Friday, November 4, 2011


Snuggling after bath time.

Growing up so fast.

Harper passed out to Fresh Beat Band music.

HG dressed herself.


Doctor visit.

Goof ball.

Big sis likes tummy time.

Little bit.

HG potato head.

Laughter is contagious.



Bathing the girls.

Harper exercising her lungs.

HG drained Harper's tub.

HG's Thanksgiving shirt she made.

Lots of pink and purples instead of orange and browns.

Passed out during tummy time.

Sweet little thing.

Makes you want to scream huh?

Made me drink a shiner bock.

Watching football with dad.

Spent last Saturday at storage and looking at houses in Keller.

The wind made it so cold.

Thank goodness for plently of warm clothes in storage.

Lunch at Babe's.

HG's favorite place ever.

Taking a picture in these chairs are always a must.

Might need a pair for our trip next month.

The girls have them so why not us.

Someone snagged my phone and took all kinds of pictures of her favorite things.

Such a ham.


We've had a busy week.

Lots of good things going on right now.

HG had fever for two days.

Harper puked all over me, the bed and herself.

I think she was storing it in her fingers and toes it was so much.

That called for 4 am showers.

House shopping is always so fun.

New neighbors.

New neighbors who didn't pay a pet deposit for their two dogs.

Dinner date with the husband and Harper.

Family dinner date.

Fall clothing out.

Or most of it.

Some Christmas stuff so far.

HG's Christmas shopping is done.

Harper started on Levisin drops.

We're headed to East Texas Sunday.

Today is my Grandfather's birthday.

He is also a Veteran.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party.

33 days until we head on family vacation.

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