Friday, October 31, 2014

Harper's 3rd Birthday weekend

Harper love recently turned 3 years old.
She is the funniest, most unpredictable 3 year old . All she wanted was a pink bike, pink cake and a pink play kitchen.   The week surrounding her 3rd birthday was full of check ups and lots of them.
She  had her flu shot at the well child check up and lucked out on any others. Her height is 35 inches (6%) and weight is 29 pounds (32%). She is a petite little thing.
Three days before her 3rd birthday, Harper had her 4th set of tubes placed by our new ENT up here. She is doing great from that. Our ENT is also adding another daily maintence medicine for Harper each day through the end of March. No one likes to be on antibiotic, especially that long but as he said we are to that point. Her pneumonia  vaccine is still strong in her system so together with her Pedi, we are hitting the winter armed. Sadly, she began Augmentin today to try and clear up her sinus infection.
Another check up was her little pinky finger.  You can see in the picture that is doesn't have a nail and is a tad smaller. She got a good report, watch and treatment later unless if starts to curl or lean. Basically, there is no bone in the end of her finger. She says it doesn't hurt and we all know it doesn't slow down one bit. A brace or surgery is in her future but as long as it is growing, even slowly, and not causing pain, we can leave it alone. This is something we have been monitoring for a while and her 3rd birthday was the cut off for having it looked at.
Her Neuro stuff was a bit before her birthday and that is a whole post in itself. She doesn't go back for another check up until after the New Year to check her balance and we will repeat an MRI to rescan her brain cyst next Fall.  This will be done to look for growth.  Very good chance we won't have to touch it if it doesn't grow or change in shape.
Poor baby had her finger slammed in the door to the house.

Harper holding her Brobee lunch bag from Heidi and the boys.
Opening gifts.
Loving her pink Minnie Mouse tricycle. 
We really wanted to do a small bicycle but out neurologist says we need to wait a bit longer.
The husband putting together the million of pieces.
A little birthday dancing.
Shaking it.
Everyone loves it.

We made her a homemade strawberry cake with special icing. The cake was okay and dairy free since we were on her nondairy diet.

Then HG had a turn.

So proud. She is the bus stop afternoon treat girl.

She has only wanted a Minnie Mouse costume for 10 years mom.
Thanks to Aunt Kendall, her wish was granted.
Saturday night of her birthday weekend we had family fall pictures done by a fellow Texan who just happens to in the Indy metroplex as well. We love the pictures, love them. After pictures, 

We braved dinner out, in public, at 7:30.  This was a rare treat for the kids.

Hudson loved all the cooking items.
 Playing at the park after pictures.

I just love Harper's dress.
Sweet, sweet Momma's boy.

No weekend is complete without swim stuff. We did not make HG participate being Harper's birthday but we had to deliver $30 worth if fruit.

Harper enjoyed her birthday weekend and is always so thankful for each and every gift given.  She is so funny, she doesn't ask for a million thing like a lot of kids for birthdays or holidays.  This girl knows what she wants, doesn't forget it and even goes into great detail. 

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Harper love.

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