Saturday, May 9, 2015

Harper and genetic doctor

Harper had her long waited genetic doctor appointment at Riley Children's Hospital back in late April.  We went over her birth defects, all being mild then moved onto her illnesses and her mild face proportions that are not asymmetrical. Thankfully, the doctor had to pull her hair back to see the uneven proportions. This is something we only notice when sick. As always, she lit up the doctor's office quickly becoming best friends with her new doctor friend. They chatted about Dinsey World and various Princesses. She even had him hold Anna.    We see a lot of doctors for check ups every 6 months and I have to say this was one of the most pleasant doctors we have ever met. 

Sweet Harper has a few birth defects, all being mild and causing no major set back. Her illnesses did cause an alarm but at the same time, a child with zero genetic issues and no birth defects can have a crappy immune system. So does she probably suffer from some sort of genetic syndrome? Yes, she probably does and thankfully it is mild. Will it change the way we view or treat her? never, she is our most precious harper love. We decided that weeks and weeks of blood work and genetic research at this time for something mild that we won't treat any different was pointless.  Sure we'd love to pinpoint exactly what is going on in that itty bitty body of hers. Anything would be such a mild form that unless she starts showing more signs and symptoms steering us to dig deep, we're going to continue gliding until Kindergarten. We will re evaluate once she enters real school.
As always, she is Harper love. A girls who loves the world around her, longs to be friends with anything breathing and no fear. She has a spit fire attitude, wants to be best friends with Hailey but refuses to share a room with her. She will allow hailey to spend the night in her room but tells her she must not forget with her own room is or she won't be allowed back. Oh our 3.5 year old, I can only imagine you at 6.5. 

I've never seen a space light up so quickly until you. Everyone waves and smiles. You pet every dog that walks by. YOU are the one everyone wants to see at the bus stop. Every parent calls you by name. 

You are beyond perfect in our eyes, everyone needs a heart like yours.  She will have follow up blood work over the next couple of months just rechecking her immune system and especially after the week we have had. Overall, she is doing amazing with one very scary event.

And of course she did a front flip off this play house in her dress. That was after she cleared a rock climbing wall Ina matter of seconds. My heart stops a few times a day. 

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