Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fast catch up

Blogger is still giving me issues.
I finally snagged the husband's laptop.
I am thankful for his laptop.
But I highly dislike PC's.
He is almost a MAC boy.
Apples to Macs is the only way to go.

Last week was busy,
Poppy was here, play dates, etc.
We spent the weekend in Texarkana for Brooke's shower.
The girls LOVE going to Texarkana.
So much room to roam and play.
I hosted the shower while the husband and Poppy took the girls for catfish.

Sunday was wonderful as well with a visit in SS with more family. 
HG just worships our family there and would love to live next door.
Maybe one day.

 Harper has no fear.
The above football, she decided she was too hungry to wait.
Below, she is climbing.
Kid climbs on every single thing.
Today, we had to ice a black eye before bed
Pictures are on IG.

 She ate chieken one meal.
Saturday to be exact.
Hasn't touched it again.
We did pull her off whole milk for six days and introduced silk yesterday.
5 ounces yesterday and 10 today along with two nursings.
So far so good.
I was on soy for  long time, still lactose intolerant.

 HG was Ariel at her School Halloween party and parade today.
 Then she squeezed herself in a small dress up outfit.
Harper wanted to be a hula girl.

Big rest of the week and I will try to add the missing pieces (posts) that I am still trying to post from my cell.
Lots of fun things planned the next few weeks, I just hope I can catch my breath.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger mess ups

My Blogger app has been acting a fool. I had a long blog that I thought posted before the last post (weekend pictures continued) but apparently it never posted. No idea where it went!

I deleted the app and downloaded t again so hopefully we are back in business.

Catching up soon.

Until then, HG likes to ride in style.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Harper wanted to take a bite out of each one.
HG just wanted to bounce in the bounce house since she ended up with a shot instead of the mist.
That is a whole other story.
Momma, well Momma was sweating bullets in jeans and boots.