Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Indiana

We're wrapping up our Christmas here in Indiana gearing up to enjoy the Holidays with our families. It will be a quick, staying away from germs and staying in kind of visit.  

Hailey lost a tooth on Christmas Eve.

The tooth fairy left her $5 and glitter since it was Christmas. And that might have been all she had.
They must have been good.

Hudson is in love.

Poor Hudson went from flu to a mouth full of teeth coming in. Our day began at 4 this morning trying to console his hurting top teeth.

How we managed to fit all this plus another large red bag into my Tahoe is still a mystery. 
I found my Bjorne and since he is down a couple of pounds from the flu and teething, I threw him back in today.

It takes up a whole entry!
Everyone loves the Doc Mobile.
Meet Daisy, the closest thing to a real kitty that we could do.

Oh the towns in Arkansas.

Another day, another stuffed Tahoe.

Hudson just wanted to party all night. Finally falling asleep at 12:30 then up at 1,3,4 and 6 for the day. Oh how our visitors will love us. 

Harper and her Princess bed as we call it.

We have made great timing on this long trip. Seven driving hours yesterday and four driving today. We stop a couple of times but managed to keep things quick.  We left shortly after 4 (Indiana time) and got to the hotel around 10:30 (central time). The kids typically get in bed 7-7:30 but our plans of them sleeping did not work out. Funny how that happens. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Out of our normal Christmas Eve due to sickness, but an enjoyable one.

Steaks, potatoes and salad.

Harper touched a meat today, tiny little sausages. This is HUGE. I had to scrub her hands twice though.

Merry Christmas to all!

Inside sick days

You know that feeling to just get out. It doesn't matter if it is just a walk outside for some natural vitamin D, a drive to sonic or Starbucks or grocery therapy without the kids? Yeah, I am having that feeling pretty strong right now.  The sun doesn't exactly shine during the winter months in Indiana so natural vitamin d is hard to come by.  In the last 12 days, our only trips out of the house were pretty much to doctor appointments, to pick up medicine or just to drive. I snuck out a time or two after the kids went down or before they woke for stuff on our calendar that I had to take care off. I sadly did all this in mad dash to get back because either I was exhausted or it was early morning and the husband had to get to work. December (store opening really) greeted me with a really high babysitting budget. Basically the husband has been gone since Thanksgiving, home to sleep after we are all in bed and leaving early morning. Those of you who have ever opened a restaurant, or a brand new concept, know the hours and days I am talking about. While he may not be working every single moment while gone, he is in the building ensuring that everything goes correctly in the first one. Being on the ground level, part of the original opening team, this is a huge deal to make sure everything is as close to perfect as it can be. But when the flu and high fevers hit your house, especially with the flu shot not working to cover all the strains this year, the baby sitters don't want to come around. I don't blame them one bit, I wouldn't either. So, I've been one man handling everything from belly issues to runny noses and medicine.  Everyone is starting to eat again which is nice and slowly getting back on our normal schedule. Harper is only down a pound in a week, Hailey was down 3.7 pounds in 10 days, Hudson was down 2 pounds even in 7 days. When I say the flu wiped them out , it really did. Hailey's pneumonia added to her weight loss as well. She still has moments of feeling terrible.
Harper reaches levels of exhaustion still. She gave up naps shortly before turning 3 unless a busy morning or play date.  This past week, she has has a couple naps each day. Here, she had just gotten out of an afternoon bath and crashed. Hailey was too sweet to cover her up.
Hudson has been making out with Cinderella and biting everything in site. His front top teeth are through the gums and he has four other trying to break through. Teething with the Flu is fun. 
Hudson mad handles a lot of stuff and finally broke this into pieces. He broke it a while back but we could still get it to work. 
Lots of crackers have been eaten this week.
You can see it in his eyes, he still isn't back to normal.
Finds hiding places all over. 
I went through that entire thing of All detergent since 12/12. The is around 100 loads, I can't remember if the 96 or 110 load. Plus, I measure it to get full amount of loads. Whew, no wonder why I am hating laundry right now.
These sweet things were begging for just one gift last night before bed. Everyone was in bed by 7 last night.  Harper has slept an average of 13 hours nightly. This whole school thing has them on the early to bed, early to rise schedule but it works out perfectly with our schedule. Of course I would love them to sleep until 10 but we don't want them up until 8:30 at night.  We will see how 5-6 in the mornings wake ups in Texas go , if we still make the trip.
We have climbed lots of stairs to burn energy. 

Hailey had a recheck yesterday and is still suffering from pneumonia. Her lungs are not expanding like they should either. So instead of starting Rocephin shots today, they gave her a five day double dose of steroids. Did you read the double dose?  The poor girl has been suffering from this cough for far too long so I will do anything to help her.  She has a couple more recheck appointments schedule to watch and make sure she gets clear. With her being allergic to penicillin, they just can't give her a high dose of that to clear it quickly. 

We are starting to surface.......

Everything is scrubbed and sanitized, Hudson's room will be redone on Christmas.
My little cleaning buddy.
Poor Harper didn't make it through dinner tonight, she was beat.

Three little cuties in the bath.
We've painted fingers and toes.
Harper's little feet still have some baby fat, I love it!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly.