Monday, February 28, 2011

Great giveaway

Too cute and adorable.
Go check out Megan's blog, I promise you won't want to miss this.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The most perfect Invitation

I'm always in search for the most perfect invitation.

We have thrown many showers and parties over the years.

It is something we love.

My good friend Kristen recently offered to make my brother's shower invites.

Oh my goodness gracious, they are just perfect!

She is so talented.

Of course, there aren't pink balls on the real invite.

It covered up the shower location.

Never know about crazies in this world.

Thank you Kristen!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Front Range

Loveland Ski Area
Driving along.

Beautiful houses.

Skyping with Ryan while in Colorado.
He LOVES Colorado.

The I25 Interstate that travels North and South in Colorado is referred to as the Front Range. Why? I personally never asked but it was one of the first things we learned living there. Everyone talks about the Front Range.

Flying back to Colorado was almost like flying home for us. Having lived there 3+ years, we learned the state pretty well and found our niche of family and friends.

Flying directly into the Springs was new for me. If you have the chance, and the prices are better, DO IT. The airport was so simple. We grabbed our little go cart rental and off we went. Lots of sites were expecting us. From exhisting buildings to pad sites, we toured the newer area of Colorado Springs. I forgot how big this place was. Lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery, a local favorite. I had the Sonoma Chicken Wrap, super yum but C's prime rib sandwich was even better.

After site seeing, it was off to downtown Denver, or LODO as most call it. If you haven't spent time downtown, it is another must. 16th Street is filled with a mall, shops and dining so what better place to spend the night and the company pick up the tab. Being President's Day weekend, the hotels were pretty expensive but we scored a last minute deal on Expedia for 40% off. The Crowne Plaza was a block away from all the excitement and we were pleased with the hotel. Dinner with Lyndsey and Sergio, one of the sweetest couples around, a little walking and a stop at The Yard House before calling it a night. If you are familiar with Colorado at all, you know that most everyone loves beer there. Not your basic domestic brews but rather from many of their local breweries. We spent many lazy afternoons sipping local beers on their patios. The Yard House combines great food and beer in an upscale environment. I was more than impressed and couldn't wait to actually eat there. But as all good things must come to an end, we were all beat and needed some rest. Lyndsey had to wrangle an entire kindergarten class the next day so we all know she needed some rest.

Dinner with great friends. Two of the sweetest gals, Cindy and Ashly.

Tuesday, we were back to viewing sites and I bet we spent 8 hours in the car. From one side of Denver (Aurora) to the other (West Lakewood) to down South (Lone Tree), I don't think there was an area we didn't touch. A few impressed us, others didn't but that is expected. After many, many hours in the car we headed North for the night. Missing our scheduled dinner time of 6, we coasted in a little before 7 due to being very SW Denver. A wonderful dinner with many friends (Lyndsey, Cindy, Mike, John, Sarah, Gabe, Jill, Lisa) and sad that many others couldn't make it on such short notice. The Bent Fork holds many memories and we made life time friends. Lyndsey and Sergio are also part of the Ben Fork crew. Once we all said our good byes, the two of us stuck our head in Old C's to see who was around. One of our old GM's had previously been the GM there and we always like to surprise people so in we went. Nope, she was in Longmont. Bummer!
Casey, Eddie, Jessica and I on Main Street Breckenridge.Eddie the Longhorn and I.
(I promise he doesn't normally look stoned, sorry Eddie.)

Wednesday, we were up and at 'em bright and early. One last site to be seen in West Denver and then we were heading up the mountain. Breckenridge was calling our name. We were lucky enough to be invited to stay at a house belonging to C's boss. It was amazing. Beyond amazing. Sits at a little above 10,000 feet on peak 10. Yes, you can begin to imagine what it was like with 6 bedrooms, a steam shower and lots of wine. Justin, Meghan and Jessica were already there and eager for us to arrive. The trip was entirely too short. Shopping consisted of one shop, no crepes because we were running late the next morning and no slopes. BUT, we did have a lot of fun. Eddie (another Bent Fork friend) and his friend came to see us after dinner. It was a nice surprise! Eddie is a UT graduate/fan so he likes to mess with Chris.
The Love birds.
(Meghan and Justin)

As we woke on Thursday, the snow began to fall. Beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. We did not want to leave. No sir! But, when the boss comes a calling, we go a running. Lunch at The Yard House out at Colorado Mills sent excitement through my body. I was thrilled to be trying lunch at this super busy place and to meet the wife. Fun, exciting and yummy lunch, we were airport bound. Already? Four days is never enough in Colorado or any vacation for that matter. We missed it before we left. We did miss something even more so at home, our little HG. Two trips back to back would be a little much for our traveling Princess.
We are really sad we missed a handful of friends and family (Uncle Larry, Aunt Marlena and cousin Grace) but promise to be back sooner than later. Who knows, we might be neighbors and Gracie and HG go to the same school.

No decisions as to where we are going. Closer? Yes, of course we are. We would be thrilled with Colorado if we can find the best location. A few more stops in March and we hope to have a decision made.

A little Lee's & music

Mia & HG were hanging at the park when C & I arrived back in town.
HG was having a blast but was over joyed to see her momma pull up.
C had taken Copper for his yearly. Can you believe he will be 11 in May?
HG was filthy from playing so hard but I didn't mind the black hands and just wanted a hug.

HG stayed in Texarkana while we were in Colorado.
Two back to back trips is very hard for a toddler.
Not to mention the long hours in the car looking at sites.
I think she was excited to stay and play with Poppy, Mia, Auntie Collins and all their friends for the week.
Oh and most importantly, Bella.
HG does very well while we are gone and thinks of Texarkana as her second home.
We did live here for 9 months so I'm sure that it will always hold a dear spot in her heart.
HG even went to Mrs. Mandy's a couple of days this week.
C & HG dancing

Happy little dancer.
Lee's Catfish next door to Poppy's house had a great band on Friday night after arriving in town. While it was a little cold to play outside, they moved the party in.
Allison's (one of Auntie C's bff) dad was playing and he used to be part of the Robert St. John band here in Texarkana.
We dined on fried fish, homemade hush puppies, green tomatoes and enjoyed lots of music.
HG danced her little heart out and made a few friends.
We were lucky enough for Auntie Collins, Poppy, Allison, Amber and Marleigh to join us.
HG and Marleigh had a blast!
Today has been a lazy day.
We didn't really sleep in.
Bella work HG at 3:30 am.
HG was up until 10:30 compared to her 8:30 bedtime.
It always causes her to stir all night.
Grandy's for breakfast (thanks Poppy!).
We rode around in the bottoms.
Learned that oil changing places don't stay open long on Saturdays.
Tomorrow, we are going to see my grandfather.
His big surgery is on Wednesday.
Please say a prayer.
He is an amazing, kind and gentle man.
C and I just started watching Couples Retreat and the little one is finishing up her late nap.
Happy Saturday.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Help Find Adam

It is amazing how fast things spread through word of mouth and the Internet.

This is a good boy from my home town.

If you could please re post this or pass it to your friends, it would be greatly appreciated.

Everyone is praying and still holding onto hope.

You can go to Facebook here and get the link to his page.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dukes of Hazzard Museum.

We were surprised at the places still closed from the flood.

Such sadness.

An entire mall, Opryland Mills, was closed.

While our trip home went well, it did not go as planned.

Our planned lunch place had a 1 hr 45 minute wait.
We were past starving.
Even though most of the meds are out of my system, there is a bit still lingering.
Makes me eat like a 500 pound man.
Amazes Chris that a tiny pill can cause me to eat 3 meals from dinner until bed.
HG had a few bites of Mac n cheese to help with motion sickness.
HG had a fever.
HG threw up in the potty.
HG's eyes looked bad.
She felt bad.
ALL before leaving hotel.
HG trying to fill the hands and feet of Country Music.

Only wanting mommy, we managed to get her dressed.
A purple velour sweatsuit.
Over her Dora night gown.
She refused to take it off.
Oh well, it was a Saturday.
And she didn't feel well.

Finding a Wendy's we decided on nuggets.
In a rough area.
We survived.
It was gross.

The Loveless Cafe was everything I thought it would be.
And wouldn't be.
It is a old motel for those of you who haven't been.
The smell of smoked ham hits you before you even stepped out of the car.
Of course I wanted to eat again.
I did score some biscuit mix for the next time we are actually at home.
And an order form that I have been working on.
Some of you might be getting a care package one day.

The weather didn't improve until we hit Arkansas.
It was like driving across the state lines, the sun was holding out it's arms.
Welcoming us back into nice weather.
The temps rose 10 degrees.
Our moods improved.
Almost instantly.
Thank goodness.
HG also woke up fro, a nap about this time.
Still with 99.97 F fever.
Not a big fever but opted for Motrin,
Motrin twice in two days and we haven't had any in a long time.
With in an hour, it worked.

We kept on truckin' and decided against Graceland.
We wanted to go.
Not sure about HG.
She was ready to be home to Poppy's.
So were we.
He promised dinner.
She knew it would good.
Carino's Lemon Chicken and ceasar salads.

Picture from

Wile they rested, I swept, mopped and started laundry.
Not sure I could finish it all tomorrow night.
No telling what time we will arrive home.
Lots of construction on I -30.
We have to be at DFW around 9 on Monday.

We are 25 % done with our site tour.
Colorado this week.
San Antonio and College Station after a few days of rest.
Hopefully, we covered it all.
Colorado is almost like going home for us.
We miss it.
Amazing friends all long the front range.
We haven't seen most since July 2007.
That is a long time.
I guess travels and moving keeps you just a little busy.
Great friends pick up where you left off is the best part.
It will be like we all haven't skipped a beat.

Let's talk toddlers.
I know babies don't sleep.
I had a good sleeper in many ways.
In others I didn't.
She is like her daddy.
Stay up all late and sleep in.
What about when she is up at 4?
Tossing and turning until nearly 6.
No fever.
Just uncomfortable.
You think ears, right?
Or her top back molars?
I can't tell if they are in.
Really, I can't.
I think there is an extra molar on bottom.
Regardless, she hasn't been wanting to sleep much.
Right as we leave her and fly to CO.
Of course my mind is in over drive.
I know she will be fine.
I know she is SO excited about spending the night with Bella.
Bella is a dog.
When did dogs start getting so a head in life?
I hate leaving her. Hate it. Hate it.
I'm no sure if I'll ever be okay with it.
We have this bond, like I can't describe it.
Maybe it is all the time we spent alone.
Maybe everyone has this bond.
I don't know.
I didn't have I growing up.
I was a Daddy's girl.
She is stuck at my hip. Constantly.
I love it.
At times, I want to scream as any parent would.
But I love it.
I love how our lives have changed.
Raising a child is the most difficult thing you can do.
Raising a child is the most rewarding thing you can do.
You never understand until you are a parent.
I pray Kendall has this bond with their child.
I just know it will be a girl.
I know we will have a house full of girls too.
Such fun. Cousins.
Such drama years.
Our pizza (spinach, mushroom, Alfredo sauce) is ready.
This is after we had 1 pound burgers and large fries for lunch.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Redneck Dinner

After checking into our hotel in Nashville, we decided it was time to explore.

In the rain.

The Gaylord Opryland, which was full, was directly across the street.

Thy were hosting the NWTF.

What is the NWTF you might ask?

Not this wild turkey
But this wild turkey.

We had no idea there was such a following for wild turkeys.

Wow. Oh wow.

Along with the rain and the cooler temperatures we just kept on driving.

Drove and showed Chris Vanderbilt.

I have many family members who attended this amazing University.

Vanderbilt is just south of an AMAZING downtown.

Such a fun area.

Not exactly kid friendly at night.

Dining places and Country bars as far as the eye can see.

HG enjoyed seeing the bright lights.

Spending two days in the car, she did okay with her motion sickness.

Tonight, I am ever so thankful for that large Sonic cup up front.

I pray our next child won't go through the motion sickness issues that HG has.

Not sure if my car (or future car) and handle puking kids.

That is for sure a way to get Daddy sick.

And Momma too.

Back to sight seeing.

We decided that it was dinner time, HG needed food and it would be best to head back towards the hotel.

We had wanted to try Cock of the Walk.

The parking lot looked full.

I was stressed. A sick little girl in the back.

We opted for Caney Fork.

Oh my goodness gracious alive.

I'm surprised they didn't have squirrel and rattle snake on the menu.

Our food was good, nothing to write home about though.

It was an adventure.

Blue grass music going (which I do really like).

Can't say it will be on our list when we come back to Nashville but if you are ever out this way, worth a walk through.

HG rested most of the dinner as she was still not feeling great.

I think she has her second wind after a warm bath and some motrin.

Chris and I are of course researching and she is watching Mickey on my Ipad.

Watching movies way past her bed time.


Fast forward to today.

I wasn't able to finish due to HG making herself tee tee over and over to do the tee tee dance.

At midnight.

Like 10 times.

I finally put on a strong diaper and told her to go in there.

Bad mom.

We were exhausted.

It is much cooler today but we're stopping a few places along the way home.


Loveless Cafe which I am beyond excited about.

Maybe Graceland in Memphis.

And maybe a night in Hot Springs.

Happy weekend!


Addicted to the IpadLunch with Poppy before heading out.

Sushi of course

Benito lunch box

She has been asking for spaghetti.
So spaghetti it was (and pizza!) today.

Watch out Tennessee, a silly red head on the loose.

Such a beauty.

Rain boot on a rainy day.
Or every day.

For those of you who didn't know, we are touring Clarksville right now.

We aren't sold.

Nashville is amazing.

Clarksville.....not so much.
It is a large town, just not exactly what we are looking for.
One day with the right location it will do well.
We are making the best of our time.

Even with all the rain.

And a toddler who doesn't want to spend 8 hours each day in a car.

We are in Nashville looking now.
Across the street from Opryland.
Maybe we'll have some fun.

February 16

Wednesday was my sweet husband's birthday.

We like to celebrate for a few days so it actually ended all the birthday celebrations.

It didn't stop HG from singing to him.

We headed out East around lunch.

A nice visit in Sulphur Springs with Grand mommy and Grandmother Christine.

We missed the rest of the crew.

Dinner at Zapata's.

C's favorite spot.

Lots of laughs.

Lots of margaritas.

We had a full house.

Aunt Susie, Poppy, HG (for a bit), Auntie Collins, Allison, Amber, Ford and his dad.

A few more stops, lots more food, we called it a day and finished up the celebration.

Aunt Susie bought HG tons of stuff. She is so lucky to have so many who love her. So lucky.

You see, February 16th is bitter sweet for me. It is such a wonderful and amazing day. It also brings sadness. My mom passed away on February 16th in 1984. She was only 31 years old. I'm 31. It realy hits home this year.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Special

Believe it or not, this was our first Valentine's Day together in 8 years.
First in 8 years.
I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan.
I don't think Hallmark should remind you to tell people you love them.
It should come natural.
You should remind them daily.
But, I still took advantage of our 1st normal Valentine's Day together.
We've done the late dinner thing at Old C's a few times while living in Colorado.
When I say late dinner, I mean after working our tails off until nearly midnight.
Having HG makes it special and so we celebrated!
Steamed Lobster
Stuffed portbello mushrooms
Sauteed squash
Italian creme cake
It was delicious!

This morning, HG refused to go to school unless she wore her ballet shoes.
She loves her ballet shoes.
Her ballet shoes tore a hole in the toe.
No more ballet shoes.
So many tears today.
She learned a lesson about ballet shoes on the play ground.
Wasn't today amazing?
Yesterday as well?
I hear rain is in our near future.
Please, no rain.
The sun is good for the soul.
Chris and HG are packed.
I am next.
We head out in the morning for our adventures.
Such fun!
First stop, Sulphur Springs to see family.
Next, Texarkana for a dinner celebration at Zapata's.
Chris can't get enough of that place.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Thank you from Sweet Laura, HG finally got to build a gingerbread house.

A few Valentine's gifts.
Bear from Grandmommy & Grandaddy.
Movie from Mrs. Debbie.
Book & boots from us and sweet Boyd brought her a Valentine's this morning.

Pure addiction.
We've had a great day so far.
Play date with Nicolle and Boyd.
The kids played so well.
HG thought his name was Boy.
We have since learned there was a D on it.
Too cute.
She was telling Chris all about her friend, Boy.
I found my newest addiction.
I love it!
Brand new and so clean.
Lobster for $5.
Thanks Kendal for letting us know about that.
Chris is heading out for errands, our flights are booked for next week, we're debating on a run to the closing Albertson's (90% off now!) and then home for dinner.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Celebration

Shrek cake was a hit. Blue icing was a mistake.

Chris and his sweet Matt.

Silly girls.

Little Mrs. Laura & I.

A rare family picture.
So sad this was blurry..
Chris, Jenna, Jason, Kristen and Terri.
Such a fun night.
Girls being girls.

She was ready for that cake!

Such a fun night with friends and family.
Great turn out.
The Nickels even drove down from Sherman.
What a nice surprise. Great to see them.
We are so lucky to be able to surround our self with such amazing people.
Laura and the boys stayed with us.
We love slumber parties.
I think HG would let them move in us with.
I pulled a Whitney and climbed in bed with the kids and crashed.
Today was incredibly lazy.
HG napped from 5 until 8:15.
She is still up.
I told her 5 more minutes.
We have been running like crazy so it was nice to just rest.
And watch movies.
We have a play date in the morning, can't wait.

Father/Daughter Dance

The prettiest little fairy princess.She loves her wings.
All the prizes!

HG and Chris had their first official date on Friday.It was a Father -Daughter dance.

There is nothing more special than a father's love for his daughter.

She danced for 4 straight hours.

Even by herself on the stage.

They did the twist with friends.

HG and her friend, Anna.

Getting their groove on.

Precious little girls.

HG loves her daddy.

I was lucky enough to be part of this special day.

From setting up to cooking to greeting and handing out prizes, it was a ton of work.

Totally worth the work by look on my little girl's face.