Friday, November 23, 2012

Things lately

We manged to put the tree up.
We did it before Thanksgiving.
Is that bad?
I thought it was our only free weekend until after Christmas.
Looks like we have another, score!
 Yes, the tree was leaning.
Hey, it sat in storage for a while and then was fully flooded recently.

 Baby girl was sick, bad sick.
From ear infection so bad in her left ear that is was bleeding to not eating at all.
Like nothing at all for 48 hours.
Still having 7 dirty diapers a day with no eating.
I was a pretty worried Momma.
Throwing up once, the runs (still happening) and the list goes on.
Her tonsils are so big naturally that she chokes all the time.
Her stomach flu or maybe strep or whatever, it has passed but the dirty diapers are still going on.
We have two more days to let them ease up and we will have to be tested for an infection from antibiotics.
I think we are switching doctors as well.
Very important things were missed or blown off recently.
Things that shouldn't have been and it hasn't been the first time.
 She loves headbands and bows but only to play with.
 First meal in 48 hours was pancakes thanks to my MIL!!
She instantly felt better and color was coming back after calories!
 It has been beautiful weather lately!
I'm sure Harper is taking a bite of chalk in this picture.
 Claire Bear is getting ready for the Holidays.
HG is obsessed with cameras.
Costco during the Holidays.
Their lists keep growing.

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year.
We have SO MUCH to be thankful for.
So much.
Even though our house is torn apart for the third time (fourth if you want to count move in redo), we are still happy and have a roof, heat and food.
Thanks to the husband's parents, they did all the work for Thanksgiving this year.
I seriously could eat an entire pan of dressing that my father in law makes.
It isn't too strong, just right and not too much sage.
We try to switch off and take turns spending the Holidays with each family. We both believe it is very important for the girls.
While we missed Thanksgiving with my family, we were definitely thinking about them and can't wait for our Christmas Celebrations planned.
Target does have a Santa costume, it just hasn't gone on sale yet.
My sister in law said she wanted my husband to dress up.
Ha. maybe he will.

Harper was such a ham on Thanksgiving.
She missed her two hour nap.
Need I say more?
I drove around, got her to sleep and read a magazine in the car to give her a cat nap.
When we walked back in the house, everyone was Skyping Mike and Amber in Houston.
HG hasn't stopped talking about the Quads and how she got to see them.
She keeps changing which one is her favorite.
Then she forgets which one is her favorite.
So cute!
One of the girls looks like a redhead through the tv so that put HG on cloud 9.

Each year, we have been so Blessed by our friends, family and faith. One of HG's best friends at school, just lost her father. Please pray for them during this difficult time. My heart aches for them.

Arkansas vs LSU

Last night after the Thanksgiving day festivities died down, we loaded up and headed to NWA.
Northwest Arkansas for those who aren't familiar with the area.
God's Country for those who are.
Today was full of fun at the game.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bass Pro

We darted in Bass Pro on a Saturday to look at a few Christmas gifts.
We have just a few more gifts to buy and Bass Pro or Cabela's always seems to have the perfect thing.
When we walked in, the husband and I exchanged looks knowing exactly what the other was saying.
What the hell did we just get ourselves into?
Both girls squealed with excitment seeing the winter wonderland.
No gifts and a couple hours later, we left.

 Poor Harper love scratched her arm on a chair she climbed through.
I have it covered in bactroban and wrapped.
 Big day in our house before heading out.
A tiny bow clipped in.
And the paci is back in the mouth.
Nearly a week, she was unable to suck on it.
That one, is our only one in that style we can find.
Luckily, cousin Leslie is to the rescue!

We bought new washers and dryers yesterday but between Lowe's delivery schedule and ours, it will be a while before they arrive. We decided on a top load again even though I LOVE the front loads. I've just known people to have leaks and after our flood (it was with a top load), I'm just scared. I'm also worried about Harper climbing in the washer in a front load since you have to let them air out.  Luckily, my MIL let us invade last night for 5 hours to do some laundry. Mainly towels and our mattress pad/sheets that Harper peed on. I still have at least four loads to do at a laundry mat.

Hailey Grace is hoping to get some of the Christmas decorations up even though we still won't have our floors in until after Thanksgiving. She is determined to get the tree up and her purple tree up.

Chi Omega

Chi Omega Christmas Market is something many of us to forward to each year.
Recently they moved it from the Convention Center to Fair Park and I knew it must have doubled in size.
Whoa, people and booths everywhere.

We join Debbie, Kristen and their groups each year for a day full of fun.
The day turns into a nice treat from my Mother in Law.
Harper Love enjoyed her first adventure as last year I was only 5 weeks out from my C Section.
Living a good hour away, our morning starts early but always followed by donuts.
Both girls were loaded up and looking cute.
HG headed to Aunt Collins because I'd come home broke and an unhappy kid.

 After the Market, we head to the Zodiac Room at Neimans.
We love this part of the day as well.
I mean who doesn't love food or Neimans.
Harper love was so good and such fun all day.
With her ear aches and well just being a typical one year old, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous about it.
Such a ham

 Aunt Collins wore this gal out.

 As if the entire day wasn't enough, we headed to the Wallis' house for a little happy play hour.
I think it was 7:45 when we finally got in the car and headed home. 
Harper was asleep before we even got out of the drive way.
I'm already looking forward to our Christmas brunch and the 2013 Market.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


While our house is still in the recovery period, there are nails and baseboards everywhere.
Concrete is what greets you at the door.
While there is some tile left in the kitchen, it will never be the same.
I cleaned and cleaned it tonight.

Since the downstairs was super loud with fans and very unfriendly to kids, we headed East.
Stopped by to see Poppy and Yaya on our way to Arkansas,.
We played and enjoyed our visit like always.
I think we manage to eat from the time we wake until our heads finally hit the pillows for the night.
 HG worked hard on some of this years Christmas presents.
What do you get those people who have everything?
Painted pottery by HG.
We decided on serving pieces.
She did SO good and is so excited.
 Harper is a dress gal.
She LOVES this dress.
 HG and Brooke's dog Darlin.
 Cookies at the mall
 A serving piece for someone special.
 She even held the paint pen to write the words.

 Harper loves Noah.
She says Puppy non stop.

 Chasing Darlin' and Lucy.
 Poor baby crashed out.
I took her in for an ear ache the day before we left town.
She had been really fussy, low fever and up all night for a few days.
She also had brownish gold nappy thick liquid coming from her ear.
I know ear ache symptoms, I still get them!
Her pedi said that she did have fluid but wanted to see if her tubes were going to fix it and to call if she was running fever next week.
In other words, if she is still miserable next week with fever then no, her tubes didn't clear infection.
Poor girl was miserable, hurting, pullins, up allllllllllll night, just down right miserable.
I let Dr Porter in Texarkana know what had been going on and she got us in the on our way back through.
Poor Harper was in so much pain.
Her left ear was really infected, the tube was even trying to come out.
I know ear infections.
Dr Porter saved the day or is on the way to saving the day  by getting us in, giving her a strong antibiotic and ear drops.
She was still up once an hour last night but her fever was down around 100.8 today.
Hopefully that means the antibiotics are working.
Monday, we will see how the tube and ears are doing.

 This car, she loved.
 Baby girl wanted her purple carrots a little faster.

Playing with Grandma Christine and Grandmommy.
 Don't you just love this kitchen.
If we decide to stay put for another year, I'm repainting our kitchen.
We have the same cabinets.
This is so light and bright, I love it!
 The mall with a silly girl an a sick girl will send you to the looney bin.
 Oh the fall leaves.

 A girl and her dresses.

My girls and their personalities.

Tomorrow is a fun day for us.
Something we have done with the same group for a long time.
I miss last year but will make up for it this year.

One of HG's friends has a parent who is suffering from a brain tumor.
It is growing.
They need all the prayers they can get right now.
My eyes swell and heart aches every time I think about them.