Friday, April 1, 2016

5 beauty products

These are five beauty products I am really crushing on right now. They aren't the only five I use of course but really enjoying them.
This Bye Bye under the eye cream has been a life changer. I also use it as a concealer for blemishes. I only recently found out about this a couple months ago and so upset I haven't tried it before.  I can not stress how amazing this is. A little dab is all you need so it can last a good while.

The center powder is bye bye pore powder. It finishes your face like magic. I worried because it was WHITE but again, it works like magic.

I love using a CC cream with SPF 50 in it.  The last 18 months, I have really been trying to improve my skin and this has been a big part of it. It is packed full of awesomeness and a little goes a long way on this as well. You can use as much coverage or as little as you need.

I love a good light, neutral color that many can wear. I tend to use this, color in my lips a little then coat with a neutral gloss. Even when going a little heavier on the makeup for a special event, I tend to stick to this. 

Favorite face wash.  I use it always at night and will sometimes follow with a gentle Cetaphil or Murad vitamin C in the morning. 

I've always been very boring and neutral on my eye shadow.  I was on the NAKED eye shadow kit for years and I still love it. This one made me jump outside the box a little. It brought back memories of my first make up set from Gayle's in Texarkana. I tell you, I'm really loving it. 

A new product I am trying and have been enjoying it is the Younique Foundation. I know there are a ton of Younique fans out there so I decided to see what the fuss is all about. I am really enjoying it. There is natural sunscreen in it verses the above everyone SPF 50. I'm a gal with a ton of freckles and that is super important to me.