Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Arizona 2015

Arizona, you topped everything we could have imagined.  Y'all this place was fabulous, like a hidden gem of a vacation spot. Granted, it was April and not mack dab in the middle of the summer.  We loved it and seriously considering a trip sooner than later back to this awesome state.  I am not really sure what we expected but both fell in love with this gem of a state.

The flight out was almost 4 hours.

The first day, we hung out by the pool until the wind made it too cool for us.  What do you do with out kids?  Dine out, relax and shop of course.  We  headed to the Yard house after a couple of shopping stops.

We might have had entirely too much fun Saturday night, just the two of us.
Moscow mule, you were not a good idea.

Breath taking views.
Sunday was our long day at the pool, it was a blast.

We or I danced our hearts out one night.  I'm talking hours and hours of dancing.  It was such fun.  Rarely do we ever dance so it is always a fun ordeal when it happens.

Chris' amazing team he works with made it to the Elite 8 in volleyball.

Fun concerts through out the week.  I am horrible sometimes with pictures.  The husband has a ton of up close ones of Deirks Bently. He put on such a fun show.

We would recommend Arizona to all of our friends and family. 

The kids were back in Indiana with the husband's parents who flew up to visit and keep the kids while we were gone.  Thank you for keeping our babies!

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