Sunday, July 5, 2015

Redoing furniture

Of course, so many tasks come your way when moving. We feel that is normal to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders when moving. Moving every year or two has become our norm. Do we enjoy it? No but it is part of the husband's career. Do we long for the opportunity to move and be there for 10+ years? Absolutely! 

Instead of running out and buying super nice furniture for the kids each time they need something new, I've started repurposing furniture. Moving does terrible things to furniture.  HG currently has a great bed that we will put in basement for guest. That left her needing a new bed. While she really wanted bunk beds, there was a precious 3 year old who passed away while his parents slept in the room next to him. He strangled himself on the ladder he climbed daily. It wasn't one of those stories you read online, this hit home as a good friend emailed me about it. Plus, her husband is an ER doctor so when she was telling me about it, I vowed to do everything extra I could to keep them safe.....So having small children for a few more years,  I just couldn't buy that bunk just yet. 

Harper needed a dresser and a bed. She so gracefully used her previous antique bed to swing on and her dresser, let's just say it is waiting to fall apart.  I wanted something I could secure to the wall in her room until she and Hudson are out of the climbing stages. I did not want to spend the $400-$500 on dressers we loved or another $300 on a headboard. I began looking through what we had been toting around for years and not using. Thankfully, we quickly came up with an idea that will hopefully work out perfectly. 
Harper's new dresser. 

HG's mirrors 
HG's headboard
HG's massive dresser
We bought HG's new furniture for $100. It just needed to be cleaned and redone. 

Harper's headboard and a table. 

I have to admire that HG's stuff took a lot of work...maybe more time than work?

For now, we are incredibly pleased with the finished project. HG's was done in chalk paint, which is a big pricier than regular paint.

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  1. You're so good! Just thinking of re-doing a piece of furniture makes my head spin. I love the color!