Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy 9 months

Happy 9 months Hudson!

You are such a sweet delight to us and a Momma's boy.  Maybe this month you will learn to sleep. We had one 7 hour stretch followed by 9 wake ups in 4 hours and then just getting up for the day at 3. Silly boy, your momma needs sleep.

We missed your 9 month visit but you had two sick visits with in the week you turned 9 months. Both of these appointments you weighed 23.5 to 23.75 pounds. One appointment, you began Prilosec like so many in your family and the other was today for green snot and swollen cheeks, eyes and nose. You and Harper seem to share everything these days.

My sweet thing, you are such a sweet delight not only to us but everyone you meet.

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