Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrapping up Christmas

We are thrilled that baby Hudson hit the 5 pound mark at our appointment on the 23rd. Yes, we realize that it can be off a bit but it is still a big milestone for us.  No official pre term labor label, only 4 or so contractions an hour AND fluid is good.  We passed our first goal and now on to our BIG goal, just a little over a week away. Soooooooooo soon I tell ya. Hopefully we won't be visiting the Specialist again, he reminded me it was a wonderful thing not to see him. Which day we will deliver, no idea exactly. We have plans and dates but it is pretty much one of those deals where I show up and we'll pull the plug aka deliver. My fluid was actually up from last week and 11 cm higher than Harper was at this point which was basically nothing. Wild how much pregnancies can vary. Still, no bag packed but must get in that soon. I do have toiletries and 3 pajamas set out, that is a lot more than I had with either girl.  I had a big gap in my appointments, probably one of the longest the entire pregnancy, 10 full days between appointments.

We finished out our Christmas celebrations catching a variety of things. It hasn't been much fun regardless that this is supposed to be a magical time of the year. Magical for snotty noses, throwing up and bad breathing troubles for us. We are praying we are on the mend as I came down with something on Saturday and my chest feels like it is full, Harper's chest sounds like it is going to blow up and now HG is on day 2 with a progressively growing worse croupy cough. To make matters worse, our pedi is close until Thursday so it is all over the phone or walk in clinic (if they are even open).  A husband who has been working and showing houses and no family in town  to help makes for long tiring days. My mom almost canceled a big trip and my dad has offered to come over (4 hour drive) but I keep telling him no. While I would love them here, it is silly that they would have to cancel expensive airfare or court to help. We're truckin' along, making it while I am drinking lots of decaf hot tea on meds and will add a new med tomorrow praying it isn't pneumonia for HG and I. I did however manage to cook hot meals thanks to my slow cooker yesterday.  Whole chickens and beans soaked over night were a blessing. Not only could I actually smell it but it turned out delicious with a few added sides.  Taco Tuesday to the rescue today and a prepared meal for Hudson's arrival tonight, cheese ravioli and garlic bread. Speaking of Hudson again, we MUST get well and over the breathing issues and coughs or we all can't be around him. :/ Yes, we have already been told that if we aren't better, we can't be around him.
My mom and sister came on the 23rd and 24th to celebrate Christmas with us.  We had an awesome time with them. Both girls LOVE their Mia and Auntie Collins more than anything else. They were gifted the most perfect Patagonia jackets in an 8 and 3T to make it through next winter. Both actually fit this year. That silly HG is in a 7 already so we can only hope her growth slows just a little so we can afford her clothes. :) Chris and I were both highly jealous of the beautiful jackets. We are both into the girls getting one or two nicer gifts that we know they will love and use rather than a ton of small, random things. These jackets and memories with family definitely hit the spot.

We had a low key Christmas Eve of sort. After a few hours of cranky girls, a cat fight a few days prior in Mass during the Homily and a big Christmas Day planned, we opted out of the children's mass.  I envisioned the thousands of germs and thought about how it takes Harper no time to catch something little and it turn into something major.  I might have freaked a little. Besides the doctor, th only place the girls have been allowed to get out for was Christmas Day and a car ride or two.  Such mean parents they have. :)The girls needed rest and we needed in the attic. :) The husband and I kept Christmas for the girls to a minimum his year.  They have everything under the sun and really only wanted a few items so worked out nicely. One of the things we thought we would hate has actually turned out nice. HG got a Furby from Santa and both girls adore it. Yes, she can get annoying but we just put her to sleep. Harper totes it around from sun up to sun down fighting HG's hand away as much as she can. I think we will be investing in another one very soon. 
Legos have been a hit.
Christmas Day, we arrived in Irving at the husband's parents house around lunch. We wanted time to visit being our last holiday here on the actual day.  Plus you never know what the future holds. The house is always full of wrapped packages, food and faces. This year, the girls great grandmother was able to be there adding to the nice day. Lots of excitement, kids and adults will always make for some good smiles. The girls were spoiled as usual and have enjoyed their gifts tremendously. A Princess castle, Legos and coloring pads are the favorites. The husband and I unloaded the items and went back through them upon arriving home. We seriously had no earthly idea what we were given or what the girls got, it was wild when opening gifts.

Christmas always comes and goes quickly. We were all spoiled this year and very thankful. 

Harper loves strollers.
Why do they make anything metal for children?
Everything needs to be thick, sturdy, safe plastic no matter how fun the metal items are.

 Harper's big Santa gift to keep up with her big sister's Mercedes.

 Brobee likes to ride too.
 Santa brought it, she was SO excited!!
Christmas morning excitement.
Doc McStuffins will fix you right up.
You know that gift they HAD to have?
The one we searched for months ago only to have her find it.
Yeah, I am not sure HG has even played with it.
Might be passed down to Harper before the week is over.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flu #2

As I hit post saying the flu hadn't hit HG, her body was preparing to show us differently. My goodness, I don't want to see another snotty nose or puke can for a long while. I ended up just putting her in the shower then bath with a puke can.  One item has been washed THREE times and still covered. I went through a 32 load container in 24 hours and almost caught up. I *think* I have 6 loads left if all comforters and downs come clean. This is the first time the flu has ever hit our house besides stomach flu viruses. I am beyond thankful that we DO believe in shots and it allowed for less severe symptoms and less time it lingers around. Poor HG definitely picked it up after Harper as it was 32 hours later when it hit. I love that my parents call and text constantly to check on their grandchildren and offer to come help, risking catching it just to give me a break or fold laundry.  You know how much they love you and the kids when they will drop everything and rush here for anything. We will certainly miss that when we move and are forever thankful.
Poor HG feeling not so hot but this is before it actually hit.
HG and I managed to take ALL Christmas decorations (thank you zofran!!) down except for the actual trees and lawn decorations. Now, let's just time he husband and see how long it actually takes him to take these down. Luckily, my dad has offered to come help with the girls and various other things I might need. I might put him to work next weekend helping me, trees are HEAVY! :)
She picked out her outfit for Starbuck's drive thru today. She was SO excited to leave the house but my poor car smells terrible. TERRIBLE!
The Elmo house shoes were HG's when she was 18 months (I had a few texts today about them) and we have another pair with still tags from Grandmommy last year.
Starbucks gave her chocolate milk instead of white milk and she WAS NOT PLEASED. The car in front of us paid for our stuff so we repaid the favor for the couple behind us. 

Notice that she 'stole' HG's Furby. She loves that thing and it isn't bad at all. Sure it talks a lot but I was told nightmares about them. If she gets too annoying, we just put her to sleep.
It is a good thing HG is still in lockdown and the husband is busy , all 50% off.
Sweetness watching Caillou instead of eating lunch today. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Days of Claire Bear

Claire Bear the elf came back to visit this year. While we were as creative as we I could be, the girls enjoyed her tremendously. I am not believer it truly encourages good behavior, at least not in our two.

The husband and I tried to snap pictures each night but of course forgot.  Some nights she didn't move. Nothing like being in bed, ice outside and you forgot to move the elf. Both girls LOVED it and know next year will be even more exciting for them.

All Smiles

Christmas was good this year to us this year, the girls had a blast.  We were talking about how different Christmases will be in the years to come and we think we will like it.  LOVE IT to be exact.  Super thankful to my family who drove over to celebrate us over the Holiday, I know it is a long drive and even more thankful for the offers to come back over and help with the girls.
We have lots of pictures to blog but this one is extra special.  Harper is all smiles during breakfast today.  I let her choose whatever she wanted.  Cereal, bacon and pancakes.  Lets hope this smile lasts longer than an hour or two today.

Harper and HG managed to both pick up flu type 1 sometime this week.  Hailey Grace hadn't shown any signs or symptoms yet and still isn't.  Shows you can pick up anything anywhere as we were in the house keeping away from the germs.  Harper is also suffering from croup and pneumonia in her left lung.  One runny, snotty nose for her from allergies can turn into something major in 24 hours.  The husband did not test positive but is still on 10 day antiviral as am I.  The Doctor didn't care if I was positive or not I have not missed a beat and have done 23 loads of laundry since yesterday morning and lysoled each and everything in the entire house, they were going to treat me. Apparently they like to put pregnant women with the flu in the hospital. So once again, we are on lock down here at our household.  The girls can not get out until Monday depending on symptoms but poor Harper can not be around anyone, especially kids with even a slight runny nose for a while.  Her lungs must heal or it can spread to the right side or turn into other various things.  We're hoping she will be able to go back to school when they start back up.

So for now, we will be inside constantly washing our hands, playing with Santa toys, working on Church donation piles, boxing up clothes, washing laundry and holding our breath that other germs come into our house.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas celebration 2, 3 and 4

I'm bad at taking photos but this year just down right horrible.  Our nice camera hasn't been out in so long, such a bummer.  I have a million pictures on IG thanks to my cell being full but never remember to take the important ones, you know ones with family and friends. Ones that I want pictures of.  I must get better dang it.

Still fighting sleep until 10:30 Saturday night.
My girl is usually down arounf 7-7:30 if we aren't running behind.
Friday night, we headed to dinner with some of our sweetest friends, the Deckers and Wilkersons at Winewood in Grapevine to celebrate a little Christmas cheer. The food was great and loved the company even more. The grandparents wrangled the girls over night which allowed us time for visiting after dinner, World Market and Target. Thank you!! I don't think I've ever closed down a Target on a Friday night. As with anything as wonderful as a night away, it sure throws Harper off schedule. She has been a wreck since Saturday but we are almost back to our 'normal' schedule.......after not going to sleep until 10:30 Saturday and waking at 6:45 Sunday. Whew. I am sure all these big days we have coming up will throw her off some, she is a schedule type of girl.  HG on the other hand, she needs 12 hours of  sleep but doesn't matter the exact hours. Sleeping until noon doesn't seem to bother her, she would rather skip breakfast time anyway.  We are a little more lax with her during Holidays, breaks and special family time that we really aren't on Harper. HG  will still be in bed by 8-9 (7-7:30 if the husband is traveling) but we will let her watch certain movies, play reading or math games, etc. Plus, this is some alone time for HG and Chris or I.

Back to Saturday, the husband and I headed out before 9 for a Starbuck's before heading to Christmas celebration #3. We arrived in time to bathe the girls and get HG's hair dried before heading to a party. Harper stayed with Chris and they headed to good friends of ours for manly hunting things. Harper loves going to visit and the first thing out of her mouth was that she saw Mr Justin.  Not a hey mommy or hello mommy, she was far too excited to tell me she went over there.  My mother in law, HG and I headed to a friends house in the nasty rain for a lovely Christmas tea and ornament exchange. We look forward to this each year and was so glad HG was able to join us this year alone. Super sad that it could very well be our last for many years since we don't want to give up Santa at our house just yet. Our kids are still young and we believe in the magic of Christmas morning. Plus, deciding on where to go and when not living here is extremely difficult. That is a whole another blog post.  Remember, we will be in Indiana? We have assured HG Santa will know where she lives.  During the Christmas tea party, HG 'stole' her ornament from another guest during the white elephant exchange.  She was SO nervous but knew which one she wanted.  This allowed her to bring home what we brought. This house loves owls and her teachers would be proud.  After lots of sweets, quiches, muffins, teas, and taks, we said our goodbyes and headed to meet rescued the husband. We had a few things to do Saturday afternoon as did everyone else. Our Christmas stuff is daily so running out and getting a few things was a must.

Such a lovely time!
Debbie's House is always so welcoming, warming and beautiful this time of year.
Hailey Grace just worships their dog Beaux, calls Mr Wallis Uncle Larry and might follow him around.
Proud of her owl
Beaux and HG

Sunday morning started before dawn after finally getting Harper to sleep around 10:30.  Girl doesn't do well staying up late. I told Harper the sun WAS NOT up and that she was going back to sleep. For a split second, I really thought she would. By 7:30, she was having pancakes, cuties and cereal while laundry was going. I lost. By 10, she was a train wreck but we had a busy day so in the tub to swim she went.  She will swim and play in clean, clear water for hours.
Poppy and Danielle came to visit us and do a small Christmas today. We started at lunch in Ronoake at Babe's, stuffing ourselves until we couldn't move. Harper took a good nap while we exchanged gifts and visited. Danielle is a very talented hair dresser so we were lucky enough that she gave HG a super cute bob. We had planned on a 'trim' but last minute HG wanted a bob, which was fine by us. We were thinking less tangles while Hudson is new. Less screaming. The girls love visiting with Poppy and Danielle so they did not stop talking the entire time.  HG was of course worried as to when Bob Barker and Molly will get to come spend the night at her house.
All grown up, heading to Mass.
Heading to Mass and just as the Homiky began, Harper took HG out yelling. Cat Fight where everyone could see and hear. She and I left, her kicking, crying and screaming that she loved Church and was so sorry God. We WERE that family today.
Willie Robertson collectible.
Sporting her new bob.
Only a pro can whip up something like this in a matter of seconds.
Harper love being a ham with her new backpack and gingerbread dress.
Poppy and Danielle's gift to Hudson is amazing!!! I couldn't have chosen the colors or size better and everyone knows how I love items being monogrammed. I wasn't sure what I would pack stuff in for the hospital for him but now there is no question about it.
Harper loves beanies, poppy and Danille brought her this.
Monkey has a Christmas sweater thanks to Meghan and Stephanie. It is a wine/beer bottle sweater but fits monkey well.
Since having 35 minutes before Mass was over, the two of us headed to sprouts.
We were down to only bananas, cuties and an apple.
That never goes over well in our house.
We loaded up with strawberries, red grapes, blackberries, apples and a pear for Harper to try.
Hoping this will get us through Christmas with Harper's fruit eating self.
She did however reach out,  grab a red apple and went to town on it.
Typically a peel granny smith fan, she was chowing down.
I am really trying hard not to think of all the germs.
Our Holiday celebrations have been off to a great start.
Celebration 1 was school celebrations followed by Santa at Bass Pro with Grandmommy being able to join us.
Celebration 2 was a Christmas dinner Friday night with good friends and no kids. :) We missed a couple of couples who couldn't be there and hope to catch up really soon.
Celebration 3 was Saturday at Debbie and Kristen's Christmas tea and ornament exchage.
Celebration 4 was Sunday with Poppy and Danielle to visit and celebrate Christmas together.
Of course this year has already been amazing celebrating the Holidays and we are just a few days into it.  Tomorrow is a really big day for us, any extra prayers would be appreciated but by the end of the day, Mia and Auntie Collins will be here.  Both girls are beside themselves with excitement as are the husband and I.  We have not seen them since the end of october and I know that is the longest we have ever gone.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas celebration #1

The girls got the okay to head back to school just time time for our Christmas celebration #1.

Lots of Christmas gifts and dozens of treats. Brownie Christmas trees with green icing for HG's class and we ended up taking in FOUR dozen cookies in for the cookie buffet. We rescued Harper from nap time and let her join us watching HG's Christmas program. Harper squealed with delight as Grandmommy walked through the gym doors

Heading to school

I love my doctor's office and I love red velvet bundt cakes. Perfect Holiday treat for them! 
Waiting on the kids to arrive.

Singing their little hearts out before the rest of the classes joined them.
Next up was Bass Pro to see Santa.
The girls have been asking but time slipped away and then sickness hit.
Both girls were incredibly excited.
Harper asked for a car and HG a Duck Dynasty doll. Thankfully Santa knew that already. :)
Don't even get me started on the DD stuff all over. It blows up my FB and blows my mind what some people write. Who cares what his opinion his in GQ? What I am 100% shocked about that how someone couldn't NOT KNOW that was his opinion. I mean seriously, how did anyone not know?? There are plenty of other tv shows on, lots of other places to eat besides chick Fil a and lots of other places to shop besides Hobby Lobby. People need to move on and realize everyone has their own opinions on what is right and wrong in the bible and life.

Oh I loved smocked Christmas dresses!
Who am I kidding, I love smocked dresses period.
Bass Pro can be so fun.

I love polka dots.
We think she thought he was real. 
She just stood there and wanted to hold his hand forever.
She was SO sweet.
Added to HG's list.
I will have to admit that I had a 50 four wheeler at 5.

Trying to color until a random kid coughed on Harper and then she had a melt down for no nap.
I was totally, 100% over our Bass Pro trip.
After heading out, a little fit throwing on the way to the car and goodbye hugs for grandmommy, BOTH girls were asleep.
They were exhausted.

I would say our first Christmas celebration of the season was a success. Now, just praying we didn't pick anything up at school or Bass Pro. One mom in HG's class made the comment that her son was so sick and exhausted but the only reason she brought him was the Christmas  program. Seriously?