Thursday, June 23, 2016

Listing house

There hasn't been much blogging time around here but really wanted us to remember this moment. 

The husband has been traveling the last six weeks and if you know kids, it only gets busier the older they get. Our two first weeks of summer was pack full of activities from sun up to sun down. Seriously. One round of swimmers ear so I consider us very lucky! All three have summer colds right now we caught from a friend but again, we are very lucky. Last June, we were dealing with pneumonia.

Hudson is officially potty trained for one month! Amazing that re baby stages are gone. Over night diapers and/or pull ups are still being used at night but he has woken up dry all week. I think we did good getting him done before he hit the 2.5 mark, the norm up here is 3. I'll have 3 year olds next year that are not fully potty trained. 

Back to the house and traveling.  So between work and working on the house, the husband has been gone for most of the last six weeks.  I'm not going to lie, it got old. But he has been home this week before heading out on another work trip. 
Our house is officially listed in N Fort Worh. This is the house we bought just before delivering HG. I actually ended up on a mag drip over this move. We've had so many houses over the years but this is he one we brought our first baby home to so it is bitter sweet. Sad to see it go for those reasons but happy to see it go as well. It looks great and would be a perfect family home.  It has been listed for about twelve hours and we have two showings. Fingers crossed it sells quickly!

Hopefully we can catch up soon with pictures from end of school, swim lessons, a going away party, surprise birthday party, tornados, tons of s'mores, sport camps, VBS and so forth.