Sunday, May 24, 2015

April into May catch up

Time flies when you stay busy and busy is our middle name right now. Daily, it seems as if we have tons of stuff to do before the end of the year, moving and trips. Not to mention the daily things on a daily basis and sickness among the kids.

In between busy days, we've been playing outside on warmer days....
HG is flying on her bike.
Bought Camo a custom insulated dog house that will be perfect for winter. I will admit that the doghouse was one of the heaviest things I've ever moved.
Harper skateboarded in the house.
Kids went to the dentist. 

HG had a ton of unexplained bruises so our dr's office had us come in. They sent us to St Vincent Hospital for stat blood work. Thankfully, her blood work was perfect! 
Hudson is growing like a we'd.
Harper gave us quite the scare last week. She was hard to wake one morning and then we realized her ear was bleeding. Bleeding ears is nothing new for us with tubes but spoonfuls was scary. A few doctors, two hospitals and a CT later, we learned she could go home. We have had follow up appointments and still more to come. Poor girl is still under the weather, a high fever and sinus/ear infection along with an asthma flair up began this week.
See? He is almost a toddler.
Everyone got new sandals. Hudson's feet are far too fat for saltwater sun sandals but thankfully Payless saved the day with 7W's.
We've slept some.
Learned to cheese.
Had McDonald's breakfast.
Cleaned ALOT!
Cheesed more and ate bad Mexican.
Watched and waited for ear to improve. 
Played a game or two of twister. 
Had a check up at our allergist/asthma doctor.
Hudson is still allergic to eggs. We will focus his next year on baked goods with eggs in them building his tolerance then try to do egg therapy next year when older.
Played hard at school and crashed.
Excited only 12 days left and testing is over!
Worn big sisters sunglasses. 
Learned to drive. 
Colored daily. 

Tried to move from cool weather to warm weather clothing. 

Got a black eye a few weeks back.  

Life is sweet as can be and we are trying to soak it all up. HG has exactly two months off this summer, we're moving and our trip to Texas was cut short due to HG's new school.  After school today, we're hosting a big play date with lots of our friends from the neighborhood. 

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