Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter weekend 2015

We spent a long Easter weekend in Batesville since it met up with HG's Spring Break.  The kids were longing to see everyone and they were in need of seeing the kids too.  Mia and Poppy drove in from Texarkana to spend the entire long weekend with us.  Thankfully, it is only supposed to be an 8 hour drive but always turns into 9.5-10 hours for us.  If you haven't been in the car with young kids that long in a while, think long and hard before doing it.  I shed tears, they shed tears, Harper had the worst belly ache coming home so we were stopping so often.

Most nights at the cabin ended like this.  Still day light out and she was done.  We played hard.  At Aunt Tonia's house, she wouldn't dream of sleeping anywhere else but Aunt Tonia's bed.  Harper says it is one of her favorite spots.

We played in the sand dunes.

The kids were pulling out fish as fast as we would put a worm in their hooks.  Harper holds her fish like her momma and kissed one before tossing it back.  The adults were catching bass and crappie this time.

The cutest little place on the way from the cabin to Cave City.

I think we all could enjoy this view with our morning coffee. 

Hudson loves dogs and Heidi was his perfect size.

This picture is worth a thousand words. Harper, Brennan (Auntie Collins' step son), and HG.

I was a nervous wreck during this but all worked out well.
Hudson is allergic to eggs still......

When did he turn into a toddler?

Pure happiness.

Aunt Tonia made homemade cookies with them.  She also does cakes for weddings that are AMAZING!

The love for Mountain Valley Water continues...
We drove down and back in some really bad storms.  Once they passed we were able to see God's masterpieces he created.

All little kids have loved this man.

HG and Momma had hair cuts and pedicures (HG got a manicure too!) together for some quality one on one time. She kept asking me to buy her stuff. Gotta love this phase. 

The kids are already asking when we can head back to Aunt Tonia's.  We assure them soon enough.  Arriving home shortly after dinner on Tuesday night, we have been playing catch up, dealing with bad storms and nursing Harper well before we embark on another fun trip minus the babies. 

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