Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday week

I posted here about my favorite picture.

It is of my amazing grandfather and his newest grandbaby.

My grandfather passed away yesterday evening.

While he is out of pain and dancing with the Angels, it still brings great saddness to my heart.

He was one of those guys where everyone in town knew him.

One of his best friends, jack, also passed away last night.

Ironic that they went together.

I'm sure they are sitting together, smiling and about to enjoy Mexican food.

Those who knew them well will remember their Mexican dinner dates.

We are heading to Texarkana tomorrow evening after the Bells Thanksgiving.

Here are a few pictures of our past week.

Lots of Christmas shopping

Lots of playtime

She was hilarious in Target.


Here she is yelling like Jessie.

A couple of dr visits.

Dressin' up with no pants on.

Yes she is outside with no nickers on.

Yes, that is a Uhaul.

No, you don't want to know.

Plus side is we have a list of 8 houses to look at when we return to town.

Lots of being on the go.

1 comment:

  1. Did you move out of the apartment??

    So sorry about your precious Grandfather. You are right though, he is dancing with the angels in heaven. That gave me chills that his friend Jack died on the same day. :( Sending you lots of love and condolences to all of your family.