Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The husband and I recently went on a 4 night trip to Orlando for his yearly conference.  My Mom and Aunt are amazing brave to come and take care of the girls.  I am really glad I decided to join Chris this year and not back out due to Harper being 6 months.  I never left HG until 18 months and it made me sick to think about it. While I was missing them like crazy, it is nice for everyone to have a break from time to time. 
I am terrible with the camera so thanks to Meghan for pulling hers out and snapping some good ones.
Orlando was a mixture of work and play.
Each year, the husbands company puts on a conference for the MP's and higher.
It is wild all the work that goes into this conference.
The time, the money, the hard work by the conference staff.

Sunday we flew in and headed to the General Conference meeting followed by dinner on the golf lawn. It was fun seeing everyone and catching up.
Sunday night concert was Big & Rich.
Cowboy Troy even sang a few songs, what a treat!

 Monday morning was breakfast and general session followed by our yearly humanitarian day.
We are all divided into groups and work on a project.
I helped rake, shovel, lay mulch, build a garden and pick up leaves.
This brought on a while new meaning of dirtiness.
I wore tennis shoes with shoes and my toes were still filthy.
After our busy morning, while most took a nap, we headed to the pool.
I couldn't waste an hour pool side with a fruity drink.
The husband's boss took this whole team to an amazing dinner at Season's 52.
If you haven't heard of this place, the menu changes for each season.
It was really neat.
As if our day hadn't been busy enough, our late night band was Mogollon.
They were fun but I was stuff and ready for bed.
Luckily, they would be entertaining us pool side.

 Tuesday morning started off before dawn with a 5K run.
We skipped, there is always next year.
The general session had a motivational speaker today, Aaron Ralston from 127 hours.
The rest of the afternoon was spent pool side preparing for our big night.
MP dinner.
Big, huge event.
After dinner, 3 Doors Down and Gin Blossoms played.
Great concerts.

 Wednesday was our low key, fun day.
We spent the day at Discovery Cove swimming with sea creatures,
Like 7 foot sting rays.
I felt a little more comfortable here than I did in Grand Cayman doing it.
The Discovery Cove ran until 7 so most people hit the pool after.
We had plans to dine at one of the Restaurants at the Ritz.
I must say, great choice Steve!
Dinner was great.
After a little late night action, we were in our room in bed by 11.
Yes, I said late night!

Looking forward to Maui 2013!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet surprises

The husband and I arrived home today from his yearly conference and walked into the best surprise.
Not only did Mom and Aunt Tonia keep the girls, they worked their little bottoms off.
Pictures were hung, furniture was moved around, decorations were set out in great places, new guest room bedding, etc.
It was honestly one of the best surprises.
I snapped a few pictures, not with a good camera so you all will have to make do.
It makes the chocolate walls look really dark.
 Hopefully this weekend, we can sand and stain our kitchen table and get this bad boy on the patio.
 One of my favorite pictures ever.

 Living Room view from the kitchen.
We're looking for the perfect Mantel picture but that one works for now.

 The new granite that was installed last week.
 In love with this picture from Aunt Tonia.
 This picture was in my mom's kitchen before she passed away.
 Our little desk area.
We had planned on removing this but it is cut into the tile.
Yeah, no good but it turned out nicely.
Plus it gives HG an area for coloring and crafts on the tile rather than wood or carpet.
 The guest room turned out super cute.
The bedding was a surprise.
 I love these plate chargers and would I have thought to put them like this.
Chris and I were both super excited seeing this.

 She grew a foot while we were gone.
Okay, maybe not a foot.
 They added the zebra to the purple and it is so fun.
 HG's room is adorable.
Yes, we dress up every day.
 Harper's room is so simple but so classy.
 I hope to get her stuff for above her crib this week.

 See, she really grew a foot.
This miss priss is loving all the rocking chairs and gliders in the house.

I will snap the rest of the house soon and post about Orlando.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Harper was up on the hour, each hour during the night.
No fits, just not wanting to sleep or lay down.
I am beyond sleepy.
The husband, well he manages to sleep through it all.
Hopefully when 9 o'clock hits tonight, the girls and I will be in bed.
Harper's surgery is early in the morning.
Prayers please.
There is some concern due to her ears still being so infected and her having a few respiratory in a short four months.
The croup, RSV and bronchitis.
We will arrive with our inhaler in hand.
 Our little friend.
He hangs out daily on this table.
 HG oves to have dinner outside and it makes for easy clean up.

 Lunch at Costco today.
Harper and I were out the door by 9:30 trying to console her and finish errands.
Chris and HG met us at Costco to buy our new disposal and faucet.
 She loved this bear.
 SEe that group?
It was tons of bikers.
I'm talking TONS.
I was so worried about one getting hit because they were all off their bikes and standing on the shoulder.
They were everywhere.
How sweet is this?
I love it.

I am about to take the girls for a walk and try on a few dresses.
Don't you just love trying on clothes after you stuffed yourself silly?
A footlong hotdog and a piece of pizza from Costco.
Those who have eaten there know how much food that is.
But it is sooooooooo cheap!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Laundry and other tid bits of randomness

Why is it that everything falls in the same week you are preparing to leave town?
Not to mention, I am in a panic about heading out on a jet plane.
Major panic I tell ya.
They are in perfect hands I know but still hard.
I'm afraid the husband would chop off my head if I skipped.
 Loves her spoons.
 Sleepy girl with allergies.
Chick basket for hunting eggs at school. 
Our little Mermaid. 
Standing on kennel for protection. 
 Damn dog.
Started off morning in our overalls. 
By lunch in daisy dukes. 
Lots of strolls. 
Washing stollers.
Dinner outside.
Barbie bike riding.
Loving life.

Tomorrow is an off week for dance.
In other words, we'll probably be in our pajamas for a while tomorrow playing.
Hopefully a nice slow paced morning before our day of a minor surgery Thursday followed by HG's Spring Musical.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter did go as planned.
We had BIG plans to get up and get going early this morning.
A late nap had the girls up late.
The husband and I can accomplish far too much when it is quiet around here.
Or at least I can.
Lets add the wettest Easter on record and well, we weren't up with the sun.
In fact, we did not see the sun today except for it peeking out this evening.
The Easter bunny was wet hiding the eggs.
She couldn't hide much in the yard do the the crazy rain.
My brother said they were enjoying the 88 degree weather pool side at his father in laws today.
Nice huh?
I did  manage to cook a super 10 + pound yummy ham along with all the traditional sides the husbands loves.
Even Harper loved the mashed potatoes.
I added some breast milk to hers and was a little bird.

I will post the girls in their Easter dresses when I get a chance.
That is another thing that did not go as planned.
Girls had matching dresses.
I'm BIG on matching for Holidays
We always matched.
What happens when you misplace Harper's dress?
And everyone has looked for it?
You make do.
After having a fit and shedding some tears, I decided to be thankful that she is clothed.
And for Hailey Grace's hand me down smockaroo's that almost made me think I needed another girl to pass them down to.
I said ALMOST.
Gotcha, almost.
However, HG has been taking about her baby brother a lot lately.
Kind of scares me.

So for now, our dragging HG out of bed,   wonderful egg hunt will have to do.
And far too much chocolate.
Not for HG, for myself.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.