or for pictures.
All 4 of us always matched.

Not only did I love this but HG too.
Looks like something HG would wear.
It is a NB so maybe something fun to take pictures in.
$45 on tag.
I paid $7.

These were $20 something.
I can't remember exact price.
And they are in the other room.
My chips and salsa are sitting to heavily to walk in there. :)
I paid $6.
I would have paid much more.
I love love love love these.
My sister and I only wore these white lace panties growing up.
I remember begging for real panties.
I was in middle school before that ever happened.
HG loves her fun panties so much to switch.

I love this style of shoes.
They are like Robeez.
These came from Neimans.
But I picked up for a couple of bucks.
I'm sure they were close to $50.

Will a infant wear this many shoes?
Probably not.
They are all soft though.
Almost Robeez style as well.
They were too cute to pass up and probably never worn.
I love them all.
HG's favorite are the shiny purple of course.
Every thing has to be shiny to her.


While I finished rummaging through all the clothing, Mia came and picked up HG.
Poor HG didn't want to leave, she was having so much fun with Eli.
Then I reminded her of her date with Mia and the movies.
She had been so excited to see Kung Fu Panda.
I hear she did well for the 1st hour and then wasn't really into sitting still.
She danced around while finishing the movie.
She dances at home while watching movies.

I finished up at Megan's Shop, returned some clothes and mailed HG's birthday invitations.
Crazy they are already in the mail!!!!
I have a few more I need to make.
We hung out at Poppy's office for a while.
HG loves being up there.
KiKi and Yaya are just too much fun.
All the baby clothes shopping will work up an appetite.
HG, Auntie Collins and I had Mexican for dinner.
I think we ate with all the older folks.
Then HG decided to squirt Edge shaving gel into her eyes from point blank range.
She was trying to squirt it in her hand but had it backwards.
Have you ever felt the shaving cream in your eyes?
But the force of it hurt like the dickens I'm sure.
It covered her eyes then the wall behind her.
I haven't heard her scream like that.
I panicked.
But she could see.
So I knew it would be okay.
She was hurting soooooo bad.
I kept telling her to cry big tears and flush out her eyes.
She would let me squeeze cold water from a wash cloth but it still burned.
I felt so bad.
Currently, she is tucked nicely in bed and has been for 2 hours.
After the bath episode (her hair still has shaving cream all in it) and no nap (movie), she was ready for bed.
I am now working on her pink cones for her Target popcorn to be served at her party.
Target popcorn, she said was a must.
We're let her help us decide on all the food, all her favorites turned into Minnie Mouse theme.
The cones are all different shapes and sizes but all pink.
I figured it would be the easiest way to serve the popcorn.
Otherwise, HG would have her hands touching every one's snack.
I can think of a few who would not like it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Early mornings

Early mornings only happen around our pad if the husband is away.
If he is home, he tends to stay up well past midnight so the 7-8 awaking can be brutal.
HG thrives when she has 12 hours of sleep.
I try and never let her get less than 10 unless a special occasion.
She is incredibly cranky if so.
So like clock work, she woke at 8 on the dot.
She had 12 hours and was ready to play.
For starters, she woke up dry.
Dry dry dry.
Girl is my water drinker so we rarely wake dry.
I'm afraid she'll be 10 and still in pull ups over night. :)
By a minute after 8, she had her swim tutu in hand and skipping to the potty.
Bella not far behind.
8:30, a healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms.
She only likes the marshmallows.
She poured the rest into my bowl.
No complaints here though.
A few minutes to 10, we headed out to the pool.
We were the first ones there.
Minton's had drained the pool, cleaned it and refilled it over night.
The water was ice cold.

Packed a turkey sandwich and cheetos for HG a snack.
She took one bite of the whole sandwich and then tossed the bread.
She really enjoys the peppered turkey.
After she touched the water for the first time.
Whoa Nelly, it was freezing.
Giving it another shot, this time with her duck.
I really enjoy the kid area at the pool.

She needed a rest.
HG moved a single kid chair into the middle of the walk way and sat.
She sat and sat.
Then ran to me and said I've got more energy now.
Oh how I laugh with that girl.
Early mornings equal good naps in our house.
Oh how I wish I was snoozing right now.
I am really exhausted today.
Little one had some penne pasta with marinara sauce for lunch.
Then a nice warm bath.
Finally washed her hair.
We forgot our tear free shampoo.
Took her less than 3 minutes to fall asleep.
This was last night at Texas Roadhouse.
Dinner was just too much.
Sunday morning, she slept in late.
Really late.
At 2, she wasn't ready for a nap because she'd been up less than 4 hours.
At 4, she was close but I realllllllly didn't want her to nap at 4.
She would have slept until 6.
Then would have been up until 11.
So.......we kept her up.
Trying to keep her busy but she was growing cranky.
Decided it was dinner time.
Half way through her rice, she was out like a light.

We are enjoying it out here.
The temp isn't really much cooler but it feels so much cooler.
It is wild how much cooler it feels.
I don't sweat walking to the car.
Today there is a strong wind.
Like wrap your hair around your face kind of wind.
We're going to my grandfather's later this afternoon.
Then to a pool cook out after that if the weather holds out.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Our weekend in cell phone pictures.....and a few others.

Loves her new Dora Shirt.
It is a 5t.

I love ruffles.

Never a dull moment around here.
That bathing suit is a 4T and we needed a bigger size.
I'm sad, she is TOO big! .
I let her wear her Dora shirt to Target.
I think it was a first.
She asked me if I was really going to let her.
Then she told me it was the most best day ever in her life.
This little things make her so happy.

Bella was covered in fleas.
My dad treated her.
She goes to the vet for a dip.
Poor thing.
Crashed at dinner Saturday night.
Pasta, oil and bread will do that to a little belly.
Playing on Poppy's Park.
I tried to stay in the shade.

This was Father's Day lunch with the husband at Rosa's.
Cute a cute profile of her little face.

We've had a great weekend so far.
Time with family, a movie and play time with Mia, a little Target shopping, lots of Poppy and Auntie Collins time......
A HUGE steak from Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
I'm so stuffed, i'm about to pop and watch You Again.