Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feels like fall

Things are going smothly around here with the girls.
HG had a rough day at soccer.
We left and said we'd give it a try again next week.
Apple pies and cheeseburgers made us both feel better.

My friend Toni came to meet Harper this morning.
She is seriously the nicest person I've ever know.
We've known each other forever.
She has two precious twin girls.

Jenna and Jax came yesterday.
HG was so excited to have someone over to play.
Jax is too cute and always so good when he is over.
I was happy to have some adult time with Miss Jenna.
She has adorable and cute boys but I'm sure she enjoyed holding a princess.
There is just something about newborns.

Speaking of newborns.
I forgot how much the poop.
Holy cow.
I forgot the breast fed poop.
All my cloth diapers are just chillin'.
I'm hoping she can fit into some of the new born prefold soon.

HG had a busy day today.
School. Mrs. Carols. Soccer. Burgers. Play doh. NO bath, we both passed out by 7 in my bed.
A water bottle and 2 milk boxes right before we crawled in bed was sure to leave my sheets wet.
Clean sheets, full of pee.

I've said this many times but I keep reminding myself how Blessed I am with my girls.
I want to scream it from the roof tops.
God knew what he was doing when he added Harper to our family.
Next week, last year (if that makes sense) I had my HSG.
I had weekly blood work.
I cried every cycle, usually mid cycle because I knew if I ovulated or not.
I had just about given up all hope.
I knew the date we would start talking IUI's and IVF's.
It scared me.
Many families don't believe in the fertility treatments.
Not sure I was willing to go through all of it emotionally.
Then my body started doing what it was supposed to thanks a miracle drug.
Then my SIL and I found out we were expecting days apart.
My niece was born on my due date in September.
My body just wasn't ready and strong enough.
Every time I look at Harper, I am so thankful for her.
It reminds me of the losses, the struggles and the happiness all at one time.
I wonder if those babies would have looked like Harper or HG.
But one thing is I will never forget how amazing it is creating life.
How lucky we are that we are blessed with children.
Healthy children.
I've cried so many happy tears for Harper.
Oh so many.
I look at Harper differently.
Like she is more fragile.
Like she might disappear if I stop looking.
I have had nightmares and just stay awake the rest of the night watching her.
She is a true miracle.
Oh goodness, I love looking at her and I am forever thankful of my little miracle.

I am forever thankful that God chose to give HG a baby sister, her dream come true.

HG's first boy crush.
His name is so special around our house.
He just happens to be her friend Kalli's big brother.
First little girl crushes are too cute.

HG has the cutest and sweetest class.

The other moms are pretty great too!

What Halloween and a brownie will do to you.


Snow Angels on the dirty floor.

Makes me throw up a little in my mouth but I threw her in bed and bathed her in the morning.

Ha, yes I washed the sheets too.

Everyone knows how we love our dessert around here.

Play hard, eat well.

Enjoys Harper's little headbands.

That are entirely too small for HG's head.

She is really into Zebra.

Mia is giving her big girl zebra bedding for her new room.

Not sure if I am ready for the zebra, I love her little pink, greens and whites.

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