Monday, December 5, 2011

I really don't have an excuse why I haven't updated our blog,
I mean besides a newborn and an acting our 3 year old, the good old computer gets the back burner.
We have been having a little fun around here though......
We have been home for almost a week after spending a week in Texarkana.
I still tried to address my grandfather a Christmas card.
So hard to believe he is gone after nearly 32 years with him.
Monday was tea party day at American Girl.
Tuesday we had school and tons of errands.
Wednesday we had lunch at AC and cleaned.
Thursday was more cleaning, Walmart starting to pack bags.
Today is a dance practice and then a play date.
The girls are making pizza.
Tomorrow is more dance practice if I can keep her motivated.
Sunday is the big dance recital.
Wonder if she will stand there with her fingers in her mouth?
I almost pulled her on Wednesday.
We really want to be in Austin at Kristen's house.
She is having an ugly sweater party that we know will be so fun.
But, HG is so excited about her first recital and wearing make up.
It made me realize just how important it is to her.
I couldn't break her little heart.
Not to mention we leave on Wednesday evening for a trip.
We have something going on each day until we leave.
C's boss is also in town.
He will have to be packed on Sunday.
And we don't leave until Wednesday evening.
We are both that busy.
He comes home from our trip, flies out the next day.
Home on the 23rd.....
We are doing Christmas this year on the 23 rd with my brothers and sister in law.
Everyone is busy moving, flying, working and house shopping this year.
Lucky Collins will get to see a lot of her girls.

Hopefully I will get to post while in Crested Butte.
Have Not decided if I will ski or not.
It is still pretty close to my surgery.
I can feel the knot where they tied every thing off growing smaller.
It will stick around 3 months.
I just can't wait to breathe in that wonderful cold air.
Maybe excited about drinking a local Colorado beer too.

We are off to enjoy our house smelling like peppermint.
We have like 75 days left in this little place.
Still have not decided on a house but closer.

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  1. I wish we could come to the dance recital! It will be so cute. We will be in Granbury all day. Love the picture of Harper sleeping. That burger looks so good. Enjoy Colorado. I love the clean, crisp air there! Definitely have a beer.