Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Harper love turns 4!!

Sweet Harper love turned F O U R yesterday and we have been celebrating ever since.

First celebration was a Royal Princess Party that she just insisted on. We invited her class and a few other friends ending up with 20 + kids and adults floating around. The weather was Gorgeous so we set up the fun outside.
Rapunzel hair and swords were taking over my house.
Love her Birthday cake, it is totally Harper.

Hailey Grace and her two friends, Gabby and Gracie, were in charge of this game.

Painting the pumpkins was a lot of fun for all ages!

Rapunzel lost her clothes......

Hudson working on his masterpiece.
Opening presents.
Harper and one of her BFFs.

After the birthday celebration, we continued the fun with a sleep over.
And a walk around the pond.
I guess you are allowed to do almost anything you want on your birthday.

Sunday evening, we had our fall family pictures taken again with Megan.  She does such an amazing job, I can't wait to share them.  By the time we got back close to our house, it was after 8 and everyone was starving. BW3 quickly reminded us why Hudson doesn't join us eating out.  Sheesh....
On Harper's actual Birthday, Hudson and I were at the grocery store by 8:30 picking up supplies for heart shaped waffles and stuff for the weeks.  After putting up the groceries, we let Camo out to find a bobcat in our backyard.  I wasn't sure what it was at first as it was bent down in the bushes in OUR yard along the fence.  Camo was in the yard, Hudson on the steps.  Camo went to point and I knew he saw something.  As I was walking out closer, it ran over to our neighbors yard and I ran for a camera.  Never did I think I would find a bobcat in our yard!  We live between two golf courses so apparently they run the area at night as well as the coyotes.

Hear shaped waffles have been on our list for a while and thanks to Amazon, it delivered a heart shaped waffle maker on Sunday!

More gifts, this time from us.

Harper got a new quilt for her bed. I just love quilts and TJ Maxx.

THEN Hailey Grace began Dancaplooza on Harper's birthday with four of her friends and fellow girl scouts.  It was SO cute!  From dance, it was Girl Scouts and then dinner out at TXRH.  Hudson wasn't invited so we actually enjoyed each and every bite.  The Custard Shop was the stop on the way home for the girls after calling it another late night.
Harper in her adorable Birthday Dress. 

On the Saddle at TXRH getting a big yeehaw!

I can not believe Harper is FOUR and ALMOST 38 inches.