Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Unexpected, fun trip to Texas

We had no plans to travel home to Texas over the Holidays but when family emergencies emerge, we were packed and ready in no time.  The drive is long, even as the kids get older, the drive is still long. We love seeing family and friends, just wish it were a few hours closer.

First stop was seeing my parents and sister in Texarkana. 

Then we managed to make a quick trip to see family in Dallas. Our typical hotel is under going renovations but thankfully, we found another decent one close by. Hotel and kids can be challenging. We hate that we missed time with our friends but plan on making up for it in July.

Super cute Cousins!

We got super lucky and had lunch with my cousin and her family on the way out of town. It is always funny because my kids look like they could belong to her and vice versa. 
Then we headed back east for a nights stay before driving all the way back. That was pretty much torture on the kids. 

The kids love being in Texarkana and all the room to roam and play.  I love that it was warm enough in winter to mess around without much worry of the snakes that like to roam the land.

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