Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snowed In

It snows often here in Indiana so it has quickly become part of day to day life for us. But we haven't had too many big snows.  Sure, we've had enough to shovel or cover our drive way in ice.  In the last 24 hours, we have had beautiful snow.  The light, fluffy, perfect ski slope snow.  I guess it is good that it happened just as the kids were recovering from their RSV and other sickness.  HG stayed home on Friday due to a belly ache and by 3, we were all suffering a belly ache.  Thankfully, we all woke back to normal today.

Hudson slept 7:45-6:30 so we were peeking out the windows before dawn this morning.

Everything was covered but it continued off and on all day.
Next up, Hailey.  My little princess who used to sleep until 10 now rises early thanks to school
He was amazed at the snow.
Kept watching it.
And looking for Camo.

Sweet Harper managed to finish off a pint of blueberries.
Fruit, this girl survives on fruit.
And greek yogurt.
Camo had a rough Thursday and Friday morning so we loaded him up for the kennel.
When I say rough, think of barking and whining for 24 hours nonstop.
He kept the girls up 3 hours past bed time, went in and out 10 times between midnight and 7 in the morning.  Did I mention he was barking so loud that he woke Hudson up at 3 who was up until 6:30.  AND he woke Harper up at 3:30.  I promised her I would come lay down with her when I got hudson and Camo back down.  That was 6:30.  Poor girl called out asking if I was going to come lay with her.  I have no idea if she was in there waiting for 3 hours or if she fell asleep and Camo woke her up again.  You better believe I crawled right next to her and held her forever.
He finally got a nap .
Never a dull moment.
Monster teeth?
It was so deep.
The kids wanted to make snow ice cream.

While hudson took his afternoon nap, I bundled the girls and we headed outside.  Harper was able to stay 10 minutes then went back inside for goldfish and hot chocolate with Doc McStuffins.
Hailey Grace and I were out there 90 minutes.
I burned well over 1,000 calories shoveling that snow.

Pure joy.

Got it done, put ice melt out since the temps will begin dropping again tomorrow.
I told the husband he was in charge of shoveling the next storm, Ive done the last two.
We're trying essential oils with Hudson right now.  Hoping it calms and helps him continue to sleep decent so we don't have to go through with the sleep study in April.
The girls were beat tonight.  Harper out at 7, HG by 7:30.
Early bed times on a Saturday.  Hudson partied until 7:45.

In the middle of a snow storm, it is always fun to order new spring or summer clothing.  While I don't mind the cold or snow (just hate the wind), I am looking forward to the warm sun providing the vitamin D our bodies needs.  The husband and I have a trip soon and needed easy, cute stuff to pack.  Can't beat great prices either!  One I found on IG and the other FB. Crazy huh?

The husband is on a plane back to Indiana from sunny California.  We are excited for him to get home and gear up for another week of cold.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The husband's long weekend birthday

The husband's birthday always seems to be surrounded by snow, colder weather and lots of pink or red.  It also just happens to be Hudson's due date.  Amazing how things work.  While I had wanted to sneak him off to Chicago or Louisville for the night, neither of our schedules allowed it.  We made the best of his birthday, softly celebrating a couple different times and of course diving into Mexican food as well as another favorite dish.
Harper loves everything parties. Everything.  She was so incredibly excited to pick out his cake and it screams both of their names.

Sweet Hailey Elsa headed to school.  I told her to grab a beanie and she came with this.  She would wear it every day if possible.
Baby boy learning how to eat a whole banana.
Feeding Harper's baby his bottle.
We snuck off to Costo just before the weekend began looking for that perfect last minute gift.  Harper dressed for the occasion.
Monkey see monkey do.

See Harper has been so sleepy lately.  She fell asleep on my feet after dinner one night.
Always competing.
Friday of the Birthday weekend, Hailey headed to school.  They are no longer allowed to have Valentine's Day parties.
Part of the husband's birthday gift.  Lots of gift cards were in the Frozen wrapping.  He needed shoes and jeans so we opted to let him pick them out since he prefers that.  Silly thing still has tags on stuff from 6 years ago so we would rather him buy stuff he will wear.
We did a little house shopping, Mexican food eating and tried out a new restaurant called The District Tap.   We were glad we tried it, turned out great.
Look how cute they were on the husband's birthday a few years ago.
Sweet baby boy.
Hoping Daddy has a Willie nice birthday.

The kids and I drove 2 hours in a snow storm just to get Johnny Carino's Spicy Shrimp and Chicken.  This is one of the husband's very favorite meals.  It had been years since we dined at a  JC, probably since the one in Texarkana closed.  While we weren't planning all the really bad weather, the kids did great.  While picking up the food, we were finally able to see the second Jagger's location.  It has fantastic visual for those traveling on the roads around it.
Gross.  Two times through the car wash and it was still dirty.
We ran into an old school McDonald's tree while getting milks.  HG was just blown away when I showed her all the old characters.
Two peas in a pod.

At the bus stop, I look in the rear view mirror.
Apparently she had to potty.

Kisses for the bird.
Hiding from mommy.
Harper 0 Closet 1
Harper learned that she can't compete with the closet wall.
Pretty princess.

He can't wait for it to warm up and run outside.