Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rooms preview

A few pictures of the girls room and the play room, all three a work in progress.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deleted Blogs

Help! Blogs I am no longer following keep popping up on my blog list. Maybe they have been there for a while or maybe my settings changed, no idea. I just keep noticing it lately. Either way, I can't seem to delete them or the other 50 I no longer read. Some are from 2008 with no posts since then. I must update my blogging skills soon. Maybe I can't delete from my IPad? I seriously have no earthly idea. Luckily, my sister is still a wiz on the computer and is downstairs at the moment. I'll have her give it a try. Somewhere between kids, stopping my Masters and moving all the time, my computer skills are no longer present. I have no earthly idea why!

Sweet thing...Harper woke up for her 11:30 pm nurse and HG heard her crying. She went to check on her, turned on the light and was singing to her. Such a sweetie, melted my heart. Or it did for a while until they were both giggling and bouncing off the walls for the next hour.

My friend is doing great! Praise the Lord! Next time you see an officer, military person, fireman or anyone else who puts their life at risk on a daily basis, thank them.

My brother Ryan flew in from LA this afternoon and HG was beyond thrilled when we pulled up at terminal E. I think she might have been a little too excited and might have said Uncle Ryan 100 times in ten minutes. He was a good sport and laughed at her. She was about to drive me nits by saying his name. Ha. You have to love those 3 year olds.

Monday, March 26, 2012


My girls did not sleep well last night.
Not at all.
Harper's ears were hurting.
HG was dreaming, bad dreams.
That has been happening a lot lately.
One night, she was crying because she did not get any salad.
In her sleep, she did not get any salad.
Big time tears then she needs snuggles.

We got a lot accomplished today.
Our house is once again full of stuff that we are going through out in the garage.

My sister moved into the condo yesterday and starts Culinary School soon.
We are super excited she is closer than Texarkana.
Uncle Ryan also just changed his flight into DFW tomorrow.
HG is going to squeal with seeing him.
He is out in Cali, moving to Boston soon so we love on him when we can.

A few random pictures over the last week....... In the middle of all the moving, I decided I needed to recover a glider.
You know, the important stuff right?
ha. I am only half way finished.

Trying to eat Greek yougurt.

This stuff is terrible.


Smells like breast fed babies poop.


I've resorted to smoothies with tons of fruit.

Sometimes I will have one for breakfast.

Sometimes I will have one for extra calories in the afternoon.

Extra calories, nuts huh?

Gotta keep my milk supply up for my girl.

You must have calories for your milk to continue.

These girls love our bed.

Lots of tea parties.

Another started project.

This one will be super cute.

Pink butterflies and pearls.

Southern little girls love both.

Oh, it is a mobile.

Silly HG hiding in th little stuffed animal toy chest.

I've been cleaning the grout a little each day.

It is amazing how clean it will come but with two kids climbing on me, I don't get too far.

She loved this old school jumper.

Or is it called a bouncer?

This was from our move in day.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We were gifted a new toaster oven, can't wait to test it out.

It is so shiny and clean.

Thanks Lynn!

Love some Taco Tuesday with this sweet gal.

You give her chips and salsa, I promise she will be extra sweet.

You just have to love Downtown Dallas and all of the protesting.

Well, this was actually at Mockingbird and 75.

Movie watching before bed.

Harper was already out.

She sleeps peeping out.

Brownies anyone?

We've got a busy week.

I thought it was going to be a slow week.

Then Harper got another double ear so that equals many trips to the doctor at different locations.

It is Teacher Appreciation week.

Our flowers are ready for in the morning.

We are seeing a friend and taking her flowers early in the morning.

Chris is home all week though to help get things done.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap

Our weekend started out on Thursday by having dinner with some friends.
It was much needed adult time after the husband has been gone each week.
I needed a little away time from the girls even though I probaby talked about them non stop.

Friday was back to picking up the house, going through boxes and playing outside.
Great day.
Until darkness hit.
Harper started throwing up everywhere, screaming, her tear duct was producing green mucus.
Lets not forget the 102.3 fever.
The husband and I knew exactly what it was and hoped to avoid the ER at all costs.
Remember, the last time we went the baby picked up RSV.
I dug out her numbing drops and finally after some tylenol sge crashed around 2:30 on a pillow.
We were up a ton but thankful I could get her comfortable enough to make the night.
There is a great Cooks Urgent care in Southlake that we were walking in a few minutes before they opened.
I am beyond impressed with that place.
Sure enough, double ear infections with worries that the drums will burst.
She had to be cathed once again to check for UTI since to our surprise, she had one in the hospital last time.
Apparently it is really worrisome for children this young to have one.
We will have to follow up with an ultrasound.
We left there after a Rocephin shot, a 10 day script and an appointment for a follow up and an ENT appointment.

Even with all that going on, we were determined to throw meat on the grill.
I mean we have had that grill for 18 months and never used it.
Well, it worked beautifully.
The smoked ribs, vegetable kabobs and chicken kabobs were fabulous.
With all that food, we invited some friends over.
Lucky for us, they alway get the family treatment.
So in other words, the unpacked boxes and dust on some furniture was okay.

Today, we all stayed in bed until 11.

I even had to wake up HG.


The husband treated the yard so that Camo can come home before heading to school.

The girls and I went to Boyd's birthday party.

I am so glad we went, all three of us had a blast.

On another note, please pray for a good friend of mine. He was shot while in the line of duty protecting our safety. I sware I have never met a man with such Southern manners. He is in stable condition and expected to fully recover.

Spring Break Part 2

Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Rock Zoo

The girls and I took a super fast trip through Texarkana and onto Little Rock this Spring Break.

I am so sorry that I did not call anyone, we really spent all our time with family and keeping the girls well. It was a super fast trip as we were back in Dallas last night.

We left Dallas a day late after rushing Harper into the doctor once again. Another ear infection and bronchitis. Poor girl has been so sick this winter. They did a full work out of her immune system at the hospital and all is in average range. Great news! She is finishing up antibiotic #9. Very scary, means that she is building a resistance and they aren't working properly. Even late term Preemies can have bad lung and chest issues through out the year. It was one of the first things they warned me about at 29.5 weeks when they had me set up to deliver that day. I honestly never imagined this. I don't think anyone can. She made it much longer and I am even more thankful after this winter.

But with the warmer weather and spring break, we had to do something. The husband was in Tampa and then headed to Louisville. We would technically be doing the same thing at my parents as we would be doing here so we headed east. We had a great time visiting with family and ended up stocking both girls closets with spring and summer clothes. I'm talking everything I think, including shoes. Such a nice feeling because clothes are so dang expensive and then you throw in a picky 3 year old, it is so hard. HG helped pick out her clothes. The day we headed to the Zoo, it was beautiful and warm. Arkansas wasn't on their break so it was like us having the whole zoo just to ourselves. It was great!

More fun Spring Break posts coming up soon.

The husband is back in town and we are finally moving into the house this weekend.