Thursday, December 1, 2011


I wasn't aware that the pictures are really grainy (is this a word) when I blog from my cell.
We're still kickin' it out here in East Texas.
Lots of family time.
Lots of room to run.
Saw some friends.
We eat our weight in food at each meal.
Oh that good ole East Texas fried catfish.
We can't leave out the Mexican food too.
Cookies and cake too.
Oh goodness.
Not helping my hips go back down.
Not one bit.

This afternoon, we played up at Megan's shop.
Always such fun.
Tonight we are really putting up the tree.
It keeps getting put off.
HG will love it, he will let her decorate how ever she pleases.
The count down is on for Christmas.
I think I have just a couple of gifts left to buy.
Two weeks until our trip.
A week until HG's dance recital.
We are debating on it.
We might pull her.
She has been to 3 classes out of 12.
Maybe better luck next May.
Plus, that is the Sunday before we leave.
Family is in town.
Decisions decisions.

Well Sponge Bob is on the tv and I can't stand it.
I must go rescue my poor little one's brain.
I'm sure she is thrilled to be watching it and getting away with it.

Miss Priss had an accident today.
She was playing with a friend and did not want to walk all the way to the potty.
Oh yeah.
100% pure laziness.
New pink Uggs, covered.
I was highly upset.

Today marks 90 days for us to find a house.
90 days can seem like a long time but really it flies.
December is booked.
Two trips. Christmas.
January, the husband has two trips and we have a trip.
Then it is February.
Regardless, we are thrilled for a new house!


  1. Ugh! Sorry about the potty accident. That stinks. :(

    You have a lot coming up in the next few weeks. Can't wait to see where you finally decide on a house.

    Cute pictures!

  2. Whew! I finally am catching up on blogs!

    Boo about the accident! I still find it funny though that she just doesn't feel like going- or whatever it may be. lol she's too funny.

    And I'm still holding out hope that y'all will come to the par-tay! Kensley would be in heaven!!!!