Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodbye dates

These girls are so sweet together, I pray they always are.

Justin is such an amazing, laid back guy.
HG was having a blast.

Hudson snoozed at the pool.
His poor schedule was totally off today, that bottom tooth causing pain and he has another ear infection.
Love that I don't always have to get in and don't have to worry about the girls.
I tossed Harper into a pool on Saturday and her arm came out of the puddle jumper.
Since our closing was moved from early morning until late afternoon, we met friends for lunch and a playdate. Heidi's dad is a basketball coach at North Lake in Irving so he entertained the kids for a bit. The girls loved every second of it and have talked about playing with all the balls nonstop.

Hailey is now asking to play tennis.
Maybe we can take lessons together.

So hard to say goodbye sometimes.
Even harder for children.

Parties, cooking, and tidbits

We have been out of our house for just about a week now. Moving is always a chore no matter if you are moving across town or many states away. I signed all the paper work this afternoon, delivered keys and hugged the new owners necks. It was bitter sweet for me. The new owners are adorable and have two kids so will love the area.  We are excited to see our new place in person and start the move in process.

We moved over to the Towne Place Suites in Grapevine a week ago while finishing up the house and visiting with family and friends.  This week has flown by, even adding tonight into our stay in DFW, it as still flown by.

On Saturday, we had our house polished from ground up for the new owners while we partied.  Jason and Jessica's engagement party was on Saturday, June 28th. Their party was a lot of fun and had a lot of great guests. We were really lucky to be a part of their special day. Jason and Chris have been best of friends for years.
I love their cake from C Marie Sweets.
Jessica's cross wall, love it!

They surprised me by asking me to be a bridesmaid. Not only was I totally shocked, I was speechless and honored. 
Kids swam and swam.

Typical monkey Harper.

These boys were so pretty.

Jessica's bridesmaids minus Tina.
The bride and groom.

Hailey Grace had a special event with Grandmommy over the weekend.
Not only did she spend the night alone at her house, she did a cooking class and spent the day playing.  It is really hard to have alone time with younger siblings so this was an awesome treat and early birthday celebration.

We've had this beer and beverage fridge for a really long time.
Really long time.
Yesterday, we parted ways with it.
It went to someone who really wanted it and will get great use out of it.
Towing the boat.
Yes, women can tow big boats.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tea Party

We did a little celebrating while the movers loaded the massive truck until the storms blew in.

Snow White
She wears he tiaras like this.

Hailey Grace the Princess

Cupcakes, tea and lots of fun.
Harper just loved the tea.
Some kind of really sweet fruit tea.

Lunch after at the bakery.
Great tea party for the girls.

We're loaded up and have two more fully planned days in DFW before we begin our new adventure.