Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everyone is doing it....

1. Do you like Starbucks? And are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?
A- I like Starbucks. Actually I think I love it. I love the smell. I don't really drink coffee though. My Aunt Susie gave me a $40 gift card last Christmas and I cherished it. I will have a Pumpkin Spiced latte soon. I like to have them on cool/cold mornings and only a couple a year. I drank it more often in Colorado. Probably because it was cold and probably because it served as my breakfast. Skinny Vanilla latte..yum. White chocolate mocha. holy yum. Like I said, I don't drink often but enjoy every sip when I do. Their low fat muffins with sugar on top = yum!

2. How do you decorate and prepare for Fall?
A-We usually decorate for fall and I love all the colors. This year, we are crammed into an apartment and have only decorated a little. I will have to make up for it next year. Aren't you excited hunny?

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities? No, our life is much too busy to even get time alone right now!

4. What is your favorite Fall clothing item or accessory? BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS and hot jeans.

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Not sure if I have one. I remember being a mummy/surgical patient for our 6th grade haunted house at St. James. It was fun and I put a lot of work into it.

6. Do you like Halloween/Horror movies? Not Halloween movies but enjoy some horror movies.

7. What is your favorite Fall activity?
A-Pumpkin patches, football, bonfires, family functions, cooking out, Church festivals, cooking

8. What is your favorite Fall recipe?DRESSING of course. We eat ham and turkey all the time, so over rated. We always love having other things. Duck, seasoned pork loin, mexican chicken spaghetti, brunch, etc.

9. What movie coming out soon are you looking forward to seeing? It's not coming out, it is out. Eat.Pray.Love
2. What will you miss most about Summer? The fresh fruit and veggies

3. When do you start your holiday shopping? Typically I am finished by September. Chris shops for one of his family members and then us and that takes place in December. This year, I've barely started!! YIKES!

.4. Favorite exercise/activity?Elliptical

5. Best book you've read lately? The Help, Driven Purpose of Life
6. Do you make your bed every day?Mostly yes, sometimes if we don't leave the house and don't get out of bed then no.

7. If you could choose a personal chef or a personal shopper, which would you choose?
Personal Chef...Have you seen the junk I eat?

8. Which TV show are you most excited for this Fall?Grey's, P.P, SUV, CSI, Dr. Oz, Ellen, Oprah's last ask me how many of those I actually watch.


Dawn in the dish washer because HG came to me saying "Momma, I washed the dishes". Then I heard the dish washer on. This was the routine every few minutes.

Butterflies & Pizza

She picked out her own outfit and did her hair. It was farm day. We had jeans, boots and a cute top picked out until she saw THE DRESS. I was too tired to fight.After school, we bought these at Bass Pro. She was thrilled!

Little baker gal

Washing the dishes

THEN...homemade pizzas! We bought the stuff yesterday and she was so excited that we had dinner by 5. After a dozen cookies. I'm bloated......terribly but totally worth it for her.

The works

A few other highlights:

  • She was eager for school.. YES!
  • They studied the 'Barn Animals' today.
  • She came home spelling R-E-D spells blue. Ha, she is trying to hard to do it right.
  • She recognizes the capital letter A. I had an A on my shirt and she told me that I had an A on my shirt and pointed to it. Oh proud momma moment.
  • Bass Pro was like a field trip.
  • Bought Poppy's birthday gift. I'll post it next.
  • The house is a disaster but it's one of those Life is too short days and I could care less. It stinks too. Old popcorn. Now with spiced pumpkin candle smell. You know you are jealous.
  • She sleeps with Mommy when Daddy is gone. Score on both ends. I'm nice and cozy and she thinks she is Princess for a night. However...tonight when I climbed in bed there were crumbles everywhere. I mean E V E R Y W H E R E . She hid a sugar cookie under her pillow. yuk. gross.but funny. I guess ole girl is scared she'll get hungry in the middle of the night. She IS her momma's child. I am a middle of the night snacker from time to time.
  • We were pj's and had a bath by 6:30 once again. SO NICE! She was asleep by 7:30.
  • I love Thursday night TV!!
  • Uncle JD and Kendall bought HG canvas and paints for her to paint on. I don't think they know what type of mess we are talking. I mean really messy. R E A L L Y M E S S Y but oh so fun! I can't wait. Oh and pumpkins. She'll be a carving Queen soon. She wants to carve Dora, imagine that. Or an Egg. An Egg? Seriously? What goes through that pretty little head.
  • We were at Tom Thumb today (by the way, i really liked their deals on fresh food) and there was a gentleman about Poppy's age that said hi to HG. He looked a lot like Poppy.

The conversation:

the guy: Hi cutie

HG : Hey Poppy

The guy keeps walking

HG: Heeeeeeey Poppy (REALLY loud)

The guy keeps walking

HG: Why Poppy no talk to me (in the saddest face possible)

It was cute, sweet and sad all at the same time. It's really odd because this guy, he really reminded me of my dad. Maybe that is why HG felt he was Poppy too.


Cattle drive
We spent Wednesday in the Stockyards with Jenna, Derc and Jax having a lot of fun. From the cattle drive through town to the bbq plated meals, I think everyone thoroghly enjoyed themselves.

A few shots from the day:

Dercy & Hailey GraceRide 'Em Cowgirl

(Nicolle, I love going down there so lets plan a date soon!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mommy's Amazing Cowgirl

She makes my heart beat stronger. Her smile touches everyone and her kisses are amazing. She gives 10 kisses at a time. In Spanish. I LOVE IT. God knew what he was doing when he created Hailey Grace.

Post on FB

I posted this on FB tonight. Not sure why. I needed to say hi and good bye I guess. I bawled. and bawled. Hailey Grace cried because she didn't know why tears on mItalicy face. I KNOW my mom greeted him. know it.

Whitney BellGene Davis: uncle Gene, it was amazing getting to know you over the past few years. I wondered where my love for diving came from and now I know why. I will honor each and ever dive for you. Please guide me in the direction where you want to see. Please hold my mom's hand and tell her I miss and love her dearly, each and every day. She would totally love Hailey Grace and laugh at what a mess she is. Oh goodness, I think I should have behaved when younger as everyone says she is just like me. No way I had that much attitude. now way. :) Love.
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A video from Poppy's house in July. She loves bubbles. It is amazing to see her in this video and see her now. Not.the.same.kid. She talks in 100% complete sentences now. I love it!! almost all the time. It's funny because I get the whole "wow, she talk a lot more than she should f0r her age" OFTEN. My next one isn't going to talk to 5 and I am totally okay with it. :)

Fun Slide

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Four States Fair

While Chris headed to Louisville for the weekend, Hailey Grace and I loaded up for a trip to Texarkana. But first, Auntie CaCa and her friend Taylor spent the night on Thursday and what a wonderful surprise for Hailey Grace.





We woke to gloomy weather and light rain on Friday so I knew we were in no hurry. Little did I know, this was a preview to our drive out east. After packing up, having a late breakfast, doing laundry and loaded the car, we headed out. Our usual quick trip home turned into a long, scary drive due to all the weather. Hailey G was yelling at the rain and funder to stop. It didn't want to stop. Even after arriving in Texarkana, it continued to storm and we had no desire to get out in it. Hailey Grace's allergies started again on Friday morning (I knew something was up with her super early bedtime on Thursday evening) so I was trying to keep her out of the weather. Finally around 7:30, it wasn't pouring so we headed to Carino's. It is always a must. Pasta, bread and wine. Hailey Grace LOVES having dinner here. Her own garlic and olive oil, her own piece of bread, all the pasta and salad her little belly can eat. Friday was a little different though. After having her bread and oil, she climbed in my lap, buried her head in my chest and was out in less than two minutes. Snoring. Poor little gal was exhausted and stuffed like a blimp. Poppy, Judy, Collins and I continued to enjoy our dinner, Spicy Romano Chicken, a good Malbec and far too much bread. That stuff can seriously be addicting. The rest of the evening was just hanging out at the house watching movies in the nasty weather.





Once again, we woke to rainy weather but added green flying snot. great. again? seriously? Chris called to say that his allergies were in full force and was on the way for some Zyrtec. She has her daddy's allergies. We had a yummy breakfast, ran to Poppy's office, Walmart for allergy medicine and then Sonic for lunch. She was starving and it was fast and easy. Of course, she only picked at it. Her poor throat was pretty red from all the yummy drainage so I am sure it hurt. All afternoon, we debated the fair. Should we, should we not. At 6:30, we finally got showers. 7:30, we pulled up to the fair. Good decision even in the nasty weather. Brooke, Collins, Kyle, HG and I had a nice time. It was a much needed nice time.






We always enjoy going home to visit Texarkana. Hailey G loves being able to play and run (even in the rain) and cries when we leave.
Sunday early afternoon it was a race to get back to DFW and head to the airport. Chris flew in, my cell died so it took getting out at 3 terminals to find the correct one but we still made it before he flew in, and then headed to the Bell's house for a visit. They treated us to a yummy dinner at Vito's in Irving, a little more visiting and then early bed for us all. If you haven't tried Vito's, it is a must. Their pizza is really cheap and huge. Like each slice is 2 slices of normal pizza. I also love their house salad dressing. YUM-O!
Well, that is our weekend in a nut shell. We hope you all had a wonderful and rain free weekend!

Good news (and Bad)

  • Hailey Grace is feeling much better but kept us up until nearly 4 this morning from coughing and tossing and turning. The drainage has to be annoying.
  • Her frog is amazing and helps so much with allergies/colds/sinus infections.
  • We had dinner with daddy last night and boy was she a handful. Amber, we arrived just after you left so I will bring you your gift (PROMISE!).
  • Hailey Grace and I had a lazy day yesterday. Laundry, resting, cleaning, etc. It was nice but looks like I'll be cleaning and doing laundry all over again today. Funny how often I have to do it.

I had my Ultrasound and Mammogram this morning on my left breast. It was my 3rd set of exams since the last week of June. Everything looked good and it was a itty bitty bit smaller. I can't tell, you couldn't tell but with the pictures you can. I was brought into a room where the doctors do all the examining of the xrays, ultrasounds and mammograms and YES it was just like on Grey's. The doctors were very nice and went in detail on everything. They do not believe that it is cancer at this time. Might it turn into cancer one day? Sure but only time will tell and actually it probably won't. It is extremely painful is the main issue. Hopefully with the next kid, it will clear on it's own. They believe it is an an infection that I had couple times while breast feeding (Mastitis) and once when I stopped. I am not much on taking medicine as many of you know and so caused a painful abscess/cyst that might require surgical drainage. I will be monitored every few months and if it continues to be painful, a breast biopsies is the next step. There is a very rare type of cancer that mimics Mastitis infections like this. So...that is all I know!

After leaving Baylor, I had a message from my grandmother and Aunt in SE Texas. My Uncle had passed away in his sleep during the night. My Aunt went to wake him and he was already gone. I am stunned and saddened. They are at a loss of what caused it. During the last 6 months, there have been so many deaths around us I am just not sure what to think. God's Army is full of SPECIAL ones for sure. I'm sure Gene was met by my mom, Paw paw and Grandmother Zita when he arrived in Heaven.

That was our Tuesday all before 10 in the morning!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

All about Pink

October is a mere 4 days away and is Breast Cancer month awareness if you didn't already know. Ladies, do your monthly exam, go get exams and save your girls! It is easy as that and you are never too young.

I go for my 3rd mammogram AND ultrasound at 9:30 in the morning since the last week of June. If you have an extra prayer, it would be appreciated. While everything looks okay so far, you never know when it could come out differently.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art giveaway!!

Another fun giveway from this super fun blog.

Hurry along now and go check it out!

Sneak Peek

The hubby and I have been trying to decide what Miss Priss was going to be for Halloween this year with lots of input from her. LOTS. She has a very strong opinion in what she does and wears. It is the girl in her.

She has gone from Dora to Blues Clues to a Bumble Bee to Donkey on Shrek to a pink Dog to Minnie Mouse to Tinker Bell...the list goes on and on. I love the bee, pink poodle, Minnie mouse and tinker bell costumes. I also thought about making her a costume after researching on google. Super easy and way cute!

Then I saw this today. It is an 18-24 months it looked big. Many of you know that Chris called Hailey his little Hailey Monster. That got us all calling her that from time to time. She growls and says she is a pink Dora monster. Sure, what ever floats her boat. It is cute though. When I saw this, I knew she would love it. And she did. The screaming started as soon as I showed her after school. She was livid with me that I wouldn't pull over and let her change into it. She has been wearing it for 2 hours so far while dancing around the living room pulling out every toy possible, she is so happy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My goal is to deny yours

Hockey is a fast body contact game played men with clubs on their hands and knives laced to their feet. We love it. We miss our season tickets to the Eagles. We thought it was about time to introduce Hailey Grace to the action. She loved it. We were thrilled. The lights, noises (scared her a bit at first), food and all the excitement.
I heard the couple behind us say that a hockey game was the only place you can still go and see two white guys fight. Red ice sells the hockey the tickets.....So true. So true.
We had a little rain on the way to the game and then out of nowhere this amazing rainbow appeared. It was the largest, brightest (even after living in Colorado where they are amazing), prettiest rainbow we've even seen. It stopped you in your tracks, littlerly.
Then Miss Priss fell asleep on the way to the game. Poor thing has been worn out lately!

Today, we used the 25 gift card to Chili's that Hailey Grace won and were reminded why we don't dine there. It was terrible. Really nasty. The service was good just poor food. They were dead so maybe a reflection on why so many Chili's are closing and GM's changing jobs. The hot sauce was watery, the chips were oily, Chris had a burger that was burnt and no flavor when it was supposed to be a Smokehouse Jalapeno burger, I decided on honey chipotle chicken tenders to share with HG and they were terrible. The breading was extremely thin and tasted freezer burnt. Tyson has a better chicken tender in the frozen section at Walmart. I wished that I had ordered the original tenders but at the rate we were going, they probably wouldn't have been much better, Thank goodness the french fries were good!

Tonight, we're packing Chris for Louisville and us for Texarkana. We are beyond excited about the fair!!! Hailey Grace has school so I have a few errands to run and hopefully will clean/load while she is there. Debating on when we are going to head out. Then it is back to a busy week next week again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun little giveaway

There is a fun little giveaway on Jessica's cute blog that you need to check out!

Mia comes to town!

Mia came to play with us yesterday and a great time was had by everyone. Hailey Grace woke up early and was beyond excited that "My Mia" was coming. She always includes the MY. We dined at Aspen Creek, Spinach/art dip, salads, C & Mia had steaks, HG and I had Pork tenderloin, ribs to share and the to die for brownie dessert. I think we rolled out of there. Hailey is really into salads and soups right now. Her Uncle Ryan used to order salads at Mc Donalds at her age because they were green.
We played at the apartment (HG destroyed her room in a matter of minutes), HG and Mia read in bed and then HG couldn't decide where she wanted to sleep. I pulled her in bed with me while Chris showered and she cried for Mia. Finally, she gave up and I put her on her blow up Princess bed. Goodness gracious, that plastic is loud with as much as she rolls around.Photobucket

This morning was breakfast at Chick Fil A of course. Hailey Grace didn't eat anything and had her hands on her back molars often. We let her play and she climbed all over the play ground. Usually she just runs around but today she as climbing and sliding. We have been neglecting Target so felt a trip was in need to check out boots, Halloween costumes and clothes. While the boots were really cute, they were plastic and you could tell. BUMMER, they were so adorable in their ads. JC Penny's has an adorable pair of short brown ones that I'll check out. I need a gray pair as well. The Halloween costumes were cute but couldn't decide. We're hoping to be in Virgina seeing the Vest family for Halloween so we might need to dress warm. Mia did buy her a few cute things and I picked her up 2 shirts that were on sale for $5. Oh yeah- milk is 99 cent at Target right now! That is even cheaper than the 2 or $3 at Walmart.
Hailey Grace did not want her "My Mia" to leave. We walked her to the car and she was pouting on my shoulder, hiding her face and crying. Poor thing, she doesn't understand. Hopefully, we'll see her this weekend. I came in, changed her diaper (she went tee tee in potty), put her in her bed and she is out. Sound asleep in her bed with her "singing" or sound machine blaring. She likes it that way. whatever. We're having left over cheesy chicken spaghetti tonight for dinner. Chris missed it the other night and I only froze half of it. Easy enough for me.
The rest of the week is full like I said in the previous post. HG has school two days, Room Mother meeting in the morning. Chris and I have an appointment at the Apple store tomorrow, working on washer, the apartment maintenance coming to fix potty, packing Chris for Louisville, Parents night at school, Uncle JD flies in, Chris flies out, need to stop and see Ryan and get my watch, heading to Texarkana on Friday morning for the fair, back on Sunday to get Chris, Uncle JD flies out Monday morning.

Other little goodies I found in the $1 section. Warm vanilla hand soap, birthday cards, fork/spoon for HG and a fun Halloween book by Pillsbury.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Picture speaks for itself. Chris left his change out and someone found it. This was before she threw it all over the living room. This is before I managed to deleted 400 people on Facebook. whoops, I'm not sure who yet!

She wants to wear mommy's shoes all the time

Our date night turned into bar hoping night with a friend in downtown FW

Another shot

Thursday night, Chris and I decided on a babysitter and she was due to arrive at 6:30 for us to head to dinner. Around 2:20, the power went out. At 4, it was still out and by 4:30 we knew that the power company had so record of us having power with them. ever. We had all the correct information that proved we did. Hadn't we been living in the apartment for a month? Nope, not according to our records. Wonder where that bill is, I'm sure someone will some how manage to find us in their system and get it to us. Anyways, we went to downtown FW thinking Mexican but Chris was eager to stop by and catch up with Jason. He was having a birthday dinner with family and I felt terrible for crashing it. 1. we weren't invited 2. it was just their family 3. it was our date night. I can't tell you the last time the two of us had dinner or a movie. I had wanted to have a nice dinner and then meet up with Jason, Kristen and every one else. But.. once arriving to Billy Miners, they assured me that we weren't crashing their party and we were welcome there. We love the Wallis family and their extended family, always so loving and welcoming. I have to say that it was a lot of fun! Billy Miners that can be found HERE is closing down after being open for a long time. After dinner, we said our good byes and headed to the Reata for a margarita on the roof top. I love it up there! I had a habanero margarita which was excellent but had a little kick. If you like the Texas theme, you will love it. REATA

Hailey Grace and I are supposed to be on our way to Little Rock for sweet Graham's birthday. Mom is coming here tomorrow, dad during the week and I'm still on the in law's dog duty so we're having to stay home. We were really looking forward to a Sunday in Little Rock so pretty bummed about it. Mom hasn't seen our apartment and the dogs didn't starve leaving Chris in charge so I guess it is for the best.

Hailey Grace and I had an evening in tonight. We cooked dinner in the crock pot, went to the Laundromat for washing and picked up. Hopefully our washer will be working soon. Chris worked and is out with friends. Hopefully he'll be in soon. I just don't agree with a married man being out at bars late night. Call me old fashion but I think there is no good at bars late night alone.

5 minutes left



We're gearing up for a busy few weeks weeks. Mia is heading to town tomorrow for a night or two. Dinner with Ryan and then I believe Poppy and Uncle JD later in the week are coming for a visit, Hailey Grace has school, Chris goes to Louisville, we're going to Texarkana for the fair on Friday, Meet the Teacher where they announce me as room mom to the other parents, two room mom meetings, MYC activties, pick Chris up at airport, Hailey G goes back to school, play dates, Chris leaves for Vegas, find out for sure if we get the beautiful state, a trip to Colorado in early October, dad's 60th birthday party, a trip to see family for another birthday, a trip to weatherford to see Grandpa, another mammogram, flu shot for HG, follow up dr appointment...GOODNESS GRACIOUS A LIVE...I know I am leaving a few things out.............oh yeah, Shreveport if possible. :) So if you see me the next few weeks and I'm running like crazy, so sorry but I will make it up to you. Things just keep adding up. I was really hoping for super low key in September and October since Chris will be gone 4-5 weeks in November and December.

Oh yeah, when is this fall weather going to arrive? I'm so beyond ready for it. A Colorado trip is calling my name!!