Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crested Butte

We made it to Crested Butte.
We're all in one piece and Miss HG is much better.
Never fails, someone always gets sick.
We weren't even 3 hours into the trip and HG gets sick.
The husband and I play it off as car sickness.
It continued.
We actually had to stop in Dalhart because she was getting so sick.
Poor girl, ran a fever and got sick until 6 ish in the morning.
At one point, it spiked to 103.
Her pedi just happened to be on call and we sent messages back and forth all night.
Goodness, I love her.
Today is the first day HG has actually eaten and it was pretty much me force feeding her.
She has also been down for a 3 hour nap.
Hopefully our little funny kid will be back.

Random place for gas stations.
We cut across by Trinidad and took US 69 to US 50.
Very scenic and beautiful ride.
Amish buggies and all.
Entertaining us on the drive.
I think I unclogged her tear duct.
We started the drops, I massage it a few times a day and a warm compress.
It exploded and then started pussing green.
Ever since, it looks pretty good.
Little Sister.
Please excuse the little bottom.
I love little bottoms though.
Check out that bath tub.

My sleeping beauty today.
Catching up on her rest while the others play.
Miss HG finally dressed but still resting.
We are 3 hours behind at this point.
It was well worth the rest for her.
The snow bunny passed out.
We left this for the below picture.

Pulling into the mountains.

Tomorrow, we are heading to the Children's museum while the husband skies.

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  1. That snow looks awesome! So pretty. I love the mountains. Sorry HG got so sick though. That is so hard on a road trip. I love her hat, it's so cute!

    Enjoy!! :)