Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a delightful Easter weekend this year. 
Poppy came over Friday night to see the kids and watch HG play soccer on Saturday. The girls squeal with excitement as he drives up our street. 
Easter Sunday, HG woke us all up early to see if the bunny visited before heading to Mass. We arrived 20 minutes early and still barely found a seat. All those that only attend Mass on Holidays were in full force this year. Lots is sick people too. We were joined by the husband's parents and his grandmother so it made Mass even that more special to us.  We will miss the days were we can meet for Mass with our kids and family.  After a quick stop for a tea, we spent the rest of the day and evening at the in laws visiting and eating.  Of course the Easter bunny had stopped there. The girls ran and ran until 8 when I pulled the plug and said it was time for bed. Everyone but Hudson was asleep within of being on the road. Sweet Hudson kept the husband and I up until 11:30 laughing and talking. Oh baby laughs, I seriously love you.

We are trying to soak up as much family time as we can before taking off on our new adventure. Our house is just about ready to list. Buying houses is far more fun than selling. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Catching up

Remember this day here? It was seriously one of, it not the most scariest thing I have faced yet. A day that I feared my entire life. Every day. Every single day. I look at my kids and pray I live to 85.   Last year, I am not sure how I functioned during all of the waiting times because patience is a work in progress.  Luckily, everything turned out okay and we found out that the suspected spot was a cyst. So my yearly scan was a few months off because of my C Section and then the waiting game began again. We opted for an ultrasound since CT and MRI scans carry radiation and I had both last year with dye.  I do worry if I should have had one anyway. Hopefully my dr will be able to answer this for me soon. The ultrasound revealed that one cyst had indeed grown, another possibly shrunk a bit. The cysts being in different kidneys.  For all the tiny, small things viewable from the MRI and CT's aren't exactly viewable on here clearly. But, in their opinion it isn't a huge change in the cysts so nothing to worry about for now. The chick that did my scan looked like Callie from Grey's Anatamony and pretty much handled me much like she would a patient. I thought my ribs were going to snap at one point from the pressure. Seriously. While I am beyond thankful being able to hit the next few months head on healthy, I pray daily for a friend starting her treatment soon.

The husband left last week on Sunday and returned late Thursday. To say that week has been a doozie would be an understatement.  I typically can hang no issue but did not do so well. The kids teamed against me.  Harper is of course snotty, not feeling well again. As always. I will get into her stuff in a bit. Not to mention being on constant antibiotics since November, even on probiotics, the poop was flowing. It might have flowed on our carpet, tile, potty and all over Harper. She was trying to get to the potty, running as fast as her legs would carry her only to have the poop running faster. Poor girl. Luckily, she was on her last day of antibiotic when we went in to have her poop checked. I carried her poop in a pee container to the dr on Tuesday morning. Did I mention it sat in the fridge over night? Yep, sat on top shelf in my fridge. 
Wednesday greeted us with yet another post op with our ENT. This just happened to be the same day our tile guy was supposed to show up at 8 to start our kitchen back splash. Of course he was late, making us late. I don't do late very often. Always great seeing our ENT even though I wish we could stay out of her office. Thursday greeted was Hudson's day at the dr for fever, stuffiness and being really cranky. With 101.2 in the bottom, they had me bring him right in being 2 months. He checked out good, a chunk at 16 pounds 4 ounces but just a cold with a little fluid in the ear.

 So in between dr appointments, I managed to meet Meghan and Stephanie for lunch on Tuesday, a quick shopping trip with Heidi after and still be at school for HG by 1:50.  Thursday, we managed a quick trip to see the grandparents and Friday, Poppy surprised the kids. Our kitchen backsplash looks great, the guy was here 13 hours but left quite a mess. I realize he was exhausted and the work looks great but my walls, doors, and everything else was a mess. I am thrilled that who ever buys our house will get to enjoy the new backsplash. Hence the sarcasm.

So what is going on with Harper's medical testing might you ask. This seems to be a daily question.

Poor Harper can't get well and stay well. She gets well and two days later is sick again. It is rough on her, it is rough on us. Remember this sinus surgery? Well, she has still had a sinus infection and drainage since. Our ENT sent us to a Specialist (Allergist, Immunologist, Asthma) in Southlake for some testing. The allergy testing part came back good but her immune part got two thumbs down. Her white blood cell counts are way down and her body isn't producing good antibodies to fight infection. This was a big concern of our dr as well as ours once the results were in.  There are a variety of reasons this could happen, one being (and what we are praying so hard for) just that she can't stay well long enough for her body to replenish these two. With her immune system so beat up, this is how she catches everything. When she catches something else, it tears down her immune system more. You get the idea. So, in other words we are supposed to keep her in a bubble right now away from other kids.  Much easier said than done but we are working with her school on days she can actually go.  This helps so much. Our first step was to test her immune system. This was fairly simple, a massive shot in her leg but most children react good to this shot. We wait 4 weeks and repeat blood work. In the meantime, if her body reacts correctly then her body will get a little jump start and start producing good antibodies and WBC. If it doesn't react correctly then we are faced with some larger decisions as to the correct treatment, testing and so forth. Prayers for her little body to react correctly and build up to a decent level, I'll even take close to a decent level.


Hailey Grace is really enjoying her last few weeks of Pre K before starting Kindergarten in the fall. Still in shock that in a few short months, she will be 6 and in real school. Whoa. And still not sure which school she will go to.  HG is also still attending Mrs Dayle's 2-3 days a week and loves every minute of it. She is always coming home with crafts, new songs and full of energy. Plus Mrs Dayle feeds them so good and interacts with them non stop. 

Hudson is a rock star. He just goes with the flow and the girls are so in love. I thought the newness would wear off but it hasn't. This is probably the reason for this fever and stuffiness last week. He was up quite a bit all week needing the nose frida, a little Tylenol and resting on Momma's chest so he is elevated.  His eyes are still blue, some days really blue and others they look almost like they are turning brown. He was weighing in at 16 pounds 4 ounces and now right around 17.   His 6 month onesies are hard to snap and many 6 month stuff just don't fit anymore. He is growing like a weed.


The husband was promoted to Market Partner a few weeks back and we are beyond thrilled for him. This is a big accomplishment in such a wonderful company. He stays busy traveling of course but loves what he does. I try to keep up with which city he is in and which day. This past week, he was in two states and events in 3 cities all in 5 days. Today is our last Saturday before our house is officially on the market where we are free. Our weekends are so full as is our weeks days from now until the end of May. We hope to accomplish a lot today but with all 3 kids here and Poppy, we aren't sure how much will actually get done.