Saturday, April 25, 2015

15 months

Our sweet, cuddly, brown eyed boy with such a strong personality turn 15 months. Seriously, how on earth can he be a year let alone 15 months.

Being the last baby, we try to soak up what is left of baby related stuff. He on the other hand wants to be every bit as big as his big sisters.

Friday, he had his 15 month check up less than 24 hours after he actually turned 15 months. Amazing to me that they schedule you that close. Hudson had an awesome check up.
Weight 28.9 pounds
Height 33.5 inches

I would agree that he has had a growth spurt in height lately evening out his weight. Last appointment, he was closer to 30 but not as long. His little belly is slimming but he still has lots of junk in his trunk. Pants Hudson can't fit in, Harper easily can leaving them just a little short. 
Sweet boy has been a trooper lately. 15 month check up landed him with only one shot (chk pox) and having to wait on MMR due to his egg allergy and flu shot reaction. We hope to get it soon with the measles outbreak, he isn't covered at all. 

After his check up, he and harper joined HG at her school for CRES Fest. This was such a fun event for the kids, hudson lasted 5:30-8 with lots of chasing him.  In all honesty, I should have gotten him a babysitter and taken the girls. I worked the event for an hour so the husband was on daddy duty. I'm surprised I didn't find him in the car waiting on me.  You live and learn though.

His hair is so full of curls like both girls were. I can not bring myself to chop them yet.
Yes, he still has a bottle morning and night. Here, he got his morning bottle in the car as HG missed the bus.

Back to wanting to be big.
Stay small hudson.
He is such a good eater like big sister HG. Both would eat anything and everything but rarely baby food or mushed foods. This is something we prayed in often. 

He is such a stinker. 

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