Sunday, October 5, 2014

Daddy time

This husband has been home more the past two weeks than he has in a long time, if not more than he ever has. Harper is enjoying it the most and loving every second of it. Chris is answering the same questions a million times a day for her. Right now, they mostly revolve around her asking him what is he going to be for Halloween and if he knows what she wants for her birthday. Harper has been very straight forward about her birthday this year.  She only wants two things but wants them both and we aren't allowed to get them in any color but pink. 

In the past few weeks we have done a bunch of things.
We've taken mall trips.

Target trips.
Played dress up a ton.

Harper love is under the weather right now.
Sinus infection to croup to another viral sinus infection.
Then she passed it on to Hudson.
Then to Chris.
Three out of five are on antibiotics.
Thankfully HG is rocking it and washing those hands.

We play a lot inside

He seriously makes my heart skip a beat.
I've been spending extra time showing Harper how to cook since she loves it.
HG and I spent years cooking and baking together so I am thrilled to share this with Harper.
The one on one time is always so important when it is a rare thing in our house.
He is learning what he is and isn't supposed to touch.
This is directly outside out room and he loves to sit here and call my name.
Pushing those limits.
My morning buddy.
Oh buddy buddy.
Sometimes, you just lay him down on our bed and he crashes.
Like in seconds, he gets right here, same spot as always.
Mashed potatoes?
Into ALLLLLL the toys.
You calling me?
Okay so the plate on the left is HG and the plate on the right is Harper's.
She might have had another waffle and two more pieces of bacon this day.
Girl is eating up lately.
Today that changed, we will be altering her diet for some testing.
Pray for us.
Pray for her.
It might be the answer to all her sinus issues.
We are going on a month of a chronic sinus infection and croup last week.

I love kids playing together.
Canvas prints are the best.
Homemade applesauce, this has turned into a weekly thing for us.
He tries to lift this table now with his head.
One of his favorite spots.
Oh sweetness.

Criss cross apple sauce.
Girl loves her make up.
Asian chicken salad is an addiction.
I love sleeping kids.
We've mailed a ton of birthday boxes lately.
Under the weather baby.
Oh Harper.
My crew.
Crazy crew.
Wants to do it so bad.

I volunteered at HG's school recently and got the fish game.
It was so fun to see so many of the kids that attend.

Rally day
Hi mom!

Oh y'all.
He can get anything!

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